Thursday, January 31, 2013

A novice pervert's guide to #Rubber

You've probably noticed that there's a definite 'Rubber" theme that runs through the posts here. I guess that makes me seem some kind of rubber-expert, cos I've had several guys asking for my advice - saying that they'd love to get into rubber, but haven't a clue what to look out for or how to look after it. 

So - here's a little bit of what I've learned over the years of blissful perversity:

Buying rubber

The first thing I'd advise is to buy the best rubber gear that you can: cheap rubber never fits properly, looks terrible, and falls apart quickly. 

There's lots of high-profile companies on the 'net making good rubber, but most of my own gear has come from Invincible here in the UK. I have been buying gear from them for nearly 20 years, and I know that their quality is the best. If you're in the US you can buy direct from Invincible's website, but Mr.S stocks their full range too, if you want to avoid shipping costs. 

That said, there are loads of other good rubber makers out there for you to try. I would always prefer to go by recommendation though, so try asking guys who have gear that you like and see which Makers they would recommend (it's also a nice way to break the ice :) ).

Most rubber looks best when it's body-hugging

Only the lucky few can get a perfect fit off-the-peg, so try to get your gear made to measure. Sure it can cost 20% more, but it really is worth it for that all-over look and feel of slick, sleek blackness. I'm a short arse, so I have all my gear made-to-measure; I even visited Invincible to be professionally measured by their tailors - so now I know that everything I order from them will be a perfect fit. 

Rubber also comes in different thickness's (or 'Gauge'). 

The thinner the rubber is, the more it stretches and conforms to the body - just like a condom. Thin gauge rubber also allows the wearer to have a greater 'feel' for their environment: transmitting the touch of their partner or the temperature of the room. It can look and feel amazing, but the flip side is that its membranous delicacy also makes it more vulnerable to damage and tearing. 

Thicker grade rubber is more resilient and less flexible (and therefore also more restrictive...). Thicker rubber can also be a bit more 'forgiving' if you don't have that 'perfect' figure - but be warned: if it's too tight it can tear at the seams. 

Form-fitting Gear that is designed to stretch (say a wrestle-suit or underwear) will need to be in thinner rubber, more 'industrial' styles (such as jeans, a uniform or a shoulder-entry suit) might want to be in heavier grade. Bondage gear will always need to be in the heaviest grade available - so that you get the truly inescapable feeling of being helplessly encased.

Personally, I like to have most of my gear made in a mid-grade gauge: thin enough to stretch, but thick enough to really feel it hugging my body.

Colour is an additional consideration. 

Basic-black is always good, but coloured panels, highlights or piping can look incredibly sexy - especially if used sparingly and well. Wearing a brightly coloured suit can also be a nice way to help you stand out from the crowd. 

Most of my own gear is black, but I admit to loving transparent and smoky rubber too. Smoky rubber is great for the way that you can just see the body through the glossy coating - especially if the body beneath is tattooed. 'Natural' or transparent rubber is much more revealing - and to my mind, incredibly sleazy: there's something deeply perverted about seeing a guy's body totally encased and contained and yet completely on display - it's almost as if he's been shrink-wrapped for consumption...

Dressing (getting your rubber on...)

Getting your rubber on and off depends on the gear and its tightness: thicker, looser gear like jeans will probably be relatively easy, but anything form-fitting is going to need to be eased on slowly and carefully - and will often need a dressing-aid.

Most new gear arrives from the maker covered in a thin dusting of talc to stop the rubber from sticking to itself in transport. Many guys use this method to get their gear on too: and lightly dust the inside of the rubber with an unscented mineral talc before pulling it on (NB: avoid baby talc and those scented with essential oils, since the oils they contain will eventually rot the rubber). 

If you want to use this traditional method, be careful not to overdo it: you only need just enough talc to help stop the rubber from sticking to your body; too much and you'll look like the top of a Victoria Sponge... 

Talc also has a downside, in that it mixes with your sweat to create a chalky soup that looks horrible, irritates your skin, blocks your pores and gives you spots; when you play, it also tends to leak out from wrist and ankle seams in a white fluid that stains and marks everything...

A more interesting (and truly perverse) alternative is to use powdered j-lube instead. 

You simply dust the inside of your gear with the dry j-lube powder as you would talc. The dry powder initially helps you to pull on the rubber, but then your sweat activates the j-lube as you play: turning it into a super-slick slime that coats the inside of the rubber and feels incredible

Be warned though - it is a nightmare to clean up afterwards...!!

Personally, I find that massaging a little rubber-safe silicone lube into my skin before pulling on my gear is the best.

I normally use Pjur Bodyglide; the slick lube makes it easier to get the gear on, but also improves the feel of the rubber once its on, since it helps it to glide over every sensitive part of your encased body... ;) It can also be used to bring a gloss to the outside of the rubber - and even acts as a moisturiser, so that your skin feels amazing afterwards too. 

(A word of caution: there has been some recent disagreement on the forums as to whether silicone lubes might damage rubber over time - however, I've been using a high grade lube for many years, and none of my gear has ever shown signs of deterioration.)

Finally, you can permanently improve the process of dressing by having your rubber chlorinated.

Chlorination is a chemical process applied to the rubber before construction, or after the gear has been made up. 'Normal' rubber feels slightly tacky to the touch - a result of its molecular construction of matted strands; chlorination fills in all of these microscopic holes, making the surface of the rubber feel satin smooth and look super glossy. It is infinitely easier to get chlorinated rubber on and off, because the rubber surface is no longer 'tacky' - it is also a lot easier to wear long-term, since it does not constantly snag and pull at the skin (this is especially so if you are hairy, like my Man...!). 

As a bonus, the chlorination process is also supposed to make the rubber less susceptible to damage from oils and sweat (although it can damage metal attachments and discolour transparent and smoky latex). 

You can find guides online to how you can do the process at home, but it can be extremely dangerous (you're working with the ingredients for the same chlorine gas that killed thousands in the trenches of WW1!) and so I prefer to leave it to the professionals and use a commercial cholorination service instead.

Whatever dressing aid you use, the most important thing is to be gentle and to take your time. Don't just tug: ease it on, inch by inch. Bunch up leggings or sleeves, and roll them on - the way a woman would a stocking. If your rubber isn't chlorinated, lube will help, so too will a little bit of manscaping if you are particularly hairy...

Watch out for long finger nails and jewellery too. You will also need to be careful of sharp objects that could snag or tear (which can include buckles and studs on your playmate's gear). The tighter the rubber and the bigger the stretch, the more vulnerable it is to tearing.

Cleaning and storing your rubber

The final thing with rubber is that it does need to be protected a little: keep it out of strong sun and sources of heat and away from salts and oils - because all of these will slowly break down the rubber and damage your gear over time.

It's also a good idea to clean your gear if you want it to last.

You don't need to clean rubber using harsh chemicals: I give my gear a quick wash after every play-session by simply getting into the shower or bath whilst I am still wearing it all. I then let myself (and my gear) soak for a while, taking care to let the water flow between my body and the gear itself so that it can wash away any remaining lube together with my oily sweat (and any other fluids...). Once I'm fully soaked, I then use all that free-flowing water to help slowly ease the rubber from my body.

It's an incredibly nice feeling, and an excellent way to unwind after a heavy play-session - a bit like having a personal Jacuzzi. If you've got a partner to help rub down, that's even nicer ;)

Once a month or so I then also give everything a proper wash. 

You can purchase special latex detergent - but I normally just fill the bath with warm (not hot!) water and a few drops of baby-shampoo or very mild washing-up liquid - then soak and gently agitate the rubber within it for 5-10 minutes. Whatever detergent you use, make sure to thoroughly rinse everything several times though, to make sure there are no chemicals left. 

I then gently pat-dry everything (inside and out), then hang it up on padded hangers to air dry for a good 12 hours (out of the sun and away from heat) - turning it inside out a few times through the day.

All of my gear is then stored in a separate wardrobe, on lightly padded hangers, and with plenty space between each item to prevent them sticking together.

All of which may seem like hard work, but rubber gear can be expensive, so it's worth taking care of!

Follow these few hints and tips, and your introduction to rubber should be both relatively inexpensive and deeply enjoyable. Taken care of properly, rubber can last for a very long time.

That said - the one and only reason for having rubber gear is to wear it and play in it, so don't get too precious over it! Enjoy it, love it - and when it finally dies just see it as a chance to go get some more.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Morning #fucked-pup

Sir loves to sleep with His arms wrapped tightly around me, His one hand grasping my collar. 

It feels so good to wake like that: in my Man's arms, feeling the heat of His sleeping body against my back and the whisper of His breath against my collared neck. There is a real sense of the duality of BDSM in the complex blend of intense feelings those few moments give: the sense of comfort in being held safe and protected, and the submission in knowing you are restrained and helpless.

I lie - enfolded, controlled - soaking in My Man's warmth; quietly waiting for Him to wake. I know that He is when He tugs on my collar and turns me around to face Him.

He pulls my face to Him and pushes His tongue into my mouth in a deep and breathlessly passionate kiss - then raises His arm and pushes my face down into the warmth of His pit: letting me huff and sigh my pleasure in His scent, whilst I hungrily grind my hardening puppy cock against His thigh...

He lets me lick and lap and fill my muzzle with His scent - then His hand tightens on my collar as He pushes me down His thickly furred body - leaving a wet trail of eager puppy-drool as I kiss and lick all the way down to His waiting meat.

He restrains my hungry lunge for Him - gives my straining head only just enough freedom to let me kiss the end of His beautiful cock. I fill that simple kiss with all the hunger and devotion that I can, and whimper in my eagerness to have Him inside of me.

But still He denies me: reaches down with His free hand to pull His cock out of my way - exposing His balls. He tugs on my collar, makes me look up at Him with pleading eyes - then tells me to lick His balls like a good dog.

Sir knows that licking is one of my puppy-space triggers. The beautifully primal K9 act of grooming, tasting, and cleaning quickly sends my head down into such a wonderfully deep, single point of focus... I lose all sense of self, all track of time - and simply become absorbed in the purely primal sensations of the taste and texture of His body under my tongue.

I know that my Man enjoys it too - for what Man could not love the feel of His dog's wet tongue and hot breath - or the gentle scratch of his beard against His thighs and hole...?

Sir lets me lick and nuzzle - carefully grooming each beautiful globe and covering both His sack and my face in warm wet drool. I gently suck each ball into my mouth, roll them around with my tongue - then suck hard as I push myself down: pulling His whole sack into my mouth until I am stuffed so full of Him that my jaw aches... My nose gently bumps against the underside of His cock as I carefully tug and nuzzle - hearing His hungry grunt of pleasure at my careful attentions.

He pulls my mouth from Him, carefully rolls us both over so that He is braced above and I am lying underneath Him. He stares down at me: my mouth already open and tongue flat - eager and hungry for what I know will come next.

He holds His thighs back from me for a moment - lets me stare hungrily at His beautiful meat, already dripping with His hunger - then slowly, thighs straining, He lowers Himself down to my waiting lips. His precum is sweet and salt and beautiful - and I press the length of my tongue against Him to gather every drop as He drives Himself slowly down into my mouth.

He takes His time - slowly strokes in and out - giving the tip of my tongue time to trace every vein along His shaft from root to head, then flatten around and over the sensitive smoothness of His glans. My puppy paws rove over the back of His thighs and His beautiful fury arse - massaging and subtly encouraging Him down further into my hungry muzzle.

He lets my throat take its time to open up: stroking into me slow and gentle with my tongue lapping along the underside of His cock - lubing Him with my saliva and thick juices. I feel His bracing arms start to tremble as the intensity of sensations rise - feel His hunger building until, finally, He sinks His full weight down onto me - presses His face into the pillows as He grabs my head in both hands.

With my head restrained, He pushes Himself deep into me - I can feel the swollen pulse of His cock head beat against that back of my throat as it threatens to enter and stop my breath. I let my breathing slow and then stop - raise my head and ease Him inside me - struggle to swallow so He will feel the tight restriction of my throat ripple around His head.

The feel of His balls flattened against my chin and the clenching tension in His hips as He drives slowly down to the hilt is the most perfect response I could wish for.


He pulls out then - lets me nuzzle into His balls once more, rubbing my beard over them and covering them in kisses. My hands reach round and circle over His arse - stroking down into the warm fur of His crack. With careful slowness, I probe into the heat of His ring with my fingers - I feel Him sigh and clench, then relax Himself open - letting me in to stroke and circle within that sweet rosebud as He growls and thrusts against my face. 

I worm out from under Him, kissing and lapping along the sweet crease behind His balls - following it around to find that twitching ring with my probing tongue. With an appreciative grunt, He reaches back to pull His cheeks apart - pushes Himself back so that I can drive my tongue deeper into Him, working my bearded chin against the tender flesh... My own growls join His as I work myself into a frenzy of licking and probing: grooming His hole with the same devotion I have groomed His meat...

The twitching of His ring and dripping of His pulsing cock tell me how much my attentions are stoking His hunger- and I cannot help but grin with satisfaction in knowing I am making my Man happy.

He pulls me back up the bed then - gives a subtle tug on my collar to guide me over onto my side so that I lie spooned in His arms once more. Hungry for Him, I can not help but wriggle back to feel His spit-slick meat press between my cheeks;

"Puppy wants a fuck?"

My wagging tail and hungry little whine is all the encouragement He needs.


Hands on my collar, He pulls me back against Him - driving His hard cock against my ring. I writhe and grind myself against Him: trying to find the right angle to let Him pierce down inside me. I am beyond caring whether He is sheathed or not - all I want is to feel Him inside of me. But my Man knows our limits better than I - and loves His dog too much to put either of us at risk; He pulls me 
around and pushes me down onto my back - then holds me down with one hand whilst He reaches to the shelf over my head: pulling down that familiar square little packet and a bottle of lube.

He makes me lie still and watch hungrily as he rolls the glossy sheath down over His dripping meat - then teases me by slowly pouring a thick trail of lube over the rubbery skin that strains to contain Him.

Then, with a sudden lunge that startles me, He pulls my legs over His shoulders, grabs my hips, and pulls my arse up from the bed. 

Off balance, almost doubled over - I am helpless and exposed - My hole open and unprotected. I have one moment to feel the slick heat of His sheathed head against my ring - and then He is forcing the protesting muscles to release and open, plunging down inside me with irresistible force.

He holds us both there then: me doubled over, He braced up on His supporting arms once more  - our bodies a bridge linked by the pulse of His meat deep inside me. I can feel the tremble in both our bodies as we resist the urge to thrust and writhe in shared hunger. Instead, I carefully, gently, clench my muscles around the thick heat of Him - see the widening of His pupils and feel the thickening pulse in His meat as His body reacts to the tightening clutch of my body.

He waits for my relaxing release - then, achingly slowly, starts to fuck me.

Teasing, He pulls His meat out of my ring by an almost imperceptible millimetre, holds Himself there, and then pushes Himself back in to the hilt; He pulls just a little further out on the next stroke, and then pushes back - a little further on the next - and then the next... 

Slowly, thrust by thrust, He lengthens His stroke - making me focus on His incredible length, millimetre by millimetre, inch by inch - until I finally feel the ridged edge of His head press back against the inner ring of my hole, then slide all the way back down to press forward against the inside of my belly. It is torture and ecstasy to be made to take Him this slowly, this deeply - my body aches with the strain of holding myself open to this slow invasion, and trembles as I fight the urge to buck my hips and force Him to truly fuck me and quench my hunger.

Finally, He is stroking His full length within me - pulling himself fully from my quivering hole, then pushing Himself back down inside - both of us gasping at the momentary resistance as my ring is forced open on each stroke. I try to let Him take His time - try to simply hold myself open for His pleasure - but the waves of intensity finally overwhelm my every attempt to be obedient and passive - and I grab His hips to pull myself up and onto Him with a growl. 

He endures my writhing - holds Himself still and lets me buck my hips over and over: spearing myself up onto Him in a desperate need to ease the hungry ache inside me. Then, when my writhing subsides, He slowly pushes me back down onto the bed with the weight of His body: showing me just how powerless I really am when He wishes to take back control.

His dominance re-asserted, He takes pity on us both - and slowly speeds up His strokes; each as is as deep as before, but now He moves with an increased grace and speed - no longer teasing us both with aching sensation, but working Himself and me towards a much needed shared release.

I am bathed in sweat and clinging to the edge of cumming - but struggle to hold myself there so that He will feel my release in answer to His own. On the edge of that precipice, I look up into the dark spread of His pupils and can only think how much I love this Man: my Man, my Master, my God.

As I feel the swelling thrust of His meat reach His climax within me, He reaches down - cups my head and pulls my face up into a beautifully breathless kiss. I finally let go - and feel my own cock kick as it pumps my cum between our tightly pressed bellies.

He kisses me long after our bodies have emptied themselves of their hunger - long enough that my cum dries between us and bonds our flesh into one. He only releases me when we are both gasping and breathless - and then He rolls our bonded bodies over so that He lies beneath me with my head snuggled upon His still panting chest.

His arms are strong and His body hot beneath me as He enfolds me once more within the confines of His protecting body. I cannot help but smile at that familiar blend of comfort and submission as we both slip back into satisfied sleep amongst the rumpled sheets.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Rubber-dog. #3: snuggled

Sir pulls me from my knees, gathers me into a tight embrace that only deepens the trembling in my limbs. I find myself clutching myself to Him - pressing into His body as though I could merge myself to His strength and masculinity. I am overwhelmed with both surrender and desire.

He carefully helps me to remove my hood - kisses my damp eyelids and cum-smeared lips - then holds me until my trembling and sobbing ease: rocking us both gently as He rumbles sweet words to me deep in His chest.

He finally releases me when my shuddering breaths turn to laughter - pushing me away slightly so that He can grin down at me - then reaches up to stroke my tear-stained face and sweat-damp hair;

'Thank you, pup. It is wonderful how you give yourself so completely. I love my dog!'

I grin up at Him - bury my face in His chest so that my voice is muffled as I reply;

'Thank YOU, Sir! But You make it very easy: how could I not serve the Man whom I love?'

He laughs - returns my hug - then cocks His head with a smile:

'So, where's my tea then...?'

I scamper ahead of Him, down to the kitchen to put on the kettle...


Sated, happy - I follow Him through into the lounge with a couple of mugs and a plate filled with nibbles. He drapes a towel over the leather sofa, then settles down - patting the floor between His still booted and rubber-clad legs. With a grin, I fold myself down, wrap my arms around His boot and snuggle my head back into His lap; His body is beautifully hot through the rubber that still encases me.

Sir flicks on the TV - idly floats through the channels and finally settles on a light entertainment programme that soon has us both chortling. With only half an eye on the TV, He quietly feeds both Himself and His pup with nibbles from the tray. I take every morsel with the same honour I did His seed - loving the care that He shows for His devoted pup in this one little act of hand-feeding. Sir saves me from being too mawkish by teasing me with a few of the tit-bits - and has us both laughing when He tries to get me to balance a chunk of Scotch-egg on my nose...

We watch TV for a while - basking in the quiet pleasure of being simply together as Man and hound. It is a blissful evening of canine domesticity - until the dog's jaw-creaking yawns become too much to ignore and Sir orders me upstairs to get ready for bed.

I would have loved to stay in my rubber: it just felt so good and so natural bonded to my flesh; but Sir said that a wriggling rubber-pup filled with cum was hardly conducive to the sleep we both needed - and so I obediently peeled the transforming skin from me, returning my body (and mind) to the 'normality' of skin.

I tried not to shudder at the chill feeling of naked exposure as the air hit my now-naked flesh - but gave a grateful little 'yip!' when Sir held back the duvet and let me scoot my cold body against the heat of His own to warm me up.

Being fucked by my Man is such an intense and beautifully overwhelming experience, and receiving His cum is the greatest reward a pup could imagine - but snuggling into my Man's arms, ready for sleep after making Him happy, comes very close to heaven

Fucked, complete, happy and held safe in my Man's arms - I let myself slip down into sleep and blissfully pup-filled dreams.


Rubber-dog. #2: fuck-hound

His arms are strong and His body hot through the enfolding rubber. My body aches from the sting of His crop, my mind reels with the intensity of my love and submission to Him. I feel my body melt into His embrace and give myself to Him without limits.

Slowly, He pushes me away. My body naturally starts to sink back to my natural position on all fours, but a quick hand upon my harness stops me. He reaches over and pats the padded top of the fuck-bench - and my rubbered-rump gives an unthinking wag of excited expectation...

He has me lie upon my belly first - legs braced and upper body stretched out. He kicks my boots to spread my legs further apart: pressing my belly down into the padded surface - my arse exposed and leaking puppy-cock trapped against the edge of the bench. He leans over me, His rubber-covered thighs hot against my own. His hands slide along the tightly confined muscles of my back, press down over my shoulder-blades and sweep up along my arms to take hold my wrists - with all His strength He pulls my arms up above my head along the bench, pins me down, helpless, with the full weight of His body. I grunt as He forces the air from my lungs - and feel Him grind Himself into the plug that stuffs my hole. His breath is hot against my hooded head as His teeth find my collar - biting my neck in an act of pure animal dominance.

I feel suddenly cold and empty when He pushes Himself back off me - leaving me for a moment to reach to the stack of toys to one side. Then I feel the beautiful 'thud!' of His flogger across my back and thighs - and find myself holding the underside edge of the table as I press myself back: grinding my body up and begging for more of His pain.

Slow cold seeps through the hot rubber as He pulls down the rear zipper of my suit, exposing my hole. I shudder and relax and let my muscles surrender as His one hand presses down upon my lower back - holding me still as His expert fingers tease the plug from within me.

I hear Him whisper 'Mine!' as He leans down to kiss the aching heat of my hole. Then I feel a spreading tingle as He teases my outer ring with lidocain gel - knowing it has been a while since His pup has been bred...

He comes to stand beside my head where it lies, still hooded, upon the bench - I grind my hips and whimper with hunger as He makes me watch Him slowly roll a sheath down the beautiful length of His now throbbing meat. He holds it there for a long moment: lets me take in the glistening perfection of that smoothly sheathing skin - the echo of the rubber that confines and transforms my own body; for a moment I can feel how His sheath and my suit are made of one rubber-flesh, fusing my body and His meat into one being of perverse hunger...

He moves behind me - I feel the smooth press of His sheathed head against the gate to my core. I take a deep, sighing breath as I open my body, my mind and my heart to HIM.

For a long time I am simply lost in intensity and sensation. My awareness washes in an out as my body shuttles between resistance and surrender, pleasure and pain, but as His passion grows more insistent, so the reality of my submission slowly takes over - washing me in rippling blackness and mindless arousal as the simple animal of my body feeds from His hunger - just as His hunger feeds from my surrender.

Until finally I am twisting and grinding my sweat-slick rubbered flesh within the grip of His body and panting in the breathless tightness of my hood - feeling His hands hot and strong as they release my wrists only to grab my shoulders: pulling me back against Him and forcing Himself deep inside me - stabbing into my body, through into my soul...

I lose myself in the panting rhythm as He pounds His pleasure from my body. There are moments when His thrusts take Him so deep that I feel an aching stab of pain - but I breathe deep and let go.

I let myself be lost in the ecstasy of giving my body to HIS Pleasure.


Eventually He turns me over - has me lie back with my knees cradled at my chest. With one had placed between my thighs He presses my back down into the bench, steadying me whilst He guides His meat back into my exposed hole with the other. Then He takes hold of my booted feet and draws them up to rest on His shoulders - leans His head to each side to kiss each boot tenderly with a deep growling 'Hello boys! how you doing?'  With His meat deep inside me, I clench my ring around Him and give a big grin at His beautiful perversity.

He takes His time re-finding His rhythm - teases and toys with my hole in its new position. His bare belly feels hot against the back of my thighs, and my chest is now exposed to the kneading of His hands through the rubber. I take His unspoken prompt and reach my own gloved hands up to stroke through the thick fur of His chest - find and tease the muscular nubs of His nipples where they swell from His beautiful pecs.

I am caught for a moment by the slick glossiness of my rubbered limbs - the contrast of my black skin against the rich tanned brown of His bared chest. I am suddenly intensely aware of how transformed and inhuman my encased body has become. I look down from the flushed heat of His body to the glossy anonymity of my own: try to see my humanity, but see only smooth rubber, taught across my chest and belly - the tight glossy blackness swallowing and transforming my body into an object of hunger and sex: His rubber-pup, His glossy fuck-toy.

My Man grins down at the startled look of perversion that shines in my eyes - then leans down to seize my hooded head and pulls my face up to Him so that He can kiss my rubbered lips.

He fucks me slowly: drawing His head all the way out of my ring, then punching it back in - making me gasp as His ridged head prises me apart over and over. His balls, full and heavy, press against my abused hole at the depth of each shuddering stroke into my very core. I want to reach around - to grab the back of His thighs and pull Him deep into me - but I school my hands to stillness: make myself surrender to HIS passion, His desire.

I am in a state of bliss - opened, used, serving my Man. My cock - unsheathed, stiff, dripping and ignored - sways and jolts with every thrust.


Finally, He tires - pulls Himself from the clenching grasp of my hole, and orders me from the bench and to my knees before Him. His cock is hot, wet and pulsing in His hand as He carefully pulls away the sheath - releasing its true glory.

I know that He is on the edge - ready to feed His pup as a reward for giving itself so completely. I lean myself forward - stare into His eyes as I offer my tongue to receive the gift of His seed.

His cum is sweet and salt and burns with His power as it fills me and completes me - yet it is cold in comparison to the burning devotion for Him that flames through my body and mind in that moment of surrender.

Mind and flesh - Balls to bone - hole to hole: I am HIS and HIS alone.

Rubber-dog. #1: flogged

Gods, but it feels so good to have Him inside of me - to give myself to HIS pleasure.


It's been a while since we played as Man and hound; tonight we are making up for lost time and opportunities.

Sir let me in - swept me up in a huge hug, then had me kneel and bow my head to the comforting snap of His collar padlocking around my neck. Then He sent me scampering up into the spare bedroom to shed my 'civvies' and transform my trembling body within a tight black skin of one-piece rubber, sox, gloves and puppy-hood. I could feel my reality shift as each layer transformed my body: my mind transformed in turn by my long dormant hypnotic programming as the rubber skin became my skin, the hood merged to my face to become my muzzle, my gloved hands slow morphed into paws... and the rubber came alive with an awakening tingle as His collar made me HIS and HIS alone.

His pup, HIS bootbrush - living only in the moment, living only for His pleasure.

Sheathed, contained - freed - I sink to all fours, tilt my head: listening for the jingle of chains and the creak of my Man's boots from down the hallway; I hear a questioning whine, and realise it is my own. The excitement of playtime flutters in my belly, and my rubber-paws dance upon the floor as I wait for His call. Then I hear a little whistle and try to scamper to Him (my usually fleet paws hampered by the big moto-cross boots I have worn for my boot-pervert Man); I know He can hear me clomping down the hallway, but He still gives a surprised 'There He is!' as I  poke my muzzle around the door of the playroom - which makes me grin and bark and go down on my haunches to playfully wag my tail.

He slaps His thigh - His body encased in His own layer of rubber: chaps and harness and beautiful fireman's boots - and I skitter across the floor to bury my head in His hands, trying to cover Him in licks and eager whining worship.

He strokes my head, runs His hands down over my back. I respond without thought: press up into 'Show!' with my legs braced, shoulders squared, head and tail held high. I feel a heady thrill as He gives my taught body an appreciate stroke and rumbles a deep 'GOOD boy!' 

He reaches down, pulls the crop from the side of His boot - then taps the end against the smooth rubber arching over His instep; I need no more urging, and sink my muzzle down to gratefully lick and lap at His boots - my rubbered rump raised high. I give a little rumbling growl of pleasure as His strong hands grasp and smooth the glossy tight skin of my arse - gently probe to feel the edge of the plug that fills and teases my hole.

The first sharp 'Crack!' of the crop across my haunches makes me tense and yelp in surprise - the rubber gently insulates my body against the worst of its biting sting, yet spreads its warming touch and percussive rhythm across my body. I let my submission grow, feel it transform the pain: transmuting each strike into the condensed force of my Man's love for His dog, and echoing the painful hunger and devotion I feel for Him in turn. The power and intensity builds until I am arching my back in pleasure and pushing my haunches up to meet each lash as it strokes across my glossy skin.

He raises me then - pulls me slowly up from all fours and my puppy-headspace to draw me into a deep enfolding embrace. His eyes shine with intensity and wonder as He cups my chin and kisses my face; He tells me that He has never beaten anyone as hard as He just has me - and thanks me for taking His pain so beautifully. I can only tremble and sob my own 'Thank you, Sir!' - and hold Him so tightly that He knows I am honoured to love and serve Him, however that may be...

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A night at Gear Bristol's 5th Birthday

As you'll know from previous posts, Sir and I have both been taking a short break from work and 'public life'; it's been nice to have a quiet month or so to re-establish our inner equilibrium, but we decided it was probably time to make a gentle return to one's 'public' by attending the 5th birthday fetish party for Gear Bristol.

The party was hosted at the Old Market Tavern, which provided a nice intimate space, especially after James and the team had worked their magic in 'fetishizing' the space with slings and darkroom areas and camo nets everywhere...!

It was a busy night too.

Sir and I had already decided to keep our first trip back onto the scene fairly simple, and so we were both in leather: Sir in His red breeches and matching shirt, me in the new Dutch Police breeches I bought in Amsterdam. It was  nice to be on 2-legs for a change, able chat to everyone face-to-face; it was also rather funny to have several guys  not recognising me out of pup-mode and asking for an introduction...

There were several pups there too, all carefully watched over by Lucky - and including the very sweet Grommit, who I have chatted with but never had a chance to meet before; my, what a sexy bearded pup he is with those naughty twinkling eyes! Best of all was being able to share a big hug and a yipping nuzzle with Lucky - with him feeling so *good* in his rubber. He's such a big-hearted dog, and it's always a pleasure to see him.

We didn't stay too long - just long enough for Sir to lead His pup into the conservatory so that it could worship His boots and then tease Him into a delicious cum with its tongue... And then it took us a good hour to reach the door whilst dozens of guys swept Sir up in welcoming hugs with cries of  'Wonderful to see you back!' - which was incredibly lovely to see and hear (not least because it reminded us both of how loved and appreciated He is by almost everyone on the scene).

It was a lovely night; I hope only the first of many this year.

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