Monday, March 19, 2012

Manuscript finished at last!


It has been a manic 2 weeks of re-writes and proofing (my thanks to Loki, Bob and Shaz for their sterling work!) - and a very odd 48 hours of very little sleep whilst I assembled the final document in time for the deadline - but finally, the manuscript for my book has gone off to Nazca Plains!

The working title is "Assimilation: tales of transformation and surrender" - and includes over 20 stories featuring various fetish elements: from hypnosis to pup-play, bondage to water-sports - and lots and lots of rubber. And all of it illustrated too... ;)

We're hoping for publication late in April - but I will post details here (and on the Nazca site) when we have a confirmed date. (Handler has even suggested that we could arrange a book-launch somewhere interesting - if anyone in the UK has ideas...?)

Now - a little sleep, then to start back on the manuscript for "An old dog's advice to young pups..."

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