Thursday, November 01, 2012

#GetRuff, Amsterdam. Wednesday: flight and arrival

And here we are in Amsterdam!

Pup got to Sir nice and early - two new cases ready tagged with its leather-dog Pride labels, and already wearing its best leather. Sir met me at the door in just a pair of chaps - which I thought was a brave choice for  traveling in, but turned out to be in preparation for dragging His pup up to the playroom for a little pre-flight dog-nobbing instead... ;)

We got to Bristol Airport nice and early, and so managed to skip most of the queues at security (although our leather did prompt comment - not least from one smart lady flight attendant who came over to us whilst we sat having a quick drink before boarding, specifically to say "what a smart pair of traveling companions" we looked).

The flight itself was quick and easy too; and although it was too cloudy to get a good view of London, we did get to see some beautiful cloudscapes. We were booked on an evening flight which meant that we got amazing views of night time Amsterdam with the moon rising through the clouds and the city lights bright beneath us: ribbons of traffic, and the pink-wafers of the soda-lit glass-houses - and even guys playing football on illuminated pitches.

We had decided to stay at the Ibis host hotel, so it was a really quick walk from the station (past thousands of bicycles!).

The receptionist couldn't have been nicer at check-in (with yet another complimentary comment on how god we looked in our gear). I think we must have distracted her, because she forgot that we had registered via the #GetRuff conference site - and had to trot after us as we headed for the lifts with a welcome pack and a reminder to come for the welcome drinks on Friday evening.

Sir had rung ahead, so we managed to get a nice top floor room, with amazing views over the station and the river - which has made for some nicely distracting and constantly changing views over the last few days, watching all the ships and ferries and tankers and barges coming and going...

Safely checked-in, we decided to drop our bags and head out for a deliciously simple pasta supper at the 'Julia's' on the station concourse (since we had been tempted by the smells coming from there as we passed on our way to the hotel). 

It would have been fun to dash out for some play, but by the time we finished eating we were both quite tired - so we wisely decided to call it a day, grabbed some sweet snacks and a drink and then headed back to the hotel for a serious bit of doggy tongue massage, and then bed...

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