Tuesday, November 06, 2012

#GetRuff, Amsterdam. Friday: a day with friends, and the Black Body Rubber Party

The previous night's play at the Argos saw us back to our normal late rising on Friday morning.

We stirred late, and lay snuggled for a good hour before Sir finally kicked the pup out of bed to make tea. I was just connecting my iPad to the free Ibis WiFi when Sir received a text from His long-time friend (and Airstream-living modern-gypsy) Andrew to say that he was in Amsterdam and would love to meet up. 

We took a few moments for a quick check on the WiFi, Sir showing the pup what a fascinating guy Andrew is (and for the pup to get seriously envious of Duncan's hoody...), and then it was into some gear to head out to meet him for a late breakfast at 'The Mexican', just off Dam Square.

As well as being a wonderful spokesperson for Caravanning, Andrew is also a fairly good photographer (!), and we spent a very enjoyable afternoon strolling the streets together, slowly headed to Nieuwmarkt to pose for some photos of the Man and Hound in full leather on the famous mosaic sofas there (and also snapping one for Andrew's twitter feed). 

From there, Sir led us on a gentle stroll through the flea market as we headed for the Town hall to show Andrew the amazing 'muriel' that shows a cross-section of Amsterdam, graphically illustrating how much of the city is below sea-level! 

It was the most amazingly relaxed afternoon - chatting all the way in incredibly company.

We ended our afternoon together at V&D for juices (to aid poor Andrew's cold) and a lovely apple cake with chocolate sauce (one portion, three forks). We then let Andrew head back to the hotel for a nap whilst we headed on to Black Body - were Sir found an amazing, blue sleeveless shirt with yellow and black detailing that perfectly matched His beautiful 'RubberGTR' branded blue padded motorcycle rubber jeans (which were much commentated on over the weekend!)

We managed to get back to the hotel for a very short nap, then it was down to the hotel reception to meet Andrew and the other leather guys for Welcome drinks - with Sir and dog both in boots, jeans and harness, which got lots of interested stares. Andrew chatted to several nice guys, and I had to compliment a very sexy guy who was wearing the asymmetric zipped jeans that I had wanted - since he made them look infinitely better than they ever could have on me. 

I didn't need my second drinks voucher, so Andrew passed it on to another guy, thereby meeting 'Aberdeen John' (who grew up in the Western Isles that Andrew loves so much) - which ended up with us all going out for a nice pre-club supper back on the Nieuwendijk, where the waiter wanted to know what special event had us all dressed so impressively...!

"Grommet, it's the wrong trousers!"

Friday evening was the Black Body rubber party at the Cuckoos nest

Sir had told me to bring some rubber for the evening, but when it came to get ready I realised that I had packed the wrong gear: bringing my Geoff's rubber one piece, rather than my own made-to-measure pup-suit. I tried to made the best of it by wearing my harness over the top, but Geoff is a good 4" taller than I am, and so I spent much of the night with the suit's crotch trying to work its way down towards my knees - and tugging my tail out of my hole in the process.

The club was nicely busy, so Sir bought us a drink and then took us down into the wonderfully maze like cellar. We seemed to gather quite an interested little crowd as He hooded and mitted His pup, and then He had me trot around by His side as we explored through the corridors and rooms. We also managed to meet up with John again - this time wearing a lovely textured rubber T-shirt from NorthBound in Toronto.  

I had a great time trapping my Man against a wall, pushing Him back with my muzzle as I gave Him a thorough tongue-raping and nearly made Him cum - but I was having real trouble with my tail, so He finally had to take me upstairs to become 'Manx', rather than spoil the night by being too uncomfortable to play properly. 

Back down in the cellar, and Sir gave my tailless rump a good beating - then led us into a corner where the dog could return to its duties with His cock. I was so focused on Him that I didn't notice there was a guy trying to get randy with my hole until he tried to open my zipper and Sir had to slap Him away saying 'He is a one Man dog, and He's mine!'.  The BadBoy was understanding though - and bought us a drink up in the bar afterwards ;)

It was nice to see that another pup and his Master had joined the party when we got back upstairs to the bar; we had a friendly head bump and arse sniff (much to everyone's interest), then made proper fools of ourselves as we got involved in a rapidly escalating friendly rivalry, competing for the attention of the gathered rubber men by serving our Masters...

It was a brilliant evening, and a wonderful end to a fantastic day.

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