Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Have you seen...?

I don't normally do posts of other people's photos or items reaped from the 'net (it feels like plagiarism and feels a bit of a cheat to me, not to say lazy blogging...) - however the latest series of sleep sack photos from Sparky at the 'No Safe Word' blog are just amazing! Not only does Sparky mange to capture truly sexy and intense bondage play, but He does so with an amazing artistic eye and photographic skill that turns simple porn into genuine high art.

Beautiful - thanks for sharing Sparky!

On a similar note - if you like beautiful photography and sexy bearded men: take a look at the "Bearded life" tumblr feed..

Right - I'm now going back to tattoo healing, ready for Friday and our zoom down to the MSC Bournemouth Birthday bash weekend. :)

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