Saturday, May 26, 2012

A trip to Manchester: Friday night

He let me nuzzle His chest first - getting His scent into me.

I worked my face into the thick fur covering His pecks. He raised His arm and guided my licking tongue into His pit. Gratefully I buried my nose into the heady musk of Him - letting His pheromones do their work in stirring the pup from its resting place: its animal response rising on the musk of His masculinity and dissolving all humanity and thought - leaving only pure instinct and hunger, arousal and need.

His hand on my collared neck, He guided me back to the tight bud of His nipples - let me nuzzle and lick, then suck and bite: losing myself in the pre-conscious triggers of suckling and feeding. I could hear His own sexualised moans and grunts, driven from Him by the unrelenting attention my mouth gave to those most sensitive nubs of flesh. I could feel His meat, hard and hungry, pressed against my stomach and pulsing with each nip and bite of my teeth - and then His hand was upon my collar: forcing me down onto my knees before the altar of His sex.

He let me lick Him then - teasing Him into helplessness with my tongue: probing along the smooth ridge of His glans where it is the most sensitive, then flicking at the tight thread of His frenulum - wrapping the flat smoothness of my tongue around and under the velvety pulse of His cock-head, bathing it in the slick heat my drool - then holding Him loosely in my open mouth so that He could feel my breath cool against the wet throb of His need. Then, slowly, stroking my tongue down along the underside of Him: reaching forwards until I could feel the base of His balls against the tip of my tongue - and the press of His head against the back of my throat.

I let the full length of Him fill my mouth - enfolded Him in the wet heat of me - rippling my tongue beneath Him and pressing His head up against the ridged roof of my mouth. I could feel the tightness in His hips: the urgency of His need to thrust deeper into me - down past the tight restriction of my vocal chords and into my throat...

He pulled us over onto the bed then - had His dog lie back with its head over the side: open and hungry and begging Him to fuck my throat. His balls felt hot and full against my face. With my nose rubbing along the sensitive ridge of His perineum, I relaxed the back of my throat - let my breathing halt. With a conscious effort, I opened myself to His hunger - and was rewarded by the thick slide of Him down inside of me: my mind quieting as the ridged head of His meat filled my throat, my body, my mind - and my soul.

He had me lick His balls - lovingly bathing each one as I felt His hunger stirring and writhing within them. Then He pushed me back onto the bed, swung His leg over me, and told me to bury my tongue into the musky heat of His arse: groaning in disgust and perverted hunger as the dog took over and made me lap and lick and probe in the eagerness of taking the scent and taste deep into me - my cock tightening in response to His own writhing and groaning that my eager probing tongue produced.

He flipped me over onto my belly then - held me down whilst He reached for His condoms and lube.

I was too eager and couldn't get Him in at first - wriggling my puppy-but in frustration and panting my hunger for Him. I pushed up onto all fours with my puppy-arse high: driven into hunger by the strength of His desire. On all fours like a true dog, I opened myself - head hung and breathing slow: ignoring my hunger in order to try to relax and let Him in. 

Long, smooth, hard and strong - inch by beautiful inch I felt Him slowly push through the restricting rings of muscle, invading the deep inner core of my body...

I let myself dissolve into the hard heat of Him deep inside me - felt my body responding to the long slow stroke of His building hunger.  I could feel my own hunger rise and harden with Him - my muscles clenching and relaxing as they drew Him deeper into me. I pushed myself back against Him, my shoulders squared and lower back arched: took up my proper position as a true fuck-pup, fucked and bred by its Man.

The force of His hunger was relentless: I was driven up from my knees - up onto fingertips and toes, speared on His meat with my body straining as He drove deep into me - His balls slapping against my own as He fucked His dog down into perfect puppy-space: growling and barking and gasping in hunger and pain and no longer knowing whether I was begging Him to stop or simply urging Him on...

He reached under the taut pull of my belly then - found the straining knot of my puppy-cock and expertly nudged me over the edge: hungry to feel my hole twitch and tighten around Him as He pistoned into me and pumped out my puppy-cum with every thrust.

And then He stopped - held everything still in a moment of intense concentration...

His cock twitched and pulsed inside me. He asked me what I could feel and I said that it felt like He was swelling inside me - as though He was impossibly getting bigger and longer. And then He told me that He was pissing into the sheath: filling my rubber-lined hole with His hot piss...

It was a strain to relax enough as He carefully pulled out - but the sight of the sheath filled by both His hard cock and the swelling gold of His piss was amazing.

More amazing still was the taste of Him - piss-strong and hungry in my mouth - as He finally fed me His cum.

Exhausted - cum-smeared and laughing - we finally fell back onto the bed. Grinning, Sir pulled me to Him and snuggled His pup on His chest for a while - then He drew up the sheets and had me lie spooned in His arms.

I was the happiest of pups as I felt Him relax into sleep - and it wasn't long before I joined Him, slipping away into the warm sated buzz of puppy-dreams, safe in the knowledge that I had made my Man happy and Proud.

A trip to Manchester:

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