Thursday, May 10, 2012

"With loving sacrifice, thy shrine I adorn"

My wonderful friend, Doug, has once more had me deep in thought. 

We had been talking about the playfulness i feel in puppy-play. I had said: "the playfulness and joy-in-life is very close to the surface, even when we're in the deepest and most intense of spaces".

But we then went on to discuss those 'deepest and most intense of spaces' - with me saying that "The hunger is there too though, so it's not all playing the fool and hilarity -sometimes it is simply about sacrificing my body to Him in love and service, regardless of how it might hurt...

The language surprised him, but for me, it does feel right to describe my surrender to my Man as a form of sacrifice. 

I am a pagan pup, and sacrifice for me does not mean some Lenten morality of self-flagellation or guilt-ridden deprivation. For me, sacrifice doesn't mean giving something up: it means offering it, wholly, to something greater than yourself - freely and without limit, and without any thought for what you may receive in return. 

Whether it be to our gods or to our loved ones, we sacrifice the best of what we have to the things that give meaning and purpose to our lives - knowing that only the best of what we have is worthy of that gifting. We give of our time, our hearts, and our love to those that mean the most to us. 

In that giving - in that loving sacrifice - we learn the true value of that which we surrender, and so the gift itself is made even greater.

I surrender my body and mind to my Man: purely and completely, with perfect love and devotion. I give of myself fully: place my body in His service so that He may take pleasure in it and pleasure from it. And though I do not ask for it, I find that I am rewarded, as He gifts my love and pleasure back to me, amplified threefold and more. 

I pour myself out upon the altar of His pleasure - and feel myself transformed by the fire of His love in turn. As I give myself freely to Him, so He gives me my Self back - enriched and made golden by His love and His protection.

I know that we are both made greater in this sacrifice of love and service - this gifting of bodies and minds to pleasure and Pride. 

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