Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Funny, i didn't gag last night..."

Just back from a wonderful evening of play - and a snuggled night under the duvet - with Sir. i'll be writing up a blog later about what we did and how stunningly beautiful He looked whilst doing it - but in the meantime i think that i will be grinning for days...

This morning was then my return visit to the G.U.M. clinic; nothing bad - just bloods to check my Hep booster and a six monthly MOT on everything else. But it was sad that the nurse was surprised that i take such an open and active attitude to sexual health - "Unlike most other gay men..."

And she was right - because the sad thing is that most guys take more care of their cars than they do of their sexual health. 

But the Truth is: if you are big enough to be out there and actively playing with the big boys, then you really *should* also be grown up enough to go get regular testing.

Sure, visiting a clinic can be a tad embarrassing, and getting tested for some STIs can even be a little uncomfortable (*why* is it that i can deep throat my Man's beautiful full cock for hours, yet one iddy-biddy little throat swab has me gagging?! Still, i made the nurse laugh when i apologised for retching, then gave a big grin and said "Funny - I didn't gag last night..." ) - but a real man never let a little discomfort stop him from doing what he knows he must...

So come on guys - no excuses! 

Get informed. 
Get tested. 
Know your status. 
Take personal responsibility to be safe and act safe. 

Show that you value both yourself and your partners. 

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