Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Rubber-dog. #3: snuggled

Sir pulls me from my knees, gathers me into a tight embrace that only deepens the trembling in my limbs. I find myself clutching myself to Him - pressing into His body as though I could merge myself to His strength and masculinity. I am overwhelmed with both surrender and desire.

He carefully helps me to remove my hood - kisses my damp eyelids and cum-smeared lips - then holds me until my trembling and sobbing ease: rocking us both gently as He rumbles sweet words to me deep in His chest.

He finally releases me when my shuddering breaths turn to laughter - pushing me away slightly so that He can grin down at me - then reaches up to stroke my tear-stained face and sweat-damp hair;

'Thank you, pup. It is wonderful how you give yourself so completely. I love my dog!'

I grin up at Him - bury my face in His chest so that my voice is muffled as I reply;

'Thank YOU, Sir! But You make it very easy: how could I not serve the Man whom I love?'

He laughs - returns my hug - then cocks His head with a smile:

'So, where's my tea then...?'

I scamper ahead of Him, down to the kitchen to put on the kettle...


Sated, happy - I follow Him through into the lounge with a couple of mugs and a plate filled with nibbles. He drapes a towel over the leather sofa, then settles down - patting the floor between His still booted and rubber-clad legs. With a grin, I fold myself down, wrap my arms around His boot and snuggle my head back into His lap; His body is beautifully hot through the rubber that still encases me.

Sir flicks on the TV - idly floats through the channels and finally settles on a light entertainment programme that soon has us both chortling. With only half an eye on the TV, He quietly feeds both Himself and His pup with nibbles from the tray. I take every morsel with the same honour I did His seed - loving the care that He shows for His devoted pup in this one little act of hand-feeding. Sir saves me from being too mawkish by teasing me with a few of the tit-bits - and has us both laughing when He tries to get me to balance a chunk of Scotch-egg on my nose...

We watch TV for a while - basking in the quiet pleasure of being simply together as Man and hound. It is a blissful evening of canine domesticity - until the dog's jaw-creaking yawns become too much to ignore and Sir orders me upstairs to get ready for bed.

I would have loved to stay in my rubber: it just felt so good and so natural bonded to my flesh; but Sir said that a wriggling rubber-pup filled with cum was hardly conducive to the sleep we both needed - and so I obediently peeled the transforming skin from me, returning my body (and mind) to the 'normality' of skin.

I tried not to shudder at the chill feeling of naked exposure as the air hit my now-naked flesh - but gave a grateful little 'yip!' when Sir held back the duvet and let me scoot my cold body against the heat of His own to warm me up.

Being fucked by my Man is such an intense and beautifully overwhelming experience, and receiving His cum is the greatest reward a pup could imagine - but snuggling into my Man's arms, ready for sleep after making Him happy, comes very close to heaven

Fucked, complete, happy and held safe in my Man's arms - I let myself slip down into sleep and blissfully pup-filled dreams.


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