Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pride, London 2012 - Thursday

So - finally the Pride weekend was upon us.

Sir had already said that we would take both the car and the bike so that we would have a 'travelling wardrobe' for all our combined gear - unfortunately, that just meant having to resist taking every piece of leather and rubber that this dog owns. Sir was also working for the first part of the day, so I got to spend most of the morning packing and repacking - and trying to be reasonable about the amount that I could sensibly take. But, finally, Sir phoned to say that He was ready to receive me, and I leapt into the car to head down.

Sir's partner has taken some unpaid leave to build a new porch on their house, so the pup helped to load the car with Sir's gear whilst He helped His man complete a few of the 4-handed jobs (it was rather fun to see my Handler in full biking leathers up a ladder holding a fascia...). Then, work done - and farewell kisses all around - it was time to hit the road, with Sir on the bike in front and the pup following behind in the car as support and 'mule train'.

I really missed being able to ride with my Man - but it was fun to play cat-and-mouse, and He was careful to ride slowly enough to let me stay just behind Him. That also gave me a beautiful view of Him riding: His beautiful broad frame so tall and beautifully leathered. It was an interesting opportunity to compare His riding style with the other bikers that passed us too - them hunched painfully over their machines whilst my Man rode tall and erect and relaxed.

We passed a huge fire on the way, with thick plumes of smoke rising high into the sky and visible from 25 miles away. We found out later that it was a scrap-yard fire that burned for three days. We also rode through patches of rain, and some seriously ominous dark-skies - we even spotted a funnel cloud, and watched as it slowly formed then died over 15 minutes; I only wish I had been able to photograph it, because no-one believes that we saw a tornado in Wiltshire! :)

It was a long drive - broken by a short stop for tea and a shared Cornish Pasty at the services (watching a bunch of nice army guys and some rather nice classic cars) - but finally we made it to our hotel at Terminal 5

It took a while to ferry all of our bags, gear and boots up to the room (whilst a table full of guys watched and nudged each other - then visibly flinched when my Man gave them a cool intimidating stare ;) ), but finally we were in place and the dog could stick the kettle on for its Man.


I also took the excuse to bound over to my Man, almost knocking Him over in a huge 'I missed you!" hug - which turned into a nuzzle, and then a lapping lick - and then me slowly working my licking, kissing mouth down along the side of my Man's lovely leather jeans until I was on my knees, staring up with big puppy eyes and a long lolling tongue. How could my Man refuse such pleading...?

He smiled, and then eased down the zip on His breeches.

He always smells so wonderful after a few hours in the saddle: with the subtle smell of the warm leather blending with His own clean rich salty scent. I always take a moment, just to be able to breathe in that heady warmth and gentle musk - huffing in His pheromones so that they wake the deep primal parts of my brain and stir the pup inside me.

Driven by the scents and the smells of Him, I was soon licking and lapping and growling away - my arse wagging and tight leathered crotch bumping against His boots. And above me, gloved hand resting lightly upon my head: my Man, sighing His own deep pleasure as His dog worked its magic with tongue and lips and throat - teasing and probing and licking and caressing, finding and coating every edge and curve of His meat with my thick puppy-drool, then sliding His slick hardness down into the tight grasp of my throat. Edging Him closer and closer to a knee-trembling release that had us both shaking and laughing as the pup hugged His legs and gratefully rubbed its cum-slick face into His leathered thigh...


By which time, both of our tummies were growling, so Sir had us pull on our jackets, fire up the helmet com, and head off on the bike into the local village of Datchet to look for some food.

Unfortunately, it was already getting very late - so most of the restaurants were closed; we passed a few chippies, but by the time we turned around even they had closed up for the night too, and so there was nothing for it but to head on into Windsor in the hope that there might be something still open there...!

We finally found a late night Kebab place open, were Sir ordered a big serving of cheesy-chips - which we carried down to eat on a borrowed picnic bench beside the river - watching a family feeding the swans with whole slices of bread.

Then it was back 'home' to the hotel, a quick cocoa (ignoring the pile of unpacked bags) - and then finally time to slip into the crisp white sheets and my Man's warm protective arms, then down into sleep and the weekend to come.

Pride London, 2012
Thursday: mule-train and arrival 
Friday: Acton and play-time at the Hoist
Saturday: Parade!
Sunday: Shoreditch and home

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