Friday, April 27, 2012

A visit to 'The Den'

Sir had His pup come down for a club night in Bristol last weekend.

He told me to arrive ready to go in my full rubber, harness and boots - and then completed my transformation from boy to pup with my tail-plug and mitts, before padlocking my lovely new wet-hot-rubber dog-hood onto my head. Then, fully pupped and happily wagging my tail, He had me hop into the boot of the car for the drive down into the city (with the pup giggling inside my hood as I slid from side to side at every corner: my slick rubber knees refusing to find purchase on the smooth boot-liner...)

Sir had originally intended to take us to the 'Sin' club night run by the Bristol Fetish Crew, but we both had the date wrong (doh!) - and so Sir took His pup out to the  'The Den' (Bristol's new fetish-friendly bar) instead.

We couldn't find a nearby parking-space, so had to park a few streets away from the bar itself. The backstreet cobbles were a bit too wet and uneven for the pup to trot without risking a limb, so I had the unusual experience of walking through the street on my hind legs in full gear, with my tail wagging and pulling between my legs. It felt very odd - and genuinely unnatural - and so I was very happy when we got to the bar, and I was able to go down onto all fours outside the door, ready to enter as a proper pup.

Sir buzzed us in and I trotted in through the door beside Him - and came nose-to-nose with the owner's big black biological Labrador...!

I've lived with dogs and know their body language, so I knew the white-eyed, sideways look he gave me was not a good start. I knew that it was best to show neither aggression nor submission, so I cocked my head, wagged my tail in as friendly way I could - and stood my ground whilst I waited to see how he might react. Poor dog, he was really unsure what to make of this man-come-dog: he backed up and gave a low grumble, then climbed onto one of the sofas to retrieve his blanket, and carried it off to hide behind one of the other patron's legs - giving a low worried growl all the time (I don't know, maybe he thought I was there to steal his woobie?). His owner was genuinely concerned ('He's never growled at anyone before!'), so a friend was called and the poor dog was dragged off for a nice long walk out of harms way. Which left me feeling really guilty that I'd ousted a poor canine brother from his home for the night...

It was still early, and not many guys were in, so the Bar owner gave Sir a quick tour to show there were no hard feelings - with the pup trotting along beside them both, sniffing curiously at their dog-cage and woofing at the bench and St Andrews Cross. Then he left Man and dog to play.

Sir was wearing His lovely chlorinated bib-and-braces, waders and heavy rubber overcoat - and so the pup was soon very happily snuggled underneath all those lovely layers - nose filled with the heady scent of Man and rubber, tongue lapping away whilst its plugged tail wagged frantically in pleasure. Sir let me work myself into quite a state, before finally telling me to sit whilst He slowly released Himself from the slick black confines of His rubber.

He wouldn't let me suck Him immediately, but had me drink down all His piss first - knowing that makes me all the more eager to take Him deep into my throat afterwards. I held Him gently in my mouth, pressed my tongue against His piss-slit, and could feel the heat and pressure as each pulse of His piss burst against my tongue. It was an incredible feeling. When He was finished, He then gave me permission to do what He knows His dog does best...

It was just pure pleasure to let myself go into the pup-space - down into the wet warmth of my rubber, and the all-enfolding pleasure of sensation-without-thought. Letting myself dissolve into that no-mind space of serving and loving - my body responding to Him, and feeling His body respond in turn. No need for either of us to think, to anticipate or moralise. Just two bodies, symbiotically merged in equal pleasure: Man and hound, Master and dog. No time, no space - no other person but us two - and the two of us become one. It was perfect and beautifully erotic - and I am glad to know that my Man felt exactly the same.

But, finally, we had to come up for air - both of us reeling and panting, eyes aglow...

Sir went off to get another drink at the bar, and left His pup spaced and watching the hypnotic spiral of the overhead lights - still enfolded in the intensity of my love and bonding to Him. When He came back He had a hunger in His eyes and a wicked grin on His face. He rubbed my hooded head, gave my rubbered rump a satisfying thwack - and had me hop up onto one of the benches.

His hands were gentle but firm as He pulled down the rear zip of my suit - and then pulled at my tail with a steady firm pressure: telling His dog to 'GIVE!' and open its hole ready to take Him. I scooted back on all fours until I was at the edge of the bench, squared my shoulders and curved my butt back: looking over my shoulder and giving Him a wuuf! of encouragement. His sheathed head was hot and smooth and beautifully hard as He pressed against my twitching ring and then slowly, gently, pushed Himself deep into the very heart and core of me. I twitched my inner muscles - massaging Him and pulling Him into me ever deeper; it was deeply satisfying to hear His grunt of pleasure, and the responding kick in His meat. He reached His hands around my waist -  I could feel the heat of His hands through the rubber as He pressed them against my inner thighs and pulled me up against Him. His body encircling mine, His meat deep inside me...

I let myself go once more: let my mind dissolve as my body became His - let it feed from Him, respond to Him - and felt Him respond in kind. Fucking His dog, loving His pup - breeding me and driving us both into perfect bonded pleasure.

The night was getting late - and so finally Sir had to head us back home. But not before taking His pup to a quiet, dark corner of a car-park near the motorway - were He let it piss up against a tree (and over His waders) and then hump itself to a growling release against that beautiful piss-slick rubber whilst He finally fed His own cum down its throat...

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