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To love, serve and obey (MSC Bournemouth, Feb 2012)

There is an incredible beauty and calm in simply obeying Him.

He rarely raises His voice: He knows that a quietly spoken word speaks more than any shout ever could. My puppy ears are so tuned to Him and my desire to serve so strong, that a simple word or gesture is all that i require: "Lick my balls" - and i do so without thought or question; "Take my cock" - and my mouth opens and throat relaxes; "Let me in, boy" - and my hole shudders open to take Him...

In simple obedience i am freed from the need to second-guess His desires - or question my own ability to give Him the pleasure He wishes. In simple obedience i can surrender, submit - let go and simply be - and in being, be HIS.

But there is also a joy in anticipating His needs too: standing ready with His jacket when He rises to leave - holding it open and sliding it over His shoulders... unpacking His case, quietly hanging His leathers, rolling and storing His belts and Sam Brown... wordlessly kneeling to buckle His boots - or offering my hands as His boot-jack to help Him slide out of them at the end of the day...  i love to offer Him these small moments of service: His Gentleman's gentleman performing little acts of ease that make His day that bit simpler - and express my own deep devotion and sense of purpose.


These thoughts run through me as i lie quietly in His sleeping arms - watching the sun draw lines of gold through the drawn curtains and across the white ceiling of our hotel room. Outside, the seaside town goes about its business - the sounds of passing cars, children playing, and the harsh staccato calls of seagulls on the sea-front - but here within the protecting curve of my Man's body, i am perfectly at peace: His chest and belly firm and warm against my naked back, His arm beneath my head and His hand clasped possessively around my wrist.

We are down on the South Coast - here for the MSC Bournemouth 26th birthday weekend. Although it is still only February, we have had beautifully spring-like weather: perfect for the long ride down to the coast together, with the dog hugging my Man and stroking His chest through His leathers all the way - making Him laugh as i croon my love for Him and excitement over the coming weekend through the helmet intercom. The pup was also ridiculously proud of a new pair of Diadora motocross boots that it was breaking in...

We even made a short stop at the Royal Signals Museum on the way - which was an interesting experience in itself, since we had to be given identity cards to enter the Camp, and then parked the bike by kennels with the other dogs barking to see the pup's ears flapping on its helmet. Whilst we walked around the displays Sir also told me a little about His own father's expertise in signalling and morse-code and resulting war-time work at Bletchley Park - a part of the reason for His own interest in the Museum.

The evening saw us down on the coast and booking into our cliff-top Hotel - Sir having arranged for us to have this top-floor room with amazing views over the bay towards the Isle of White and the Needles. There was also a friendly meet-and-greet at the Club's home bar, with a really nice buffet (no soggy half-thawed quiche this time!) and a chance to catch up with old friends.

We didn't stay too late though - since my Man had plans for snuggling with His pup and making use of its eager little tongue...

Saturday saw us breakfasting at the eclectically furnished Flirt cafe (with waffles and milkshakes so good that we had to come back several times throughout the weekend). We then headed out for a pleasantly relaxed day's riding out to Corfe Castle and Swanage - coming back via the chain ferry and Sandbanks.

The evening was then filled with an incredibly pleasant formal birthday dinner for the club, beautifully hosted at the Yenton Hotel - ending with a relaxed social in their bar, with Sir in a fire-side wing-backed chair, His pup kneeling at His boots and nuzzling His meat whilst He chatted and socialised and made everyone envious of the love and service a dog can bring...

Now, lying here in the early morning warmth of our hotel room and thinking of the pleasure we have had, i cannot help but grin and wiggle my puppy-butt further back into the warmth of my slumbering Man - still asleep, He responds to my fidgeting: tightens His grip on my wrist and pulls me closer into His embrace; His leg entwines my own and He shifts His weight to pin me beneath Him - and i am suddenly flooded with intense memories of the night before...:


We came back late from the dinner: both of us formally dressed in uniform shirts and sam-brown belts, heavy boots and premium leather - the yellow-stripes on my Man's chaps accentuating the length and power of His beautiful 6'4" frame. i stand behind Him, wrap my arms around His chest in a sighing puppy-hug and momentarily press my face into His back: breathe the heady scent of His leather. He growls deep in His chest in appreciation, then lifts out His arms - at His wordless instruction i help Him off with His bike jacket and quietly hang it in the wardrobe - then do the same with my own.

i turn - and find Him hungrily watching me from under the peak of His muir. He quietly points to the floor by His boots with a gloved hand - and i cross the room to sink to my knees before Him: never once letting my eyes leave His own - knowing that He can see the love and hunger that shines there.

He lets me hug His leg for a moment - strokes and fondles my bowed head in affection - then wordlessly places His hand on my collar and uses it to guide me down the thick leather that encases His leg and down onto His boots. i leave a wet trail of devotion as i kiss every inch of His leg, then settle down to the floor: my tongue and mouth both hungry to show Him my love and obedience as they bring His boot leather to a spit-wet shine.

He hooks one booted toe under my hips and nudges my arse high - reaches down to stroke and then strike my leather enfolded arse with the gloved flat of His hand. Gentle at first - teasing and warming - then harder and harder - spanking me over and over as i wriggle and writhe in pleasure and then pain - face and boot-leather wet with my drool.

He takes hold of my collar - moves across the room to sit upon the sofa - the dog following obediently at heel on its knees. He sits as He did at the club: relaxed with one boot resting upon His knee. i stare up at Him as i trace my tongue along the buckles and then the instep - looking for permission - then bury my face submissively into the sole when He gives me a nod - my eyes burning into His as i taste the ridged rubber cleats and the steel toe-protectors.

His eyes shine as He growls "Pervert" at me - and my cock kicks hard inside my leathers at this verbal badge of honour and pride.

He plants one boot upon my chest - pushes me back with it; i am breathless, my heaving chest stretching the tight leather of my uniform shirt. He lowers the boot, nudges the tight pulsing mound of my cock through the denim shorts that i wear beneath my own yellow-striped chaps - i lean forward: press myself into Him so that His boot sole crushes my eager cock and painfully trapped balls. He tips His head to one side - watching, enjoying His dog's perversity - then removes His booted foot and tells me:

"Everything off - then i want you in just those chaps, your boots and chest harness"

i rush to obey - smoothly and quietly removing shirt, and shorts, then pulling my chaps back on and buckling my harness over my inked pecs. Already shirtless and harnessed, He sits and watches me from His seat: enjoying the quiet efficiently of my impromptu strip-show.

Dressed and ready as ordered, i stand with my feet spread shoulder-width apart - my hands clasped behind me and my head bowed in a show of submission and respect. He smiles at my obedience - then picks a fresh white bath towel from the stack beside the bed and throws it towards me - tells me to spread it on the floor and take my position upon it like a good dog...

Down on all fours: arms and legs spread, abs tight and shoulders braced, my naked dripping cock and aching balls swinging beneath me - the gentle curve of my lower back exposing the silver glint of the heavy steel plug that has filled my hole since the fucking He gave me the night before. He kneels behind me - places one gloved hand upon my back and traces the fingers of the other down my spine and into the crack between my arse cheeks; He commands me to "Present" and i brace my body tight: head high and my back arched to give Him ease of access. His hand is strong and firm as He slowly pulls the still-warm plug from my straining body - and opens my hole, ready to take Him once more.

He kneels behind me - the thick leather of our chaps pressed together whilst His sheathed cock presses lightly against my aching ring. i quiver at how much i want and need to take Him inside me - and know that He wants me just as badly. But He makes us both wait: holds Himself there on the edge whilst He feels my tight ring of muscle twitch and clench and grow in heat and hunger; i can feel the thob of His blood as it fills His head to swelling fullness - the steady pulse of His heart against my aching ring.

He takes a hold of my waist, then slowly drives his hips forward - waiting for each muscular clench and relax before sinking Himself a little further into me. He takes His time: makes me wait, makes me relax - forcing me to focus on His meat, millimetre by millimetre, as it slowly edges its way into me and intrudes into my core. Entering me gradually - training my hole as He trains my throat: slowly and gently forcing me to relax and open and take Him at HIS pace.

This slow fucking is painful, almost excruciating - and i gasp and moan as i struggle to open myself up piece by piece. i clench and relax my deep muscles as i have been taught - let my mind focus only on the feel of Him as He slowly invades my inner core. i can't help but try to draw Him deeper inside of me - hungry to feel the heat and pulse of Him pushing up inside me and spearing down into me - but even though i am eager for Him, my hole is already sore from both a day of wearing the plug and the hard fucking He took from me earlier in the morning. i try to clear my head from the urge to protest or beg Him to stop, try to open myself up and welcome this invasion - but my body ignores me and my muscles clench in rebellion; the stinging burn of its resistance is almost too much to bear, and i cannot stop the whimpering cry of pain that rises in my throat.

He leans over me - presses His mouth to my ear and whispers: "Don't let me hurt you, pup"

i know He means it - but i can't let Him stop now - cannot fail both Him and myself, nor draw back this heat and hunger that is consuming us both. And i confess that there is also a part somewhere inside of me that almost welcomes my body's animal resistance, welcomes the pain - and welcomes my own utter powerlessness - because they are genuine signs and proof of His dominance and my total submission.

i fight with my body - feel His strength, and power. i let myself feel the truth of my position: know that i cannot move, that i cannot resist Him - know that His hunger and manhood are far greater than i. i know that submission is implicit in being His dog: that my body is His, that my hunger is His - that my pain and my surrender are all i can give Him at this moment. And as i truly feel my powerlessness - and accept it, something inside of my mind finally gives way - like the parting of wet tissue-paper, or the exhalation of a too-long held breath - and all of the fight and the resistance disappears from me in a shuddering, sobbing surrender to Him: to His meat and His fucking and my true place as HIS.

And in that wash of surender, my body is suddenly free to respond to Him as it should: in a flush of heat that transforms the pain into a wave of bone-deep pleasure so intense that it makes my vision white-out and the deep core of my body shudder and grind with an overwhelmingly animal hunger.

He knows my surrender - feels my hips start to buck and grind - and slowly He pushes us both to the floor. With my hungry body now restrained beneath His, He wraps His legs around mine, slides His hands underneath my shoulders and grabs my wrists. With a deep grunt He exerts His strength and pulls my body taught beneath Him: spreading my legs and forcing Himself deep into my helpless hole. i hear my own whining growl as i try to take Him - wanting Him, needing Him but still struggling with the intensity of His hunger and the power of His control.

He has me push us back up onto all fours, pulls us up onto our knees - then finally stands. Cock still buried deep in the heat and hunger of His dog, He pushes us both up against the side of the bed. Following a pure animal instinct, i step my boots up onto the mattress, brace my legs and press my back against Him - grind my hole in circles upon Him that has Him grunting in pleasure.

He pushes us both back down onto the bed - legs wrapped around mine pulling them open once more, His arms pressed against my shoulders and hands holding my head - i am held in the vice of His body as He powers down into me: holding me still, trapping me beneath Him - restraining my now helplessly hungry body beneath Him. His gloved hand clasps over my mouth and nose - muffling my grunts and moans as He fucks me harder - His balls pressed up against my ring with each deep thrust, forcing Himself into me deeper and deeper, over and over. No longer able to know whether i feel pain or pleasure, i growl and gasp and scream into His silencing glove.

Eventually, He takes pity - moves us back to the edge of the bed so that He can place His boots on the floor, and then starts to slowly withdraw. Although my hole burns and stings and aches - still i hear one forbidden word escape me:


He leans forward over me, incredulous: "Did My dog just say no to me?!"

i try to turn my head - wriggle my butt - gasp "i'm sorry Sir - but please - please, don't stop!"

He thrusts down deep into me - hard and sudden - and i gasp and wince in the pain that stabs through my core. "You still want this, dog - think you can handle more?" - i nod and wriggle once more - mouth suddenly dry at the realisation of what i am asking - but i know that no matter how much this abuse may hurt, the emptiness of Him not being there within me will hurt even more...

He holds me down and fucks me hard then - harder than He ever has before: fully unleashing His hunger in a show of pure and unthinking dominance: taking His pleasure from me with little care for my winces and shuddering gasps.

The pain is short lived and cleansing: a reminder that i need Him and love Him, and will take anything for Him.

When He is done, He finally withdraws - oblivious to my whimpering. But He then belies the apparent aggression and heedlessness of the play by gently kissing my smarting hole, then pulls me to Him in a warm and comforting embrace - stroking my head and telling me how happy His dog makes Him - how much He loves His dog and the depth with which he tries to please his Man, regardless of what it might cost. i shudder and sob into His chest, loving Him more than ever before.

We lie together for a while, boots and leather-clad legs entwined - i can feel both the fur of His chest hair and the coolness of His chain harness against my back. Whilst my hole twitches and burns, my own unspent cock still pulses and drips upon my newly tattooed stomach.

He untangles our legs - playfully pushes me towards the edge of the bed with one boot and then tells me to help Him take them off. i kneel and grin back at Him as i un-clip each fastening and slowly ease them from His feet - then grin even wider as i hold both boots between my knees: my wet cock trapped between them...

He rises to my unspoken pleading - climbs from the bed to stand behind me, then unbuckles the harness from His chest and places the rubber horse-bit at its heart between my teeth. His gloved hand pulls my head back against His belly, and i stare up into His face - suddenly burning once more with hunger and passion. He gives a little appreciative upward nod with His head - and tells me: "Go on then dog: fuck my boots like a proper pervert"

He releases my head and i sink down onto all fours - His still-warm boots underneath me, encircling my cock and trapping the delicate flesh between them. My hips slowly rise and fall - gliding my precum-wet head across the thick-grained leather, and pushing between the moulded plastic and metal. The many textures and sensations make me shudder with their intensity - and the pure perversity of the act makes my balls ache with arousal. He pulls back on the chain harness, makes the rubber bit press back into my tongue and bite into the corners of my mouth - forcing my head up and back so that i am held in "Present" position even as my hips thrust and pound.

His eyes burn into mine from beneath His muir - growling and snarling at me in encouragement as i work my perverted dog-cock down into His empty boots: lost in pure perversity with His rubber bit between my teeth and my drool splattering onto the floor as i grind my cock between them. i shift myself a little so that the toe caps will press my balls hard back against my body - and the painful ache only rouses my hunger all the more. The rough boot leather makes my cock burn and sting even as i rise higher towards climax.

i let myself go, become nothing more than His dog: humping my Man's empty boots like a true boot-pervert whilst He stands behind me, controlling me with His bit. When i cum, He lets me kneel and lick every drop from the leather and steel, moaning and barking in perverted exctasy...


i am broken from my morning revelry when my Man stirs beside me and i feel His hand warm and strong as it encircles my cock: hard and already wet from the erotic memories that have flooded my mind.

He leans up on an elbow to stare down at my prone and open body - looks down towards my cock where it twitches and drips in His hand:

"My dog thinking about last night?" He leans down to breath into my ear, and i can't help but laugh and wiggle my butt in answer.

"Careful now boy - you know where that will lead..." 

i want to wag my tail all the harder at the thought - but know that my abused hole will only protest if He acts upon it, and so try to still and calm my body's natural exuberance.

He looks down at me, and i can see His own hunger as it rises behind His gaze - see it fight with His desire not to push His pup too hard or to hurt him too much. His grip releases my cock and He pulls aside the duvet to reveal His own meat - so full and hard that it makes my mouth wet with the hunger to taste Him.

"Lick my balls" - and i slide down His body to graze my tongue along and over each swelling, roiling jewel. "Take my cock" - and i slide my head down, rippling my tongue beneath Him as my throat opens and relaxes to take Him so deep that i feel His balls against my lips and the puckered ring of His hole against my nose - hungrily breathing in the rich scent of His hunger. "Lick my hole" - and my tongue leaves the wet treasure of His meat to sink into the hot, tight clasp of His core...

In simple obedience i surrender, submit - let go and simply be - and in being, be HIS.

i am lost in pleasure and obedience - until finally He takes my head in His hands, pulls me up to His face and kisses me long and deep.

Then He points across the hotel room towards the kettle - and smiles as He nudges me in the chest and gives a mockingly angry "Tea!"


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