Thursday, March 08, 2012

Artwork and book illustrations

'Wuff' (edited photo)

i've been at home looking after a sick-parrot for a few days (no, literally! Geoff and I have a small menagerie, including a 2 year old gold-crested Amazon - who got into some house plants, and so has had to be on poison watch for a few days). The parrot's OK - but it gave me a chance to work on some ideas i have to illustrate my new book of short stories.

What do you think? i would genuinely appreciate comments - here or via the usual methods if you have them... (note: the watermarks won't be there in the book! ;) )

'Boot-boy' (pencil sketch from photo)

(Original, edited photo)

'Hooded' (edited photo)

'Pup!' (edited photo)

'Assimilation' (edited photo)

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