Monday, March 04, 2013

A great night at #BLUFBristol 3

Saturday night was the 3rd BLUF@Bristol party, held at The Den in the centre of Bristol.

The Den is a nicely 'intimate' venue, so the event had to be ticketed to save us all from being sweltered in the crush; even so, more than eighty sexy guys managed to attend - some from as far afield as Scotland, Germany and Switzerland. It made for a nicely 'international' event, and showed how much we share: regardless of nationality or mother tongue, we all speak the language of Leather.

Sir and I arrived nice and early, and were amongst the first there: Sir in His beautiful padded-leather CHP uniform and His pup in its blue uniform shirt and breeches (We had really hoped to have me there in full rubber-pup mode, but thought it would be unwise, given the crush... The @LeatherWest guys agreed it might be best to come on '2-legs', but thought we'd pass muster in leather when I ran a quick survey on twitter... ;) ).

It felt great to stroll down the street in full gear - Proud in our leather and perversity; I don't mean it disparagingly, but I always feel a  little sorry for the guys that arrive to BLUF in 'civvies': struggling with heavy bags and then trying to maintain their dignity as they hop about struggling into their gear. I guess that it's easy to be out and proud when you're accompanied by a 6'4" God, like my Man, but I'd hate to have to keep my leather as something that can only be be worn in a darkened room, like some shameful secret...

Either way - once geared, everyone looked amazing! It was nice to see quite a range of BLUF gear too: from 'traditional' black to pale blue and white piping, Vanson-style padded jackets and gauntlets to an Alpine-Stars one-piece. There was a nice selection of facial-hair on display too - although no-one could compete with the beautiful full beard of our bald-headed Scottish brother (to whom I had to give the most honest respects - and beg a small fondle of that luxurious growth ... ;) ).

We managed to catch up with a few friends too - most notably LeatherPilgrim, who was very good at telling everyone how much He had enjoyed seeing me in full pup-mode at the Bournemouth ECMC event last year. He was also very good at affectionately stroking my neck whilst I snuggled into my Man's chest (even if it did take me a while to notice that Sir was already stroking my chin and playing with my nips, and so must have somehow managed to grow a third hand... In my defence, I can only say that I was a little distracted!). We also got to chat briefly to RubberMJK - a new member to BLUF, but someone whom I have chatted to for quite a while on Recon - and to whose rope-skills I would be honoured to one day surrender.

We also got to play in the dark-room for a little while - which had both Man and Hound grinning with pleasure...

Sir had just come off nights, and so we didn't stay too long after midnight - but even so, it was a great evening: a friendly crowd of sexy guys gathered together in a congenial atmosphere of mutual admiration and respect; what could be more fun?

I can't wait for October and BLUFBristol #4


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  2. Nice Write up Pup, It was a good turn out, good vibe some very horny dudes.
    I'm with you on those that dont arrive in leathers ;)
    Mike - Bullcap 283


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