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#GetRuff, Amsterdam. Sunday: photos with XY and a flogging at the Argos


We both woke late, feeling bleary from the #GetRuff party at the COC. I was still buzzing, and desperately wanted my Man inside me - but neither my sore hole nor my Man's bad headache made that possible; and so I lay quietly, catching up on my notes for the blog whilst my Man tried to catch up on some much needed sleep...

It was very late in the afternoon by the time we finally managed to drag our bleary selves out of bed - driven by hunger and a need for some fresh air - which sadly meant that we also missed our chance to say goodbye to Andrew before he left for the ferry.

Outside it was driving with rain, so we scuttled into the station to hunt for a brolly - then it was back to our favourite Gebroeders Niemeijer bakery on the Nieuwendijk for soup and cheeses and one of the lovely crusty epi breads we had watched being made the morning before.

Feeling a lot better for being fed and warmed, we then headed out for another shopping trip down to Underground to see if their Inseam order had made it through the delays caused by SuperStorm Sandy - where we also met up with the very nice Will, who had also been at the AKA puppy-play Workshop

The dog also dragged its Man back to Mr.B, so that I could make my 3rd purchase there in as many days (a nice leather jock strap to wear with my chaps). I was already wearing my lovely new FXXX breaches, so maybe that's why they asked if we would like to go upstairs were the incredible guys from House of XY were taking photos. My photo students often ask me to model a bit, so I'm kinda used to being in front of the lens, but it was a new experience for Sir; not that you could tell: He really got into the swing, and it looked like the guys got some wonderful shots. I'll hope to share them here on the blog when I can.

It was already dark by the time we finished, so it was back to the Hotel for yet another change (into chaps, harness and boiler-suit), then time to head back to the Argos for a last night of play...

It might have been late for us, but it was early for the Argos, and so there were not many leathermen about (Sir was amazed that their front curtains were even still open...!) - and so we grabbed a few drinks, then headed down into the basement.

Sir had me kneel to suck His meat, whilst I carefully stripped us both of our boiler-suits. He let me work myself into quite a state: rubbing my hands over the smooth grain of His chaps and down across the toe caps of His Slayers, my tongue and mouth still working His meat and my cock twitching and drooling between my knees. Then, still gasping - I begged Him to flog me again.

Sir had me stand up, then moved me so that I was up against the metal framing of one of the side rooms - stood on two upturned beer-crates to give me some height - and then He slowly began the flogging. Carefully along my arms (using His hands to protect the soft undersides, and making me shudder at the delicate feel of His touch in contrast to the stinging beat of the flogger) - then over my shoulders and onto my back - letting me get the feel of the flogger and building my need to take His pain. Faster and harder, He built up the strokes - until I was grabbing at the top of the frame so that I could lean myself back hungrily - my growls of arousal interspersed by gasps and cries of pain.

It was a wonderful flogging session - although sadly, much unappreciated by the trainered, vanilla businessman crowd...

By now I was shaking with hunger, so Sir took me into the sling room so that He could work my hole. They had a beautiful Master U sling in there (although it had been badly hung, so the pup spent a wee while (Sir: 20 minutes!) rearranging the chains so that it's true beauty could be appreciated...). Master U really do make the best slings in the world - incredibly rugged and beautifully comfortable - and I felt as though I could have lain in there for the rest of my life...

Sir then gave me the most beautiful, intense, deep and relentless fucking - until He had me gasping and howling and sobbing that I could just take no more... (One day, I swear Sir; one day I will be trained enough to be able to take You for as long and as deep as YOU want - and to finally be able to feel You cum inside of me...)

I was shattered, so Sir led us back upstair for a chill and some drinks. We also realised that we'd been down in the basement for over two hours. Whilst we had been busy, the bar had filled up with a much more suitable leather crowd - so once we had caught our breath (and replaced some much needed fluids), Sir led me back down into the basement to give them all a nice long demonstration of how beautifully my Man can bring His dog to growling, sobbing submission with His flogger.

It was wonderful to be able to submit for Him - and precious to do so whilst a crowd of appreciative Men watching on: knowing they understood what it meant for me to take His pain and give myself to Him so fully made it feel all the more powerful - and the energy flow between us all the more.

It made me shudder with Pride when one of the guys came up afterwards, to thank us and comment on how beautiful it had been to watch our interaction and 'a professional at work'

Exhausted, we finally had to say our goodbyes to Will and DaveyBear - then headed back to the hotel to restock on both fluids and carbs - with the pup cuddled between Sir's boots whilst He fed me Hot Chocolate and macaroons.

What lucky dog could ever be happier?

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