Saturday, December 22, 2012

#tattoo date in Birmingham

  Geoff and I had a great day of tattooing this last Thursday. Jo suggested we come over to her new home instead of the shop, which gave us a delightfully chilled day of tattooing and chat. She's got a lovely place too - and a bathroom to *die* for ;)

We didn't take too many pictures (cos we were all too chilled to remember), but Jo did some beautiful work on us both: finishing the solid colour into Geoff's armpit and down onto his ribs, and starting to colour the leaves and flowers on my own. Unfortunately, my meds seem to be messing with my tolerance for pain and what used to be a pleasure is rapidly turning into a dreaded test of endurance. Even with some judicious use of numbing cream this time I was only able to manage two hours out of the four we had planned. 

Still, it is beautiful work...

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