Friday, March 23, 2012

proofing, proofing - yet more proofing

Nazca Plains have done an amazingly quick job in returning the initial proofs for "Assimilation", so I'm busy editing out the odd typo and random hyphenations at the moment. I would be ashamed at how many I let through on the 1st proof, but they say that it is normal to spot more with the change in format.

I am really happy with how the illustrations came out. We ended up going for the 'charcoal' effect photos - with a different one for each of the 20 stories within the collection. Full page, they look amazing (even if i do say so myself!).

...he moves and thinks so much like a real dog, tail wagging in pleasure...”

It's probably really sad, but i must admit to be incredibly excited about how good it  all looks!  :)))

I hope to have the draft cover shortly, together with the details on how to go about getting yourself a copy - so watch this space...

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