Thursday, March 01, 2012

Paypal censors erotic fiction?

As an erotic writer, I find this latest move to censor adult purchasing extremely disturbing:

PayPal Strong-Arms Indie Ebook Publishers Over Erotic Content
Summary: PayPal has forced its merchants that publish and distribute e-books to censor erotic literature. By  | February 27, 2012, 3:08am PST

Paypal is the largest and most common online payment client - but they are not the only payment processor who is considering banning all adult-themed purchasing - Amazon has also informed its clients that their policies are due to change in the very near future.

So why is this happening?

It appears that Paypal et al are responding to the credit card companies, banks, and credit unions - this move to ban Adult purchasing actually comes from them:
We're sorry. Your bank says you can't read that. - Los Angeles Books |  
So, rather than being a 'moral crusade' from Paypal, this is all blamed on purely business reasons: the 'Adult' market is considered high-risk, with many purchases resulting in customer disputes and 'buyer's remorse' - which in turn leads to charge-backs (and the credit company losing money) - which they in turn pass on to Paypal in additional fees. The only credit companies that allow charging for adult services do so at highly exorbitant fees and additional charges, to 'off-set' their perceived risk...

So where does that leave us - the perverts and those who wish to supply them? For now, who knows...!

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