Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Trip to Manchester: Friday into Saturday

Friday morning came far too early, given both the lateness of the previous night and the wigglyness of the pup's rear fuck-hole that had kept his Man and His meat distracted and wakeful for the first part of the night...

It is always a lovely feeling though - no matter how tired I might be - when I feel Him stir awake beside me, roll onto His back and pull my head onto His chest. What better wake-up call could a pup wish for than to be allowed to bury its licking tongue into its Man's pits - His scent stirring its puppy-cock into life and making its tongue drool, ready to be guided down His body and onto His meat...?

Still, all of that licking and distraction meant that it wasn't quite the 'crack of dawn' that Sir had planned for us to leave, so Sir finally pushed me off and headed down stairs to bring us both a nice bolstering mug of tea and a few biscuits - then it was down to the job of packing ready for the day's long ride.

We were lucky with the ride down: the forecast had been changeable, but the clouds stayed away for most of the 200 odd miles up through Birmingham and the Black Country. The sun even came out as we made a rest-stop and late lunch at the Trentham estate near Stoke. We didn't even mind when the one waitress visibly built herself up to ask the standard 'What's the padlocked collar for - and what happens if you lose the key...?' question - or that throughout our meal, every other member of the kitchen and restaurant staff seemed to find an excuse to walk past our table and gawk... ;)

Unfortunately, the clouds did start to gather as we were trying to find our way into Manchester and the Upper Brook Street Travellodge. We didn't get too wet, but it had been five or six hours of riding by the time we were booked in, and so Sir suggested it would be a good idea to get a short nap before we decided on our 'plans' for the night.

I say 'short': we were both so tired from the puppy romps and the two days of riding (don't forget, we had headed south to Weston the night before too!) and so I'm afraid that we actually slept for a solid couple of hours. When we awoke, it was to darkness and a cold, solid rainfall - and the realisation that we were already well past the start time for the Bi-Ax industrial-strength fetish meet that we had planned to go to.

We procrastinated for a bit, but finally decided that it was really just too wet and cold and late in the day to be gearing up for a further hour's wet ride out to the club - and so we opted to make a damp dash across the road for some pizza instead, which Sir hand-fed to His pup in the warmth and privacy of our room (and then sent him tip-toeing sheepishly down the corridor to leave the empty boxes outside the cleaning cupboard - where they spent the whole night scenting the whole floor with their garlicy loveliness...).

Fed and warmed we then snuggled in bed and watched TV for a bit - but we weren't quite as sleepy as we should have been, and so it wasn't long before the pup was tempting his Man to sate His other hungers...

A trip to Manchester:

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  1. It’s very interesting to me how often you apparently get questions about your collar in public. In all the times I’ve had my collar on in public no one (that I can recall) has ever asked about it. Just recently I had my collar locked on when I popped into a gas station. I held the door for a middle-class woman of about 50… who looked right at me, smiled, and said, “That is such a nice hat!” LOL.


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