Monday, January 02, 2012


Yeah - i know that i'm already a day late. Still "Happy New Year" to everyone, and thanks for sticking around ;)

Let's hope the doomsayers are wrong, and that this will be a brilliant year - filled not only with opportunities, but also the energy and drive to grab them - and LIFE - with both hands. Because, when it comes to it, that's all there really is to living a good life: taking what you have and living it to the full, come what may. i certainly mean to live my fullest this year - and to give as much love and pleasure to those around me as i can; for what is more pleasurable or meaningful than making those whom we love happy? And, i promise that i will also write about those experiences here too - so all you guys can share in them too (i've actually got an entry already in draft, from when i got to see Handler just before xmas).

So - to kick off the year on a nicely philosophical note - a Swedish proverb to leave you thinking:

Fear less, hope more; 
eat less, chew more; 
whine less, breathe more; 
talk less, say more; 
hate less, love more 
- and good things will be yours.

All the best

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