Wednesday, May 23, 2012

High praise

I am humbled by how deeply other pups react to my writing - and most recently to my book "Assimilation". Not in any prideful way that sees what I do as special, but because it makes me happy to know that the pup-in-me might have given another a little peak into what they can become and embrace, if only they have the courage to try:

Hi Bootbrush, 

I e-mailed you a few weeks ago. I have just read your book. 
The whole book is a huge turn-on. I beat off 3 times while reading it. "A Northern Kennel" is still my all-time favorite story. I first read on your website. I like the additions you added for the book. They add to the eroticism. I also like the "Obsession" prequel. It is an erotic set-up for "A Northern Kennel". I beg you to write a follow-up to "A Norther Kennel" from The Master's perspective of his daily life with his New Pup. The Pup obviously will not remember that he was once a human. 

I have never been exposed to rubber, but this book makes me want to explore. I am going to join you as you have asked at the end of your book. I won't lose my sanity. I will just be 1 happy, fucked up Pup/Rubber Droid. 

You are my hero. You describe yourself as a nervous and ashamed teenager. You had the balls to explore your true self. I am still a nervous teenager. You have given me the strength to explore my true self. 

I am going to reread your book and start working on myself. I am not going to be ashamed anymore about wanting to be dominated and surrendering. 


What better review could one ever want? Or greater inspiration to write more.

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