Sunday, May 27, 2012

A trip to Manchester: Saturday night at the Eagle

We decided to start the night at the Eagle Bar in Bloom Street.

It was a warm night, so Sir suggested that we wear just our rubber for the ride down into town - which certainly raised a lot of interest from the bustling crowds of straights as they gathered outside the many clubs and bars. So much so that Sir decided to slowly ride around the streets a little first - just to give them a better view ;)

We finally parked the bike just off Sackville Street - then Sir clipped His leash to my collar and walked us through the streets to the bar (sadly, not hooded and on all fours this time, since we didn't know how far it would be to walk). We both got a lot of admiring comments from the guys smirting outside as we strode up - and even more from the guys in the cloakroom when we checked in our helmets and shrugged off our jackets to reveal the pup's smooth and seamless rubber skin.

Sir led us into the club proper, and ordered a drink from the bar. His pup stood obediently behind Him, grinning to myself at the nudging and side-long glances from the mainly vanilla clientele around us. It's been a while since I've been in full gear in a non-fetish gay crowd, and it was seriously nice to know that our rubber and power dynamic was messing with their heads (and even nicer to note that not a single one of them could keep their guilty eyes off us...).

Sir then spotted several leather-clad guys in one of the side lounges, so He manoeuvred us carefully through the crowd, gave them all a nice big grim as He passed, and then found a suitable place to sit and watch (right underneath the wall-mounted TV screen filled with projected porn). He had His dog sit obediently at His feet, then had it put on a bit of show as it pulled on its hood and mitts and squeezed in its tail: slowly transforming itself from rubber-clad boy into fully formed rubber-pup.

He let me sink into the head-space for a while: rubbing my neck and ears and telling me what a 'good boy' I was - letting the rubber seep into my head and wash away everything but pup - then He had me 'HEEL!' as He walked us through the dark-room and into the main part of the dance-floor.

He stood and watched the guys come and go for a while - His dog at His feet and carefully placed so that the laser light-show flickered and glinted off my glossy skin - reflecting the lights and dazzling the eyes so that no-one would be unable to notice just how sexy His dog looked, and how obediently it sat on all fours by His side.

Then He led us back into the dark-room for a little bit of puppy-nuzzling underneath His rubber - with a couple of guys watching appreciatively on - before finding His way back into the lounge bar and the nice leather bench seating underneath the TV.

The leather guys had wandered off, but there were a few young guys sitting at the tables - they kept looking across (and even tried to take some sneaky phone-pics) and were so obviously in awe of Sir in His full rubber bike gear with His rubber-pup at His side - so Sir sent me scampering across the benches to go bark and play with them for a while (much to their equal horror and delight...)

Eventually the Leathermen came back, and so Sir decided to play our favourite game of 'Fetch!': sending His pup sniffing around their boots, wagging my tail and shamelessly begging for attention. The one guy who most responded was a GOD in full BLUF uniform - and He very kindly let the pup snuffle and lick at His Wescos, whilst He stroked its coat and told it what a cute dog it was. He then followed me back for a quick chat with Sir - introducing Himself as Ian, and complimenting my Master on what a good pup He had trained.

He said that He was there with His own dog, but that he was in leather and not in pup-mode that day (I'm almost blind in the hood, so it was only much later that I realised that the 'dog' was the incredibly sexy Dog01, whom I've chatted with off and on via Recon - and who also didn't recognise me in my hood...!). Master Ian also said that they were planning to soon head over to the Company Bar to meet some friends, and that it would be great if we came along later to chat in the relative quiet there... 

I would have loved to trot through the streets between the two bars on all fours, but Sir didn't think it would be wise, given how busy it was with random hets and drunk women on hen-nights - and so He pulled me back up onto two legs and let me regain a little of my human composure, then led us out into the street. I did still have my tail in and my hood on, however - so we still managed to get a fair-few whistles and cat-calls, and I'm fairly certain we've appeared on a few twitter-feeds and Facebook pages too...

Master Ian was right: the Company Bar was a lot quieter. Master Ian and His friends weren't there when we arrived, and so Sir bought us a drink and picked a quiet spot in sight of the door to settle and wait. Plenty guys came and went - and it was a pleasure to hear their whispered comments.

When Master Ian arrived, He spent quite a while chatting: asking Sir about where He had purchased my hood, and complimenting the idea of using MMA Sparing gloves for puppy-mitts (since they allow pups some use of their fingers and thumbs, whilst still providing padding and protection for walking). He called His pup over to say hello (which is when I finally recognised him!) - but unfortunately their friends were getting a little impatient, and so with an apology to us both he dragged Master Ian away.

Sir got another drink, then found a quiet corner in which to sit where His pup could get it's nose into His cod-piece. Everything kind of faded then, as I let myself dissolve into the simple pleasure of licking and mouthing His beautifully rubber-scented meat - but I did vaguely hear Sir repeatedly telling someone 'Careful: don't stand on my dog...!'

The guy He was talking to was understandably quite shocked to find a rubber-dog between my Man's legs - and I heard him ask 'Oh god - is he giving you fellatio down there?!?'

He seemed to get used to the idea kinda quickly though - cos he ended up sitting down next to Sir so that he could watch and ask Him all sorts of questions: why was I in rubber? what was the collar for? didn't I mind being made to suck Him in public? (Yeah, right!) was I His slave? What did He mean, 'he's My pup'...?

His friend was a little more touchy-feely - until Sir made me 'Present!' and wag my tail. That had him fascinated, trying to work out how it moved so freely (and horrified when Sir told him it was attached to a nice big but-plug that was pushed into my arse... :) )

It was kinda nice to have so much interested attention - and I think Sir liked having to give an impromptu 'pup-play 101' to someone completely ignorant of BDSM. It turned out the guy was a trainee psychotherapist, so he was most interested in the psychology of our relationship: what it felt like for me to be a pup, what my motivations were and what we both got out of the play. Sir was foundering a little by then, so He let me up onto two-legs and back to humanity, so that I could explain for myself (rather than having to rely on the complicated '1 bark for yes, 2 for no' that was not really getting the conversation anywhere...)

He was even more interested when we then explained that we both have separate partners; I think it was the first time he had come across the idea of being able to maintain multiple sex-partners without anyone feeling bad or cheating on their primary relationship!

We had a great chat, and it was a really fun evening - but finally the day's excitement started to tell on me, and I couldn't stifle a yawn. Sir took the hint and suggested it might be time to be heading back - so with a big grin to our new friends, we headed out to the bike and home to a warm bed and a sleepy snuggle that quickly slid into oblivion.

A trip to Manchester:

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