Friday, April 06, 2012

Assimilation - now on!

Assimilation: Tales of transformation and surrender

Rubber moves through me until every cell is coated, every nerve insulated; every part of me rubberised and assimilated. The process is slow, purposeful, unrelenting, and irreversible - and it feels like slowly drowning in a rising black tide of ecstasy.”

These stories weave tales of delicious perversity, unrelenting transformations, heady submission, and willingly given surender. They speak of masculinity and hunger - of bondage, hypnosis, pup-play and water-sports... They tell of men released from their limitations to test and push and explore at the very limits of experience and play - and all are wrapped within a seductively hypnotic skin of rubber and leather...

intensely erotic fantasies, throbbing with hypnotic intensity and loaded with 'phwoar' factor...”
Shaz, Larton Media


I am now a proper published pup :))

My book of BDSM short stories and fetish erotica is now finally available on as both a paperback and a kindle ebook (, .de etc will take another couple of days for the print copy, but the ebook is already available if you can't wait). 

Both editions are fully illustrated, and feature 19 of my original stories - including "Assimilation", "Dog-napped" and "A Northern Kennel" (all of which have been specially re-written for this edition).

It has been a labour of love - what with all the months of editing, rewrites, art work, design and proofing - but one that has been immensely satisfying. I hope that you will all enjoy reading my perverted thoughts as much as I enjoyed writing them.

My Handler and I are now planning a book launch here in the UK - so I'll post details once I have them. 

With extremely happy tail wags

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