Monday, January 23, 2012

Gear @ Bristol - 22nd Jan 2012


Last night, the pup got to go to Gear in Bristol with its Handler (at its new home in Flamingos).

Fuck me, but what a fantastic night THAT was!

Gear's new location is fantastic: with a huge main bar staffed by friendly guys, a brightly lit mezzanine floor with lots of social seating (with views over the demonstration/dance floor), several darkened cubicle spaces with slings for more involved play - and plenty of long dark corridor spaces for cruising (and/or exercising a pup and its throat...).

Best of all, the club is run by the wonderfully gorgeous James, and populated by some of the friendliest, sexy Men you could ever wish to meet; i don't think there was a single guy there who failed to come over to say 'Hi!' to Sir at some point in the evening - or to give a friendly head-rub to His pup. It felt amazing to be accepted and welcomed so naturally and enthusiastically - and did wonders for this pup's ego ;)

James took a few photos as the pup scampered in - so hopefully i may have some photos to share sometime too. (i had hoped to also post a 'pup's-eye' video, based on footage from a cam on my harness - but James has sensibly pointed out there might be major issues of privacy involved...)


Sir was kept a little late at work, so i got to His place before He did - but it wasn't long before He drove up and i was able to scamper across the garden to welcome Him home. He seemed quite happy to see His pup, fully rubber suited, booted and harnessed - bouncing about and yelping with excitement at the prospect of its first club night in months!  i calmed down a little once He had my collar on though - and got down to a little butler-duty in helping Him to select what gear HE was going to wear for the night. He finally selected a beautiful full-body leather harness - with plenty of additional chain 'extras' of His own devising - leather jock, and (always the pup's favourite) His 'fuck-you' crotch-high Big Boss Wescos.

Then - with Master geared and His pup hooded and plugged - it was finally time to scamper out to the car, hop into the back like a good dog, and head off down to the club.


Sir couldn't find a parking space at first, so He had me hop out of the back and stay with John-the-doorman whilst He found a suitable spot across the street. It was a little cold, but John made a proper fuss of me (having remembered me from a previous visit at Club O) - and i was also kept warm by the excitement of being out in the public street fully hooded and tailed and down on all fours, with random cars and passers by stopping in shock at seeing a real rubber-dog...

Once Sir was back from safely parking, i scampered ahead of Him down the alley and into the club - to be met with a *fantastic* welcome from James and the rest of the crew (including being allowed to snuffle and growl underneath his rather fetching rubber kilt...). Then, whilst Sir checked His coat and chatted with James for a while, the pup sat looking into the club-proper - dazzled by the wonderful new location...

As i said, Gear's new home at Flamingos is fantastic - with plenty of suitably lit floor space, and a nice big open bar. Sir said it wasn't as busy as the previous month's party for Gear's 4th Birthday, but there was still a nice crowd of guys about, in a great variety of gear (including plenty of guys in kilts, since there was a Scottish theme to the evening, with it being so close to Burn's night).

We did lots of socialising, and Sir chatted to lots of guys; there were also lots of friends whom i haven't seen for ages, so i got to wag and bark and beg for head-rubs from plenty of lovely men who all made a huge fuss of me in response. Everyone was incredible and welcoming, but very special puppy thanks must go to the criminally gorgeous Hayden (with his stunning body and beautiful bubble-butt looking perfect in rubber and waders), my sweet kennel-brother Lucky (also looking gorgeous in rubber, but not as a pup this time, sadly) and the very cute Fudge...! (my apologies if i didn't notice anyone else: my eyesight as a dog is *terrible*, and i can't hear much in the hood either...!)

We had lots of fun cruising through the spaces - and Sir even sent me around to trot and snuffle around by myself a few times, with my hooded head high, LED collar flashing and my pert happy tail a-wagging. Since i was in full rubber, Sir also made sure to keep us both properly hydrated with several piss-stops through the evening; but that only attracted even more appreciative attention: with little crowds of guys enviously watching the pup happily gurgling and wagging its tail as it gulped down every precious golden drop...

Although there were plenty of cruising spaces and several nice slings, still there weren't many benches or suitable tables upon which to drape a pup and open its throat - but Sir managed to find a conveniently placed step on the demonstration/dance floor, where He could both have the pup kneel at the right height *and* where He could lie it down and work its throat a little. Again, i think we gathered a few interested onlookers - but i think they would have been even more impressed if Sir could have had the space and height to *really* work the dog's throat as He does on the fuck bench at home...

i guess our activity sparked a few other guys into playing too - because another Master came over to use the same space to do some flogging on His two slaves. Sir took the opportunity then to leave His pup leashed for a little while, head cocked and watching the flogging demonstration, whilst He went to the bar. He was gone quite a while, and later told me that he'd been delayed coming back by the number of guys who wanted to stop and compliment Him on how sexy He looked, and how cute and adorably fuck-able His dog was... ;)

But, as Sir said: "This dog ain't gonna fuck itself" - and so finally it was time to think about heading home.


We said our goodbyes - and gave our apologies to James for the various little sweaty puddles that the pup might have left around the floor! (i do love it, but running around on all fours in full rubber is hot work - and one hell of a workout!!) - and then we headed out into the cold to find the car.

To cap off the perfect evening, there was a drunk lad just passing the end of the alley as we got to the street: the way that he stopped dead - jaw dropped at the sight of Sir booted and harness and me rubbered and k9 - was just a picture! Poor guy, i think we made his night - *if* anyone would believe him ;)


It was the most perfect club evening: fantastic play in an incredible setting and brilliant company. What more could a pup and its Man ask for...?

As to what we got up to when Sir got my horny little rubbered arse back home... well that, like me, will have to come in the next post.


  1. Great to see you and your handler as always. You add an extra dimension of fun to our fetish nights!

    Thanks for great feedback. As to something to throat fuck on, I'm surprised you didn't use the round tables on the ground floor which are waist high and would suit an exhibitionist pup like you :-)

    Mind you, your 'show' on the dancefloor sounded horny and look fine too :-)

  2. WUUFF!! thank you James! it's good to know that you appreciate the fun and chaos of having a pup scampering about :))

    i guess Sir didn't spot the tables - He had thought of using the nice leather bench seating, but worried the leaky pup might leave marks...!

    Maybe we'll have to put on a real 'Show' next time - get Sir to bring the agility cones... ;)

  3. thought you looked great pup,only wish I had a master to take me in my pup gear.


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