Monday, June 04, 2012

Jubilees, technology - and a trip to Bath

We're celebrating the Queen's Jubilee here in the UK this week - with four glorious days of pomp and pageantry, and - more importantly - two days off work. Those of us with a bit of nouse also booked the week before, so we could get almost two weeks off for 5 days of leave... :)

Geoff and I were also booked for a day with Jo, ready to start the next section of our tattoos, but she's been unwell and had to cancel at short notice. Sad, but I commiserated myself by redirecting the money I would have spent into getting myself a new iPad.

Oh lordy - talk about gadget-boy heaven.

I am totally in love with this wee chunk of aluminium, glass and plastic! I justified the cost by telling myself that it would be a nice way to do some writing away from my desktop - and even visualised myself tapping away in the garden hammock... But the truth is, Ive not actually got around to doing any of the book because I keep getting distracted by the sheer pleasure of playing with the wealth of fantastic apps and games (favourites have got to be the social media reader: flipboard, the unbelievably beautiful Osmos game, and the addictively subtle interactive music ap Thicket).

I also got to spend a little unexpected time with Sir - including a rather perfect bike-run over to Bath where Sir had arranged for us to take part in the Bizarre Bath comedy walking tour (both of us turning heads in our yellow-striped premium chaps, and the pup in his 'piss-pup' t-shirt and collar ;) ):

I also got to sleep over - and to make my Man cum with just my wicked licky-tongue... :) - then follow Him as He rode to the pool for a swim and I headed home.

He is such a sexy fucker - and I am such a lucky pup to be His :)))

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