Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Dog days, in the garden with Sir

Ah, but it felt good to have the sun on my skin. I flexed my shoulders and arched my back - feeling the rubber stretch and slide over my sweat-slicked skin, giving a happy growl - grinning to myself as the sound was muffled by the muzzle over my hood. My Man must have heard, because He turned from His work to flash a proud grin over His shoulder. I spread my arms and dipped my head - gave a little wag of my smooth rubbered butt - and barked back at His deep appreciative laugh at His dogs playful attempt to draw Him away from His work.

I shuffled my position, keeping Him in sight as He moved around the garden - the yard chain rattling as it moved with me, padlocked to my collar and securing me to the spike in the centre of the lawn. As I moved I caught sight of my reflected image in the patio doors: glossy black skin stretched over my toned muscular body, reflecting the sunlight and warming the body sealed within - smooth rubber riding boots encasing my feet and heavy padded sparing gloves reducing my hands to proper paws - my back smooth and flat, curving up slightly to show off the smooth rubber encasing my plugged and tightly zippered butt; I turned my head - admiring the long muzzle that lengthened my jaw into that of a dog's: heavy rubber jowls hiding the zippered opening, now securely sealed - above the muzzle, the smooth dome of my rubbered head, topped with two sharp and attentive ears - and within the smooth glossy blackness: two bright eyes, shining with excitement and pleasure. I turned sideways - rose onto doggy haunches and pulled my stomach taut and flat - and had to bark excitedly at how completely I appeared to be what I know I am: a perfect rubber pup, collared and owned and utterly happy in my enforced perversion...

My Man turned to watch His pup flex and pose, then laughed and strode across the lawn to join me: His rubber dungarees and waders still spattered with water and dirt from where He had been jet-washing the patio - and the rubber barely managing to restrain the hard bulge of His own arousal at seeing His dog chained and awaiting Him. Gods but He looked amazing - and His dog could only bark and wag its tail in excitement and pleasure as He reached down heavily gauntleted hands to first stroke His dog's head, then slide down the heavy waterproof zipper on His dungarees, and the zip on my own muzzle. His meat tasted so good: slick and salty with His sweat, bitter from the rubber yet sweet with precum. His hands were firm and strong upon my head as He guided my muzzle down along His length, my tongue licking and lapping even as my mouth closed around Him and my chin brushed against His balls - that muscular tongue still rippling underneath Him as He forced Himself down into my throat with a grunt of pleasure. He held me there, breathlessly filled, swallowing around His intrusion, knowing that He enjoys the feel of those muscular contractions around His sensitive head...

He let me bathe Him in devoted puppy drool - work His whole length over and over down into me - straining to take Him as deep as I can, and hold Him as long as I could without breathing or choking. I was in piggy-pup heaven, and His groans and "Good dog!" grunts let me know He was enjoying my attentions as much as I was in giving them.

But He had work to complete - and finally pushed me away with a regretful sigh, as He had already done several times already that afternoon. "Not yet, pup - a little more work, then we both get to play properly." 

I gave an understanding 'Wuff!', then settled back to my haunches in the sun - greedily watching Him as He worked: the sun shining on His wet rubber, throwing rainbows in the splash and mist thrown up by the strong jet of water, and the muddy run-off sluicing around His heavy cleeted boots. I was patient - relaxed and let the sun do its work in soothing my body and melting my muscles - knowing that He would soon be done, and then He would lead me down the garden to the 'tea-house' and the sling already hanging waiting...


I was laid upon my back - belly exposed to the sun and paws in the air, watching a police helicopter pass overhead and wondering if they would look down and wonder at the strange looking dog sprawled in the grass - when I realised that the drone of the jet-wash had ceased; then my view of the sky was obscured by my Mans silhouetted face, grinning down at me as He reached a gauntleted hand down to rub my exposed tummy and make me grunt and giggle in pleasure. He reached to unlock the restraining yard chain from my collar, and I rolled expectantly onto my haunches - then He stood, slapped a glove against His thigh and strode down the garden, His dog trotting eagerly at His side.

In the tea-house, Master clicked another restraining chain to my collar whilst He checked the sling - then came to stand before me: heavy rubber straining across the beautiful mound of His arousal and hunger, inches from my drooling muzzle. 

I lunged forward - the restraining chain pulling taut so that the collar bit into the rubber layers over my throat. He growled, then took a half step backwards - watching as His dog strained against His restraints, making small strangled sounds of hunger and pleading as it choked itself in desperation to reach Him. The blood pumped in my hooded head and the breath wheezed in my throat - and I would have pushed myself to the point of blacking out, if He had not taken pity and stepped forward: letting me press my muzzle against Him, panting in both air and the life-giving scent of His meat as my body shook and my own puppy-cock strained against the tight rubber of my enfolding rubber skin.

He unlocked my neck then, and had me leap up into the sling: grinned down at my hungry wriggling as He locked each booted ankle into the stirrups. The sudden air was cool as He unlocked, then slowly pulled open the zipper sealing my eager hole. I stared into His eyes, feeding on His gaze as His gauntleted hand grasped the tail of the plug that filled and prepared me for Him and Him alone. I took a deep breath at His command then released it in a slow exhale as He gently eased the plug from within me - noting the tightening around my eyes as I suppressed a wince of pain as its swollen body forced my ring painfully wide. The plug removed, His gloved fingers were strong and tender as they massaged that tender muscular ring, gently applying lube whilst teasing me open, making me ready...

I could feel the pulse of His heat and hunger, throbbing in the tight skin of His head as He pressed up against my hungry ring - knew that He could feel the answering throb and pulse of my own need for Him as I relaxed and opened myself to His slow but irresistible advance - relaxing, yet still feeling myself tight and straining around Him as I tried to control my hunger and let Him enter at His own slow, purposeful pace. I clenched and released over and over - felt His answering pulse inside me as His hand gripped my thigh - His eyes dark as they bored their hunger into mine. I could feel His body, hot through the double layers of our rubber, His suited waist brushing the inside of my rubbered thighs as His hips rocked forward - thrusting Himself deep into my core as my groans joined His own powerful grunts of pleasure. 

His gauntletted hand left my thigh - pressed down onto my belly as He slowly slid Himself outwards, until I could feel the swollen edge of His head pulling back against the tightening ring of my hunger - saw the animal grin on His face at my gasping groan as I tried to hold Him inside me, then my grunt as He slowly pushed Himself back into me - deeper and harder than before, until I could feel that head forcing open the tight inner ring of my core, and the hard press of His pubic bone against my own: root deep inside me and opening me to His hunger without limit.

He leant His body over me then, took hold of the sling beneath my shoulders to pull it - and me - hard against His body, so hot and slick within the rubber that encased Him: I could feel the slick movement of His muscles, sliding within that sweat-lubricated skin - heard and felt the shuddering squeak of His rubber against mine as I wrapped my booted legs around His waist and drew Him to me - my slick-coated cock sealed into its own rubber prison and trapped between us as His body thrust against mine and His arms squeezed the breath from my imprisoned, surrendered body. 

He reached between our bodies, took hold of my sheathed cock - enfolding it in the hard grip of His gauntletted hand. His eyes burned into mine as He felt the shuddering kick of my need - both within my cock held secure in His grip, and in the tightening twitch of  my ring around His meat, still buried deep inside me. His dark eyes and hungry grin watched me pant and writhe as He slowly slid His hand along my straining meat - matching the slow thrust of His own into my core: stoking our shared hunger and edging us both ever closer.

I breathed in the heady scent of our sex, let myself become lost in the hunger, surrendered myself to His posessive glare - gave myself to my rubber and the dog inside of me - and felt the combined heat of our bodies melt away all thought or resistance. I saw the dark hunger rise in His own eyes, and knew that He felt the same - let that shared hunger and heat overwhelm us both until we could feel it melt and merge our rubber skins: joining us as one beast in our perverted hunger and transforming passion. I know longer knew if it was He thrusting into me, or me driving myself down onto Him - no longer cared who was fucking or being fucked: we were one, fused and complete and riding the same animal-heat to its beautifully perfect end.

Breathless, dripping, wordless and buzzing with the power we had shared, He helped me down from the sling, to lean Himself against the railings with His pup kneeling with my head pressed against His belly - arms enfolding His legs and muzzle gently licking and nuzzling His still hard meat, His hand gentle upon the smooth dome of my skull. 

Neither of us spoke - or needed to speak - for quite some time: bonded and complete as we were in that silent, perfect communion of Man and devoted hound.

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