Thursday, January 26, 2012

Accidents will happen

Dammit - just managed to get myself knocked off my cycle in the morning rush hour.

I'm OK, thank god - a bit shaky, but nothing physically damaged.

It was just one of those stupid moments of bad luck and bad decision-making: cycling up to a right-hand turn across traffic and on a blind corner with some idiot trying to get past and riding my back wheel - I was so bothered with trying to get out of his way that I didn't notice the other guy coming faster than he should in the opposite direction until i was already committed to the turn... He braked like mad and i cycled like crazy to get out of his path, but he still managed to clip my back wheel. I think it scarred the life outa both of us - he leaped out of the car and was swearing at me for being a fool - and i thought I was gonna get beaten up to boot, but I told him he was lucky it was just a scratched bumper and a wobbly wheel: if he'd hit me I coulda lost a leg... that seemed to calm him down a bit.

I'm OK though - nothing that a sweet cup of tea and some chocolate wasn't able to fix. My back wheel's buggered and needs to be replaced though, and since it's a Ridgeback with Shimano gears, that ain't gonna be cheap...

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  1. Pup - We're glad that you are okay! Be careful out there on the roads!


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