Sunday, April 22, 2012

Safe and Sane

I was reminded today that it is two years since we lost the irreplaceable Bodisama, and coming up to a year since we lost CBR1100XX - both tragic accidental deaths due to solo breath play involving nitrous.

Every year, we lose too many amazing Men to the hunger to take their fetish 'just that little bit further'. Their loss to the community is bad enough, but worse yet is the fact that they leave behind families and partners who have to deal with the turmoil and distress of losing their loved ones in horrifying circumstances - and the hounding and unpleasantness from both the law and the press over such public fetish-related deaths.

I've been there - same as most of us: just one more hit of poppers, just one more minute of blissful breathlessness, just one more second of the buzz. But the truth is, asphyxia messes with your ability to think and act clearly, and no matter how much you think you know, no matter how 'safe' you think your set-up is - this is dangerous, potentially fatal play that is easily capable of taking even the most skilled and experienced of us.

As Bodhisama's partner recently reminded us on RubberZone:
"Safe & sane doesn't just apply to that new hot dude you've met and is gonna restrain you. It also applies to what you do with yourself."

So, please guys - remember your friends, your family, your lovers - and don't do any kind of edge play on your own. No orgasm can ever that great that it should be your last.  

Play safe - and live to play again.

In memorium, Bodhisama
and with love and support to Matt 

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