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#GetRuff, Amsterdam. Saturday: BLUF party and Get Ruff and the COC

It was a very happy pup and Sir who trotted back to the hotel for a nap.

Both of us were on quite a high after the puppy play workshop, and buzzing with energy. I made us both a cup of tea - and then we chatted about the afternoon, with the pup sat on my Man's knee whilst He played with my nipples.

I guess it was the final tipping point: one minute we were talking about the workshop, and how Proud my Man had felt to hear His pup reading about my experiences with Him - and the next I was clinging to Him and sobbing into His shoulder. I was so full of emotions: of Pride and love, submission and obedience, devotion and wanting - that I could no longer hold any of it back, and it all flooded out of me in shaking sobs. I wanted to tell Him that it was happiness and pride making me cry so, but couldn't draw breath to do so; when I finally raised my head from His damp shoulder, I found Him welling up too - overwhelmed by His pup's show of emotion - and that just had us both sobbing even more.

It was painful and beautiful, and I thank my Man for sharing such an intense and personal moment.

But, finally, the wave broke, and the pup kissed away my Man's tears - which had us both breaking into laughter instead. Then, exhausted but happy, He pulled us both to the bed for a much needed snuggle.


We woke after a short nap with the dog rewarding his Man for His care with an intense throat-fuck - which was unfortunately interrupted by the alarm: a 10 minute reminder to meet Andrew in the hotel reception for some 'holiday snaps' in gear.

We made a miraculous quick-change throw on of our leathers - and still managed to get down before everyone else.

We had immense fun, with Andrew getting some fantastic photos of Gert and Jonathan, my Man and I standing in full leathers beside a Lambreta scooter, and then balanced on some pallets - and despite the many whistles and catcalls from the taxi drivers, or the passers-by who ket asking if he would take their own phone snaps of them with the sexy leather men. Sir said he also managed to take some very nice photos of me in my uniform, suitable for submission to the BLUF website.

The guys were such good company that I persuaded Sir to abandon our plans of heading to the COC early, and instead we walked down the Warmeosstraat as a group - parting the startled straights in a slack-jawed bow-wave before us as we headed for the BLUF 15th birthday party at Dirty Dicks.

The place was heaving with guys, and there was an interesting little shuffle at the door as everyone was checked head-to-toe to ensure that they met the strict dress-code - although Sir had to smile when they wanted to check me over, and then Master Dave waved me in with a 'Oh, that's bootbrush - let Him in'. Inside, there was barely enough room to breath, and you would have needed an entire can of Crisco to lube your way to the bar... Sir had the advantage of height, and so worked His way through the crowd with me following in His slipstream; we finally found a sweet little spot by the stairs, with the pup sat kermit-like half way up and hugging his Man's shoulders from above. The added height gave us a good view of the massed black leather below, and made us nicely visible in turn - which led to me bracing myself up on the stairs for some naughty head-turning doggy-arse spanking from my Man.

It was fun, but we didn't stay long - although we did meet pup Sparky as we struggled back against the stream to the way out - and shared a wonderful howl session that got us all disapproving glowers for our foolish puppy ways :)))


Back at the Hotel, we took half an hour for yet another wardrobe change, then we headed out for the Get RUFF weekend headliner party at the COC building - dressed in only chaps, harness and boiler suit, despite the rain and thunder.

We were lucky, and just managed to catch the last Tram down to the venue. The street outside was fairly full of disconsolate guys, gathering ticketless outside - so we both felt rather special as we breezed though with tickets, feeling like A-listers with their names were on the door... 

The COC building was an amazing location - grand and sleazy all at the same time. I most loved all the wide stone staircases, heaving with guys in only boots, jocks and harnesses...

Sir clicked on my lead, and then led us up (2-legged) to the dance floor (I had considered going fully pupped, but the place was heaving and a 4-legged pup would have easily been crushed in the press - we saw a pup being led around the corridors later in the evening, he was constantly tripped over and he looked very sorry for himself, so I'm glad that we made the decision that 2-legs was an infinitely wiser choice...)

There was some seriously good tunes thumping on the main floor - Sir led us around until we found a good spot with the pup stood up on a speaker - gogo-ing with his cock chained and padlocked, and his arms around his Mans shoulders (with the bass vibrating through both of our boots). We got quite a few cruising looks too - which made me grin.

We watched for a while, then Sir led us off for a proper tour of the space - stopping for a while up on the balcony for the dog to kneel and give his Man some proper attention (until an overly persistent guy made a real nuisance of himself trying to get his tongue into my Man's hole - his, and every other cock and hole in the room, which had my Man shuddering at the thought of cross-infection...).

We headed back down to the main room, where Sir found a better spot against the wall to the side of the main stage where He could enjoy feeding His pup His piss then nuzzling His meat without interruptions. We were on the edge of a spotlight too, and Sir said it was nice to see several guys pointing and commentating on my ink whilst I worked (it's surprising: a few of the guys displayed small, mostly tribal, pieces on their amazing gym-bunny bodies, but I seemed to be the only one there who was heavily inked - at least that I saw).

Sir let me nuzzle for a while, enjoying the attention we both got - then He led us off for one final tour.

We eventually found the perfect spot on a mobile scaffolding platform at the back of the stage - just the right height, and stable enough for the pup to brace himself against, his back open and willing - exposed to his Man's flogger... 

Stood there - nicely on display - Sir then gifted me with the most amazing and intense flogging.

He started with slow, back covering strokes - letting me feel the spread of each tail as the flogger splayed out across my skin. Gradually, He then built up both the weight and intensity of each stroke - moving the focus of His attention so that he warmed across my back, shoulders and arms.

As He slowly built up the weight of each stroke, so He varied the rhythm, until we were both pulled down into a room-silencing single focus - joined as one by the hypnotic swing and thud of the rubber against my willing flesh. He made each stroke feel both incredibly sensual and tinglingly intense - and I was soon shaking and pushing back into the percussive strokes - opening up my back and shoulders to beg for more, eager to take His pain.

It was the most beautiful and intense experience; my head was spinning and my skin tingling with energy when He finally stopped - and then He kissed me and pressed His body against my hot flesh. The wash of surrender had me trembling so hard that He finally had to turn me around to let me sink to the floor so I could hug His leg. He later said that He'd noticed a few of the guys from Mr B watching - and I really do hope that they enjoyed what they saw.

I was feeling intensely subby after so much attention, so Sir led me around to the front of the scaffold and had me lie back onto the platform with my head hanging over the edge; it was not quite as easy a position for either of us as the fuck bench at home, but Sir still managed to find the right angle to get deep into my throat. I was still buzzing with energy from the flogging, and so I fed all of that back into Him as I worked on His meat - watching the strange upside down world of Men and boots striding by, or standing to enviously watch us at play.

Sir let me work Him almost to the point of cumming, but then He took pity on my choking, and let me sit up on the edge of the platform whilst He braced himself above me - my puppy cock rubbing against His boots as He drove Himself into my muzzle.

Both of us were already high, so it wasn't long before He drove us both over the edge - with me shooting over His boots as my tight throat brought Him to yet another 5 star 'Fuck!' - and making me glow with pride!


Heading out, we bumped into friends of Sir as they struggled into sweat pants for the walk home; I'm too much of a service dog to watch a Man struggle unaided, so knelt to help them - which had them both blushing and laughing: 'We're not from the Dutch colonies you know - we're not used to someone 'doing' for us like this!' ;)

They accompanied us back to the hotel - which is where we also learnt that this was to be the last event at the COC, which is a shame; still, I am glad to have been there for its swan song, and to have experienced its unique charm.

It really was an amazing night.


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