Thursday, January 05, 2012


This week sees a disturbing new attempt by the UK Crown Prosecution Service to set a legal precedent that will define 'Obscenity' - in a prosecution against a distributor of DVDs featuring fisting, watersports and BDSM that could thereby make it illegal to not only distribute but also *possess* a wide range of gay pornographic material.

Details of the case are available on the defence lawyer's website:  - and details of the trail are being tweeted by observers under the hashtag #ObscenityTrial.

With such a threat to our freedom, this is going to be one to watch closely.\

Adendum (6/1/12)

Excellent news: @ObscentityLawyer's feed from this morning reports that the jury "returned an unanimous "not guilty" verdict to all counts". Officers from SCD9 have also said that they will "sit down with the CPS and BBFC to review the guidelines on obscenity"

This is excellent news - not just for Michael Peacock, the innocent man involved, but also for the freedom and free expression of all of us here in the UK. Both he and his legal team and are to be congratulated for their courage.

Let's hope that the very stupidity of this case might raise awareness of our medieval Obscenity laws enough, and go some way to having them changed...!

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