Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A night at Gear Bristol's 5th Birthday

As you'll know from previous posts, Sir and I have both been taking a short break from work and 'public life'; it's been nice to have a quiet month or so to re-establish our inner equilibrium, but we decided it was probably time to make a gentle return to one's 'public' by attending the 5th birthday fetish party for Gear Bristol.

The party was hosted at the Old Market Tavern, which provided a nice intimate space, especially after James and the team had worked their magic in 'fetishizing' the space with slings and darkroom areas and camo nets everywhere...!

It was a busy night too.

Sir and I had already decided to keep our first trip back onto the scene fairly simple, and so we were both in leather: Sir in His red breeches and matching shirt, me in the new Dutch Police breeches I bought in Amsterdam. It was  nice to be on 2-legs for a change, able chat to everyone face-to-face; it was also rather funny to have several guys  not recognising me out of pup-mode and asking for an introduction...

There were several pups there too, all carefully watched over by Lucky - and including the very sweet Grommit, who I have chatted with but never had a chance to meet before; my, what a sexy bearded pup he is with those naughty twinkling eyes! Best of all was being able to share a big hug and a yipping nuzzle with Lucky - with him feeling so *good* in his rubber. He's such a big-hearted dog, and it's always a pleasure to see him.

We didn't stay too long - just long enough for Sir to lead His pup into the conservatory so that it could worship His boots and then tease Him into a delicious cum with its tongue... And then it took us a good hour to reach the door whilst dozens of guys swept Sir up in welcoming hugs with cries of  'Wonderful to see you back!' - which was incredibly lovely to see and hear (not least because it reminded us both of how loved and appreciated He is by almost everyone on the scene).

It was a lovely night; I hope only the first of many this year.

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