Friday, July 13, 2012

Pride, London 2012 - Friday out on the bike

Morning, and I slowly woke to the warmth and security of my Man's enfolding arms - surrounded in the heat of His body and the warm musk of His scent.
His beard brushed my neck as He leaned close to whisper "Good morning pup!"

I wiggled my puppy-but back into His crotch - wagging my puppy-welcome - then nuzzled into the inside of His elbow as He wrapped one arm around my neck and the other around my chest: slowly pulling me back, hard and helpless against Him. I could feel the iron restraint of His arms as He rubbed my naked back into the thick fur of His chest - making me squirm and yelp with pleasure.

He kept one arm tight around my neck - pressing into the padlocked steel of my collar and *just* limiting my air enough to make me gasp in heady pleasure - whilst His other hand teased at my exposed nipples, then traced down to find the hard, dripping excitement of His puppy's eager cock. His voice was deep and throaty as He breathed a "Good boy!" into my ear.

He released my neck, then took hold of my collar and used it to gently guide me around to face Him. He kissed my smiling face - then lifted an arm to let me bury my muzzle into the rich salty taste and heady scent of His pits. I was in puppy heaven as I licked and lapped - rubbing my beard into Him so that I could carry His scent through the day.

His hand on my collar guided my licking, nipping mouth down onto His nips, and I worked for a while on those sensitive meaty nubs of flesh: teasing with the tip of my tongue, then lapping and biting and sucking too - working myself down into puppy-space, and my Man into groaning pleasure.

I felt the flex of His arm, and followed His unspoken command to work my kissing, grazing way down His furred chest and abs - giving the perfect prize of His hard and hungry meat only a breathy kiss before moving on and down, down to the heavy hanging weight and heat of His balls.

I licked and lapped, grazed and nipped, sucked and bit - working each globe into my mouth to surround it in heat and wet hunger. His hands roamed over the back of my head - part stroking and part guiding my efforts to satisfy His pleasure.

In response to His subtle guiding, I finally moved around, slipped underneath His lifted leg - licking underneath His balls and down into the furred cleft of His hole: probing and searching for that sweet puckered ring of tight muscle hidden within the rich warmth of His heady man-scent... I felt my Man's hands clasp hard around my head: the hunger pulsing from His body as He pushed my face into His arse and ground His hole down onto my tongue. I growled and huffed and grunted in a piggy pleasure that was equal to His own.

Finally, He released my head and let me breath - then pulled me up to His face to cover my mouth in a deep sexy kiss. Momentarily stated, He then pushed me away and sent me off to make us our morning cup of tea - then had me run the shower and prepare us both for a run into the city to find breakfast.


It was raining by the time we got into Chiswick, so we parked up and found a great little cafe - where the pup ordered a very smart breakfast of Eggs Florantine for us both. The steamed spinach, lightly poached egg, English muffin and hollandaise sauce made for an incredibly posh change from our usual 'greasy-spoon' all-day breakfast - and the perfect start to a wet day exploring West London!

Sir had planned to take us to the market on Portebello Road - or on to Smithfields if we had time - however we somehow got ourselves a little lost in the back streets of Acton...

By the time we had worked our way out again it was getting a little late - and since we had plans for that evening, we decided to head home for a nap rather than explore any further.

Pride London, 2012
Thursday: mule-train and arrival 
Friday: Acton and play-time at the Hoist
Saturday: Parade!
Sunday: Shoreditch and home

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