Tuesday, November 06, 2012

#GetRuff, Amsterdam. Thursday: shopping and a play in the Argos

Thursday morning, we woke early - with the pup, nuzzling warm and safe in his Man's arms. It felt so good to be back were I belong: my body encircled in the heat and the restriction of His tight embrace - His hand gentle yet restraining on my collar, even in sleep.

I lay, soaking up the warmth and the bliss of knowing I was His. I knew He was awake when I felt the gentle tug of His hand on my collar, pulling me around to cover my mouth in a deep kiss then pushing me down to say 'good morning' to His awakening meat with my tongue...

A good couple of hours later, and we finally managed to drag ourselves out of bed, hungry for a late breakfast. The morning also showed us the amazing view from our hotel window...

We found a wonderful little bakery on Nieuwendijk for breakfast (Gebroeders Niemeijer:   http://www.gebroedersniemeijer.nl/), were we had the perfect petit dejeuner of a selection of dutch breads, cheese and fruit whilst watching the bakers hard at work in the kitchens below (and were we also met a miserable couple of leather men who practically ran away rather than return our smiles).

Refreshed, we decided to send our first day in Amsterdam on a proper day of shopping!

First off was a stroll over to Spuistraat to check out the new Underground shop at 'Gays&Gadgets' - where we were served by the incredibly friendly Julian, who showed us their new stock of Inseam clothing, and finally sold us a perfect matching pair of Man and Hound grey uniform shirts (and a yellow pair of braces for my Man). 

After that, it was a stroll via the Homomonument to the 'Old COC building' - checking our route for Saturday - and then a nice little stop at a sweet cafe for afternoon tea and poppyseed cake (were I discovered that I'm developing quite a taste for the European habit of black tea in a glass...!) before heading back along the canals and Halloween decorated shop windows to the beautiful Westerkerk, and then via the old Post office to Wermestrass - and yet another naughty shopping extravaganza!

I really wanted to buy a pair of the leather cargo pant breaches that I had seen at Mr.B in the spring, but  it seemed that they no longer stock them (whimper). I did try almost every other style of jeans in the shop though (including their sale-rail), and finally spent far more than I should have on a beautiful pair of jeans with white-piped detailing and a tight saddle patch that Sir said framed my puppy arse nicely (Man's note: far too nicely to be safe...!). 

The jeans need shortening, so we were given a cup of tea whilst we waited, and Sir chatted to a nice tall leather guy who was bravely trying on their full length leather kilts (with both of them sharing the woes of the long-legged). It was also curious to see how many apparently straight couples came into the shop, the guys obviously looking for the kind of quality leather gear that only a truly perverted gay shop could supply... :)

I could have spent all day browsing through the amazing stock that Mr.B holds, but I could see how tired my Man was getting (even though He was smiling indulgently at my endless 'Oh, Sir! these are nice!!'), so once my breeches were ready, we decided to head back to the hotel for a short nap.


Refreshed from our nap, we headed out for an evening at the Argos - both of us clad in our smart leathers, and getting nice stares when we stopped for a quick supper on the way at a nice little Creperie at the top of Martelaarsgracht.

The Argos has been refitted over the last year and was looking very smart. There was quite a nice BLUF crowd in too - and we nodded to several guys whom we had seen earlier in the day whist out shopping. Sir also caught up with Nigel, the BLUF webmaster - with His pup happily knelt at His boots (and making a lot of guys envious as I nuzzled and licked at His leather). 

The pup's leather-loving attentions got us both over excited, so Sir decided that it was time to check out the refurbished downstairs. Several guys had already commented that the basement had lost some of its 'character' in being refitted, but the fact that it no longer reeked of rising damp and piss, and that they have dropped the floor so my Man could stand up fully erect (in Muir) seemed a fairly good thing to me...

Sir took us on a little tour of the facilities - noting the nice Master-U sling in the sling room, and the St. Andrew's cross (sadly, placed in the smoking room, so not really accessible for play unless you wanted a lungfull of second hand smoke...) - and we made a promise to ourselves to return later in the stay. It was nice to also be cruised by several hot guys in full gear.

We ended the night with Sir leaning up against a wall with His pup down on my leathered knees, attentively sucking and licking my Man to a five "fuck!" cum whilst an appreciative crowd of men watched on.

Who could ask for a better night...?

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