Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Interviewed by Dr Dick

I recently had the very great pleasure of being interviewed by Dr Dick

Dr Dick is a clinical sexologist in Seatle, providing Sex Therapy and Relationship Counseling for over 30 years. He is also a published author, and maintains two very popular sex advice websites: - and -

We had an incredibly enjoyable discussion - ranging from my relationship with both my Partner and Handler, through how I got into rubber and puppy-play, and on to BDSM and fetish as a transformational experience. We also found time to discuss my new book - and the good Dr even persuaded me to read him a select couple of passages from two of the stories.

And now: you lucky people can listen in to every word!

Dr Dick has posted a podcast of our conversation, as part of both his 'Erotic mind' and 'Sex EDGE-U-cation' streams. The first part is now up at: - and part two will hopefully follow next week.

(and apologies for the weird bits of opera in the background - my parrot was showing off and trying to join in... ;) )

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