Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Rubber-dog. #2: fuck-hound

His arms are strong and His body hot through the enfolding rubber. My body aches from the sting of His crop, my mind reels with the intensity of my love and submission to Him. I feel my body melt into His embrace and give myself to Him without limits.

Slowly, He pushes me away. My body naturally starts to sink back to my natural position on all fours, but a quick hand upon my harness stops me. He reaches over and pats the padded top of the fuck-bench - and my rubbered-rump gives an unthinking wag of excited expectation...

He has me lie upon my belly first - legs braced and upper body stretched out. He kicks my boots to spread my legs further apart: pressing my belly down into the padded surface - my arse exposed and leaking puppy-cock trapped against the edge of the bench. He leans over me, His rubber-covered thighs hot against my own. His hands slide along the tightly confined muscles of my back, press down over my shoulder-blades and sweep up along my arms to take hold my wrists - with all His strength He pulls my arms up above my head along the bench, pins me down, helpless, with the full weight of His body. I grunt as He forces the air from my lungs - and feel Him grind Himself into the plug that stuffs my hole. His breath is hot against my hooded head as His teeth find my collar - biting my neck in an act of pure animal dominance.

I feel suddenly cold and empty when He pushes Himself back off me - leaving me for a moment to reach to the stack of toys to one side. Then I feel the beautiful 'thud!' of His flogger across my back and thighs - and find myself holding the underside edge of the table as I press myself back: grinding my body up and begging for more of His pain.

Slow cold seeps through the hot rubber as He pulls down the rear zipper of my suit, exposing my hole. I shudder and relax and let my muscles surrender as His one hand presses down upon my lower back - holding me still as His expert fingers tease the plug from within me.

I hear Him whisper 'Mine!' as He leans down to kiss the aching heat of my hole. Then I feel a spreading tingle as He teases my outer ring with lidocain gel - knowing it has been a while since His pup has been bred...

He comes to stand beside my head where it lies, still hooded, upon the bench - I grind my hips and whimper with hunger as He makes me watch Him slowly roll a sheath down the beautiful length of His now throbbing meat. He holds it there for a long moment: lets me take in the glistening perfection of that smoothly sheathing skin - the echo of the rubber that confines and transforms my own body; for a moment I can feel how His sheath and my suit are made of one rubber-flesh, fusing my body and His meat into one being of perverse hunger...

He moves behind me - I feel the smooth press of His sheathed head against the gate to my core. I take a deep, sighing breath as I open my body, my mind and my heart to HIM.

For a long time I am simply lost in intensity and sensation. My awareness washes in an out as my body shuttles between resistance and surrender, pleasure and pain, but as His passion grows more insistent, so the reality of my submission slowly takes over - washing me in rippling blackness and mindless arousal as the simple animal of my body feeds from His hunger - just as His hunger feeds from my surrender.

Until finally I am twisting and grinding my sweat-slick rubbered flesh within the grip of His body and panting in the breathless tightness of my hood - feeling His hands hot and strong as they release my wrists only to grab my shoulders: pulling me back against Him and forcing Himself deep inside me - stabbing into my body, through into my soul...

I lose myself in the panting rhythm as He pounds His pleasure from my body. There are moments when His thrusts take Him so deep that I feel an aching stab of pain - but I breathe deep and let go.

I let myself be lost in the ecstasy of giving my body to HIS Pleasure.


Eventually He turns me over - has me lie back with my knees cradled at my chest. With one had placed between my thighs He presses my back down into the bench, steadying me whilst He guides His meat back into my exposed hole with the other. Then He takes hold of my booted feet and draws them up to rest on His shoulders - leans His head to each side to kiss each boot tenderly with a deep growling 'Hello boys! how you doing?'  With His meat deep inside me, I clench my ring around Him and give a big grin at His beautiful perversity.

He takes His time re-finding His rhythm - teases and toys with my hole in its new position. His bare belly feels hot against the back of my thighs, and my chest is now exposed to the kneading of His hands through the rubber. I take His unspoken prompt and reach my own gloved hands up to stroke through the thick fur of His chest - find and tease the muscular nubs of His nipples where they swell from His beautiful pecs.

I am caught for a moment by the slick glossiness of my rubbered limbs - the contrast of my black skin against the rich tanned brown of His bared chest. I am suddenly intensely aware of how transformed and inhuman my encased body has become. I look down from the flushed heat of His body to the glossy anonymity of my own: try to see my humanity, but see only smooth rubber, taught across my chest and belly - the tight glossy blackness swallowing and transforming my body into an object of hunger and sex: His rubber-pup, His glossy fuck-toy.

My Man grins down at the startled look of perversion that shines in my eyes - then leans down to seize my hooded head and pulls my face up to Him so that He can kiss my rubbered lips.

He fucks me slowly: drawing His head all the way out of my ring, then punching it back in - making me gasp as His ridged head prises me apart over and over. His balls, full and heavy, press against my abused hole at the depth of each shuddering stroke into my very core. I want to reach around - to grab the back of His thighs and pull Him deep into me - but I school my hands to stillness: make myself surrender to HIS passion, His desire.

I am in a state of bliss - opened, used, serving my Man. My cock - unsheathed, stiff, dripping and ignored - sways and jolts with every thrust.


Finally, He tires - pulls Himself from the clenching grasp of my hole, and orders me from the bench and to my knees before Him. His cock is hot, wet and pulsing in His hand as He carefully pulls away the sheath - releasing its true glory.

I know that He is on the edge - ready to feed His pup as a reward for giving itself so completely. I lean myself forward - stare into His eyes as I offer my tongue to receive the gift of His seed.

His cum is sweet and salt and burns with His power as it fills me and completes me - yet it is cold in comparison to the burning devotion for Him that flames through my body and mind in that moment of surrender.

Mind and flesh - Balls to bone - hole to hole: I am HIS and HIS alone.

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