Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fuck-pup in Arundel

I was such a happy pup: making an early morning drive down to see my Man, knowing that we were going to be spending almost 48 hours together. With a grin and a sigh, I slid my "pup-mantra" CD into the car stereo and let the hypnotic flow of words slowly sink into head, refreshing my subliminal need to obey and serve.

It was still early when I got to Sir's house, and so He let me in then slipped back to the warmth of His bed whilst I scampered to the kitchen to make Him a tea - then knelt beside His bed whilst He supped and stroked my head, telling me what a sweet and sexy pup I was. Then it was a quick breakfast for us both, before helping Him to finish His own packing (so much pervy stuff for only a one night stay?! ;) ). Then we were climbing into the car and heading down - with the pup resting its paw on His leg and stroking the denim of His jeans - feeling the flex of His thigh every time He changed gear, and hungrily looking down at the high shine of His Dehner boots where they encased His calves.


We stopped off for a short break - overlooking a huge natural amphitheatre where they were clearing away from a festival (it might have been 'Rewind.'?). There was only one car in the car park, and it's one occupant seemed every interested to see two booted men climb from our car; he didn't come over when we slipped into the trees though...

Once we got to Arundel we stopped to check in to the hotel Sir had booked, then took an hour or so to stroll through the pretty medieval streets, looking at the many antique shops, watching them make their next batch in the fudge shop, and trying to find a small 'Edward bear' in the Teddy shop for Sir's father. We also had a stroll around the Antiques market - where the pup was very good in resisting the urge to buy a beautiful brocaded uniform (which was horribly expensive, even if it would have been an incredible thing to wear for the next BLUF night!).

From Arundel we then headed on down to Worthing.

Sir was due to visit with His father, so He dropped me off at the sea front for an afternoon to myself. The weather was lovely, so I headed down to the Dome cafe first for a much needed tea and cake, then strolled out onto the beach for a gentle afternoon of relaxing with my Kindle in the sunshine (although I had to grin at an overheard comment from a son to his father of "Wow Dad: what a character!" as I strode across the street in my padlocked collar [dog-tag newly engraved by my Man with "MINE!"], leather cap, Sam-Browne belt and boots). It was an incredibly pleasant afternoon, which passed far quicker than I expected - and it was a surprise when Sir called me to ask where I was! I headed down off the pier to try and find His car, and then jumped when He crept up behind me to enfold me in a grinning hug..!

Sir had parked in the almost empty top-floor of the mult-storey car-park, so He led us back there to change into our rubber, ready for a stomp along the tide-line. I couldn't help but giggle at us both hopping about - challenging each other to dare to go bare, despite the security cameras and other shoppers returning to their cars. But Public or not, I couldn't get over how incredibly sexy He looked in His waders and dungarees.

Both fully rubbed and encased, wadered and high-vis jacketed, we then clomped down onto the beach - following the retreating tide all the way to the edge of the shore. It was amazing to splash along the tide line, watching the sea weed flowing out with the current. The ridged sand and uneven flint pebbles made me glad for the tough cleats of my boots...

Sir led us ever further out into the slow rolling surf, until the water was almost to the tops of my waders, and each wave threatened to knock me off my feet - but I was amazed to feel how intensely the pressure of the water pressed in, folding the normally stiff rubber of my waders tight against my ankles and legs; it was as if I was caught within the seas own tight and inescapable embrace... That irresistible pressure matched the slick tightness of my rubber jeans and shirt, and soon had me hard and breathless - pervert that I am!

Sir led us both along the seaweed line and on under the pier. Up above, scaffolders were working to place platforms for the "bird man" festival later that month, and I had to stiffle a grin to see them watching us wading up, waterproofed in our slick wet rubber. In under pier, we lost ourselves amongst the intricate web of iron struts, prickling with barnacles and wrapped around with seaweed and kelp. Safe in our waterproofing rubber, we waded through the rock pools, spotting fish and shrimp and tiny green waving sea anemones - with both Man and pup calling each other to see the winkles and muscles that we found - and even a large crab hidden within a hollow between struts...

We had a good hour, but all too soon we could feel the tug as the tide began to turn, so we headed back out from under the pier and out to the open sea to watch the seaweed turn and to once more feel the flow and press of the sea against our legs. Then we slowly walked back up the long beach - watching the seagulls turning over the weed in search of titbits, and the curling casts from the razor fish hidden beneath the sand. 

Our final stop was within the network of steel supports beneath the Lido: sharing a hug and a smile, remembering the last time we had been there - earlier in the year when my Man first brought me to this special transient place between the tides - and taking advantage of the dark space to grind and hump His dog against the restricting iron...

This time it was too light for play, so we headed back to the car - choosing to stay in our rubber for the drive back up the coast to Arundel, the dog with its paw stroking the smooth slick rubber still coating its Man's legs.


Checking in to our hotel, we were led up to a lovely room up in the rafters with a view of both the castle and the river! I was surprised, but there was not a word said to either my Man or I for the skin-tight shining black rubber that encased us both.

My man was starving, so after a quick look around the room He told me that we should head off to forage for food. We would have both loved to stay geared, but the pup feared the rubber was too tight and arousing to allow much space for eating... I couldn't miss the chance to play in gear, so I am ashamed to say that I knelt at His slick and beautiful rubber-encased legs and burried my eager little muzzle into His sweet smelling crotch - gazing up at Him with my hungriest pleading puppy-dog eyes and begging to be allowed to feed upon His rubber first. It was wicked, because I knew how hungry He was, but He did later say that if He had really not wanted to play, then He would have kicked me off... ;)

Gods but His rubber felt so good beneath my tongue: so smooth and slick, with the salty tang of the sea and the heady smell of His body mingling to make a heady concoction that had my cock straining within its own rubber embrace. 

He let me lick over the smooth rubber bulge of His cock first - tracing the thick outline of His hunger through the rubber with my tongue and feeling its eager pulse and twitch. He pushed my head down onto His slick thigh and onto His Dehners then, so that I could squirm and groan beneath Him - showing my devotion and surrender to Him at my rightful place beneath His boots. Only when He was content that I could think only of Him and His pleasure did He let me kneel and watch as He pulled down the zip of His dungarees to release His hard hungry meat - then wait, hungry and whining, for the permission to take Him into my mouth...

Eager, hungry, obedient, serving - my tongue licking and rippling beneath and around Him, constantly teasing and stimulating His head, His glans, His piss-slit... Drawing Him down into my throat to massage Him as I swallowed, bathing Him in slick spit, then holding Him gently so that He could feel every ragged cooling breath. I shuddered to feel Him twitch and kick inside me - hearing His grunts and growls of pleasure as He lost Himself in the service that only His dog's trained throat can now give Him. I was equally lost to everything but giving Him that pleasure - all sense of time and body and self vanishing into the tiny world bounded only by my throat and tongue and the feel of Him hard and smooth within me.

When I finally made Him cum, His seed was sweet and perfect - filing my senses and feeding my soul more than any nectar ever could.

All that hungry horny work had my own puppy-cock straining within my rubber - and it took the merest touch of my Man's boot against my encased crotch to have me whimpering in an equal need of my own. Sir relented then - and let me hump dementedly against His boot leather: grinding my encased cock against the shaft of His Dehners whilst bumping my plugged hole back against His booted toe; He even pulled on a tight leather glove so that He could push His fingers into my mouth and let me drool, gagged and helplessly grinning at my own complicit perversity as my dog-cum oozed out of the zips of my sailor-fronted rubber jeans...  

It was a very happy, sweaty pair who finally changed into civvies, then made their way out into Arundel to find a meal. We strolled around for quite a while until we found the perfect place in a nice pub: with a nice vegetarian selection and a free table in the window. It was a busy place and we had an excellent view: of the lovely old Austin pulling up outside, and the sweet guy driving it in old fashioned overalls - of the several young, bearded men (one of which I very nearly kidnapped, he was that cute and wide eyed. But that could have been his fear at catching my predatory gaze...) - and of the lovely big Ridgeback hound who trotted in with his owner, then spent most of the time looking curiously towards the door with his ears cocked: looking for the 'other dog' every time I wickedly made my chain rattle ;)

The meal was lovely, but I can honestly say that those moments in rubber with Him satisfied me more than any food could ever do. 

Then, finally fed, it was then back to the hotel, for a perfect snuggle.


When we wake in the morning, it is to the pleasure of snuggling back into my Man's arms - wriggling my puppy tail with a wicked grin. 

Sir growls a warning: "Careful boy, you know where that will lead...!" - but that only makes me wriggle all the harder: His 'threat' only raising my hunger and making me beg for Him - first, wordlessly with my body, and then in quiet, breathless whimpers: "Please Sir, fuck me - fuck your dog - fuck your pervert little piggy pup. Make me your dog, your pig - I'll be your whole damned farmyard if only You fuck me!"

He wraps me in His arms then. Holds me on my side, spooned against Him with my hungry butt pressed back against Him. His arms, strong and tight, hold me safe - the weight of His leg thrown over mine, pinning me to the bed. 

He pulls on a sheath and then slowly, carefully, presses up against me - breathing aginst my captured and collared neck and telling me to relax and open up to Him - slowly easing Himself into me... I pant and breath deep: trying to relax my tight ring of muscle - feeling the sting as I slowly stretch open to accommodate His girth and length - panting as I feel Him, relentless, pushing slowly into me - my tight ring resisting, then finally surrendering...

We lie there for a while - both taking a wordless moment to feel Him inside me. I tell Him how beautifully full and complete He makes me feel when He is inside me like this - how I know then what it is that I am made for, what it means to be complete in serving my Man. I let Him feel my muscles gently tense and clench around Him, feeling for how deep He is inside me, how completely He fills me. I hear His grunt of pleasure at the twitching restriction, the way my ring massages Him...

He starts to slide in and then out of me - testing me, feeling for the release of my ring as it relaxes and lets Him in. His hand moves up to grasp my head, probes His fingers into my mouth to silence my moans and whimpers. His chest and belly are strong and furred against my back.

He uses His weight to slowly push me over onto my belly - His hands grab my wrists and pull them outwards whilst His knees force between my thighs and spread my legs wide. I am spread eagled beneath Him, pinned to the bed and utterly helpless whilst He drives Himself deep into me - both of us grunting at the exertion. He releases my wrists, takes a hold of my head once more and holds it in a vice like grip; His elbows press down into my shoulders as He pins me completely - pushing my torso down onto Him even as He grinds upwards with His hips. 

I am caught in His merciless vice-like grip - fucked so deep and so hard that it is only His hand across my mouth that prevents me from howling in equal pain and hunger. His hips grind and hump - I feel His balls slap against my shaved hole and the sweat that drips from His body and slicks our flesh. I am lost in the pleasure of giving my self to Him for HIS pleasure.

He turns us carefully back onto our side - lets us both catch our breathe as He spoons against me, cock still deep inside my core. I twitch my ring around Him - massage Him within me - let Him feel and know how much His dog loves to please its Man.

He wraps His arms around my chest, then rolls over onto His back: His pup encased in His arms and speared upon Him. I know what is coming next.

His one arm moves up, across the top of my chest and reaching for my exposed nipple - His other hand reaches down, enfolds around my balls to give them a gentle tug. My cock twitches and drools its arousal onto my belly, bumping against His forearm. 

He laughs and takes hold of that tightly sensitive little piece of dog-meat. His hand so big and strong, enfolding his smaller pup completely. He squeezes gently, and growls as He feels His dogs ring clench around His cock in pleasurable response. I can't help but buck my hips as my cock twitches within His grasp. He loosens His grip a little, breathes into my ear: "Go on then pup, hump your Mans hand - fuck yourself on Him" I need no more encouragement...

My doggy-meat tight in His fist, His cock deep inside me and pressing against my prostrate, I hump and wriggle and moan and whimper - loosing myself to everything but the pleasure of giving myself to Him, losing myself to Him, surrendering everything of myself to my Man...

When I cum, it is with such force that He has to wrap His arm tight around me to stop me from shaking myself from off Him. He smooths the slick ooze of my cum over my belly and chest - marking me with the scent of my own surrender.
He doesn't let me shower, but has us both head down to breakfast - my t shirt crackling against the drying cum. I can't help but grin at everyone we meet, knowing that I must smell so strongly of Him and my own perversity that they all must know that I am His fuck-pup. I know for certain that they can see how proud and happy I am, because several of the other diners comment on what a happy couple we are.
Breakfasted, it was then time to pack and head up to Portsmouth (to deliver Sirs Kenwood Chef to be reconditioned), then dash back home for Sir's late shift at work. The motorway was heaving, so we finally had to abandon it at junction 18 and head acroos country - with Sir calling ahead to tell work that He was going to be a little late!

It was a guilty dog who finally knelt before his Man and bowed his head so that He could unlock my collar and kiss my head goodbye: I knew how tired my Man was, and yet I was heading home whilst He still had a full day of work ahead!
(Although, in truth, it was "coven night" so I didn't get to bed until after midnight either...)

But then, who cares for sleep when a pup can feel so loved and honoured to have served?

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