Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Thoughts of Manchester"

Sir took us up North this last weekend - we were originally booked into a puppy event in Cumbria, but when that was cancelled we decided to stay a few days up in Manchester anyway.

It was a fantastic weekend - despite being rained off from a planned club night, getting a puncture, and Sir being unwell the one morning. I will write up more in detail later, but in the meantime I could not help but share Sir's own "Thoughts of Manchester" email to help the pup remember what to write about. I really *did* keep going on about how nice the fried tofu was..!

Hello there boy! In no particular order 
  •  My dog coming down early on Thursday - helping his Man jet-wash in rubber
  • Down to WsM to see the bikes on the sea-front, then feeding him piss and chips with a lookout and an audience - how very civilised!
  • Thursday, in bed with My dog and all that naughty licky tongue stuff!
  • Friday, Getting up late and not caring
  • Not having packed much gear - and thinking it didn’t matter, because I was with My dog
  • Checking in to the hotel just as the rain started - then going to bed for a snuggle and nap: my dog curled safe in my arms.
  • Waking up late, walking out into the rain to get a late night picnic - and hand feeding my dog back in our room
  • Deciding not to go out to the club - and it not mattering
  • In bed with My dog and all that naughty licky tongue stuff!
  • Saturday getting up late
  • Into the city for a very posh breakfast at the vegetarian bistro - and repeatedly hearing how good the deep fried tofu was!
  • What good company my dog is even when the bike has a flat – trying to help and staying cheerful for his Man (and taking sneaky photos of the nice Steve from the RCA when he came to repair it)
  • Sitting in The Lowrey film theatre with my dog’s paw on my knee
  • All the intercom chat while out and about on the bike with My hound
  • Being in The Eagle and meeting Ian; the look of admiration on his face when he saw My dog and his willingness to chat and how his dog took him away (bad dog!) 
  • Walking my dog through the streets between the Eagle and the Company Bar - and hearing all the comments from the straights 
  • All the attention my pup gained at the Company Bar - and chatting to the trainee-psychotherapist about  polyamory, fetish and pup play 
  • Saturday Bed with My dog and all that naughty licky tongue stuff!
  • Sunday Getting up late
  •  Leaving Manchester, not sure of the route and the freedom of that not being important; choosing when we wanted to go, exploring to find food and it not mattering if we did not find what we wanted immediately (for Me this was a new and very liberating feeling) and how happy My hound was to be part of that unconditionally – good dog
  • The excitement of My dog seeing new places both in dale and on hill
  • Stroking My dog’s leg while out and about on the bike
  • Seeing lots of things and places that we want to go or do on another occasion
  • Looking at google maps the following day and seeing what else we could have seen ie if we had driven out of Chapel En Le Frith were we would have passed a big reservoir and wondering if there was a nice biker friendly road side stop for Me and My dog!

 Good Dog 
I love my dog

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