Monday, October 01, 2012

Northern fuck-pup (Manchester redux: 1)

My parents moved back up North a few years back. Whilst I try to get up to see them as often as I can, sorting boarding for the parrot is difficult (and we can't take her with us!), so it has been quite a while since I last went to see them. 

After repeated 'hints' from my Mum I was forced to start planning a lonely solo trip up before the winter sets in (leaving Geoff at home to parrot-sit), but then Sir mentioned that He would love to repeat our Trip up to Manchester and that He would be very happy to combine that with dropping His pup over for a 'family day' whilst He explored the North Western coast.


My, but He looked beautiful when He turned up at the door in leather 'Tom's Men' uniform shirt and white-striped pants, His beautiful Derby boots mirror-shined and teamed with a 2 inch leather belt and sam-browne - and all topped off with a leather Stetson and mirror shades. 


I nearly fell down the stairs in my eagerness to hug Him - knowing my grin was ear-to-ear and fit to light the entire house...

Sir sat in the lounge for a quick cup of tea and a catch-up chat with Geoff whilst I finished my packing - then I trotted Him up into our Temple-space to show him my new piano, and to play the little bit of "how much is that doggie in the window" that I had been carefully learning for him over the previous couple of days... :)

The weekend  forecast was for yet more wet weather, so Sir decided that we'd drive rather than take the bike. It was certainly warmer than the ride would have been, and made for a very companionable and enjoyable drive up country - with the dog's paw resting on its Man's leathered thigh all the way. 

We made a quick stop at the Trentham Estate for a warming lunchtime snack of 'two soups!' (which we then ate outside on the decking - just about the only ones foolish enough to brave the cold damp wind), but the M6 was closed when we were ready to head out again, so we powered up 'Bruce' (my Aussie-voiced sat-nav) and made a very pleasant A-road detour through the beautiful Cheshire countryside instead - including a very enjoyable unplanned stop at Jodrell Bank for a lovely afternoon tea (served from a lovely old enamel teapot tea, and consumed whilst eyeing up the very cute red bearded guy on the sales desk). We tried to take some photos of the dish itself, but unfortunately their decking was closed due to the bad weather, and I wasn't able to get a good shot from inside because the glass doors created too many reflections...

It was a long journey, but we got to Manchester and the hotel eventually; we checked in, dragged our bags up to the room, and then the pup put the kettle on for tea - then turned to find its Man stood watching me with that look from under His Stetson. 

I was on my knees and covering His leather - and then His hardening meat - in wet puppy-licks before either of us really knew what had happened...


I lost myself in the blissfully timeless pleasure of the feel of Him against my tongue and in my mouth, but eventually Sir had me climb up onto 2-legs to help Him out of His boots and jeans - then He ordered the dog to 'Strip!' whist He pulled His boots and leather sleeveless waistcoat back on. 

With His dog bollock naked, vulnerable and booted, Sir ordered me to hop up onto the edge of the bed and to wait properly on all fours - my hungry hole open, exposed and waiting.

Hungry though I was for Him, I couldn't help but make small whimpering noises as He pressed up against my long-unused hole: cold and slick with lube, and twitching at the feel of His hard heat pressing and pulsing and demanding to be let in... but deep breaths and careful, slow wriggling gyrations of the pups hips slowly let me take Him. He was considerate and careful: told me to take my time and ease Him in - but He became more focused on His own pleasure once He could feel the pup's hole relaxing and opening up around Him - and soon the pup was gasping and pushing back against His hot body as He mercilessly ploughed into my now eager hole: bracing His arms against my shoulders so that He could drive himself so deep into me that I was soon shaking with the effort - and He had to cover my mouth with His hand.

When the pups howling and gasping got too much, Sir guided my belly down onto the bed, then curled me over on my side: spooned with Him still inside me. He let us both catch our breath - but the feel of Him within me soon had my naughty wriggling puppy arse getting us both into trouble once more: with my leg thrown over His hip and my arms braced against the bed as the dog in me tried to skewer itself onto its man.

But finally, Sir stroked my belly and my head: gentled and calmed me so that we could both drift into a wonderfully warm and comfortable sleep - the dog curled safe in His Man's arms.

We were both hungry when we woke, and so decided to pull on our leathers and head out to the Chinese quarter to forage for food.

It was getting late, and the first Chinese buffet we tried told us '40 minites, then we closing!' - and despite the tiny maĆ®tre-de giving me a very sweet personal guided-tour of their very limited Veggie offering (holding my hand with a "Follow me, Darling: this veggie, and this..." whilst pointing at some very dry-looking mushrooms and some overcooked rice...) we decided to try our luck elsewhere.

I'm glad that we did, because we ended up at 'The Great Wall' which had a separate menu for vegetarians - including veggie dim-sum (which I've not had since my Uni days in London). We ended up with a wonderful banquet of two different kinds of veggie dim-sum, gluten honey and lemon "chicken", sweet and sour tofu, dry-fried aubergine and egg-fried rice. Doggie-paw licking good.

Then, sated, we walked back to our hotel through the gay quarter and Canal Street (although we spent more time admiring the lovely buildings and canal-side apartments than we did cruising!).


Back at the hotel, Sir had us hop in the shower to warm up, then pulled us both under the duvet for a blissfully sleepy snuggle.

At least, that was the plan.

I wanted to sleep: I knew that we were both tired and needed our rest. But the dog in me was having none of it. 

The heat of His beautifully furred skin against my back - the warmth of His breath against the side of my collared neck - the strength in His arms as they wrapped protectively around me... The animal deep in my core could not help but respond - and although my mind tried to say 'no!', my tail was soon a-wagging and my hips a-grinding - and then Sir was whispering into my ear: "Keep that up and you know what will happen, boy!" - which only made my tail wag all the harder!

We left the light off this time: the soft darkness of the room only emphasising the sensual intensity of His touch, the breathless growl of His voice, the animal scent and salty taste of His body.

His meat was hot and hard - His head so perfectly slick and smooth - my hole open and hungry to take Him. He fucked me on my side: held tight and safely spooned in His arms. His breath warm as He nuzzled and bit at my neck, nibbled my ear; His body so hot against mine that I felt I would melt into His skin and dissolve into His blood. 

He reached up to silence my whimpers with His hand, fed me His fingers and then gave me His forearm to lick and chew - His other hand reaching down to hold my aching balls in one strong and inescapable fist: pulling them downwards and using them to control my helpless wriggling - and edging me ever closer with the dull ache of piggy-pain...

Finally, it was too much: the pull on my balls, the heat of His body, the throbbing press of Him deep inside against my prostrate - I heard myself begging breathlessly: "Please Sir: I'm going to cum!" and His throaty "Good boy! - cum for Me, pervert dog"

Fuck, but there is no feeling that can come close to the intensity of having the cum fucked from my body like that: my cock kicking within the tight grip of His hand as my hole rhythmically milked itself around His pulsing cock. It felt as though my hole had stretched forward into my cock and that His meat had swelled within me to fill both to bursting! I arched helplessly back against Him - my body pumping thick streams into His hands as He smeared my own puppy-cum up over my chest from knees to nipples and purred His pleasure at my perversity into my ear...

When it was clear that He had milked me dry, He let me slowly calm down - riding the ebbing shudders as He gently stroked my head and told me what a good and perverted little fuck-pup I had been - emphasising His words with little pumps of His cock, still balls-deep inside me. 

Then, cradled in His arms - bathed in the heady scent and wet slick of my own cum - He let me quietly drift off into a blissful sleep...

Manchester Redux:

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