Thursday, September 20, 2012


I am still alive.

I seem to be writing that here quite a lot recently - for which I apologise. Not that life in this doghouse is bad, just busy - what with the chaos of trying to get everything ready for the start of the new Uni term, and then Fresher's week and Inductions all this week; I was also laid up in bed with a bad cold and related chest-infection last week - all of which has kept me away from blogging.

My Handler is taking His pup up north to Manchester for a few days again next week though (partly to revisit that fair city, but also so that I can hop over to Liverpool to see my folks). We'll hope to take the bike if the weather is nice enough, but either way, I'm sure there'll be lots of rich blogging inspiration from 36 hours in my Man's delightful company.

On an interesting side-note: I have started formal piano lessons and bought a piano (a Yamaha YDP-161 - not the beautiful 'real' instrument that I might desire, but a nice instrument all the same, and all that would fit into our quaint but space-shy cottage). I can't quite say why the sudden urge to learn - other than that Geoff says I need a better hobby than hanging out on Recon, and it's been a year since I finished my PGCHE and I like to have something new to engage my brain. Both my Mum and his Dad used to play, so I'm hoping that there might be some advantage in the genes.

I must say, learning to read music, count tempo *and* remember the correct finger positioning is proving both fascinating and frustrating - especially for an animal that lacks opposable thumbs - but I am enjoying every minute of it, even if I think it might be a while yet before I am able to do more than pick out 'Twinkle, twinkle little star' and 'Mary had a little lamb'... :)

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