Tuesday, November 20, 2012

House of XY photo shoot

Mister B. has got to be my favourite fetish shop. My Handler and I were in there almost every day when we were staying in Amsterdam for Leather Pride - and I confess to spending an inordinate amount of money on gear over the five days. But, it was just so easy to do when you are in a shop with such an amazing stock and incredibly friendly staff...

On the Sunday of our stay Mister B were offering select customers a free photo shoot with the photographers from House of XY - the guys behind some of the incredibly sexy publicity shots for their advertisements. It was Sir's first tome in front of a professional lens, and it was only a quick 10 minute shot, but we had immense fun - and the photos are just brilliant.

I think we might just have to organise something a little longer and more adventurous when we're next out there.

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