Friday, January 27, 2012

Remembering those who would be forgotten

‘I swore never to be silent whenever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides.  Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.
encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.’ 
– Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor

27th January is Holocaust Memorial today: the day where the world remembers the victims of the Nazi Persecutions, and those of the subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur.

Holocaust is always done in silence. It seeks to wipe its victims from the world, and from memory too - to burn their bodies and erase their name and make it as though they had never existed.

We cannot bring back those who were killed - but we can remember them, and thereby deny their murders their final victory.

So please: when you read this, take a moment - make a specific effort to think of those whom ignorance and hatred tried to wipe from the world and from memory: because of their race, their political beliefs, their sexuality or disability.

Remember them and honour them in denying the hatred that caused their deaths.

And then take a moment to realise that such terrible crimes can only happen because others allowed it to happen - allowed those ruled by hatred to take power, and then said nothing when that power was abused.

Remember that such atrocities are only a single step away from any form of discrimination that dehumanises its victims - and stem from words of hate that create a mindset of segregation based on difference.

Remember that silence was the greatest ally that allowed the Holocaust to happen - and then pledge to never let fear and hatred rule again.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Accidents will happen

Dammit - just managed to get myself knocked off my cycle in the morning rush hour.

I'm OK, thank god - a bit shaky, but nothing physically damaged.

It was just one of those stupid moments of bad luck and bad decision-making: cycling up to a right-hand turn across traffic and on a blind corner with some idiot trying to get past and riding my back wheel - I was so bothered with trying to get out of his way that I didn't notice the other guy coming faster than he should in the opposite direction until i was already committed to the turn... He braked like mad and i cycled like crazy to get out of his path, but he still managed to clip my back wheel. I think it scarred the life outa both of us - he leaped out of the car and was swearing at me for being a fool - and i thought I was gonna get beaten up to boot, but I told him he was lucky it was just a scratched bumper and a wobbly wheel: if he'd hit me I coulda lost a leg... that seemed to calm him down a bit.

I'm OK though - nothing that a sweet cup of tea and some chocolate wasn't able to fix. My back wheel's buggered and needs to be replaced though, and since it's a Ridgeback with Shimano gears, that ain't gonna be cheap...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

pups in song...

"When you were a little boy
did you have a puppy - 
that always followed you around?
Well, i'm gonna be just as faithful
as that puppy - 
I'm never gonna let you down.

Cos my love gets stronger - every day
And you take me deeper - in every way.
And do i love you! my oh my!
Man-balls deep and tail-hole high - yea yea YEA!"


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Post-club play

We were both happily exhausted by the time we got back from a fantastic evening of pup-play and frolics at Gear.

The pup just about managed to clamber out of the back of the car and crawl into the house before collapsing in a soggy heap of sweaty rubber - giggling breathlessly as Sir laughed at His useless dog lying in the way and threatening to trip Him up as He carried in His bags and gear from the car.

Sir tidied away some of the gear, then helped the pup out of its dog-hood. Unfortunately, as He did so we found that the glue securing a couple of the press-studs appeared to have melted - a possible unfortunate consequence of having the hood chlorinated...? The hood is now off for repair, so i'll let you know both what the prognosis is, and the expert's opinion as to the cause.

With the car unpacked and the dog finally able to breathe freely again, Sir headed up the the playroom - patting His leg and calling the pup to follow him: its body lithe and shining in the full rubber as it trotted up the stairs on all fours, its nose bumping the side of His leather-clad leg.

Sir sat on the edge of the bench, then called me over to kneel between His boots - my padded paws resting on their rough grain. He told me then what a good pup i had been - how everyone at the club had complimented Him on how obedient and sexy His dog was, and how much fun it was to have his sexy little pup scampering around. i couldn't help but grin up at His proud words - my puppy-butt wiggling and my tail thumping happily - tongue lolling in a true doggy-smile.

He leant forward, kissed the top of my head - then tipped my face up to kiss my cold doggy nose too. He then held my chin in His hands and stared deep into my eyes - and told me how much He loves His dog.

i have never felt more happy or proud.

He grinned down at me - then cocked His head and nudged my sheathed and cod-pieced crotch with His boot-toe: watching as His pup let out a big sigh, then pushed itself back into His leg. His voice deepened as He crooned 'good boy!' - then His gloved hand reached down to release His own meat from His now straining leather cod-piece...

He let me work over His meat then: contentedly licking Him - bathing His balls in my doggy-spit, licking and nipping and sucking each beautifully full globe or flesh and manhood. I could feel His cock hot and hard against the side of my cheek, rubbing into my beard and moustache.

I worked tirelessly, until He finally pushed me back with a gentle hand on my head - then wordlessly, He climbed off the bench and guided me up onto it in His place - my belly pressed into the padded leather and legs braced wide: open, ready, surrendered: HIS.

He was careful at first: even quoted my own blog posts and teasing me in saying "Don't let me hurt you" - knowing that little phrase will always only make me want to take Him all the more: pushing myself to take Him, to want Him - to please Him deeply and fully.

My surrender only stirred Him all the more - pushing Himself into me, deeper, harder, more urgent. My whimpers only made Him more hungry until He was fucking me hard: powering away - telling me that this time He would use me - that this time He would give me what i write that i want and need. That this time He will ignore my struggling and cries and fuck me until He cums.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gear @ Bristol - 22nd Jan 2012


Last night, the pup got to go to Gear in Bristol with its Handler (at its new home in Flamingos).

Fuck me, but what a fantastic night THAT was!

Gear's new location is fantastic: with a huge main bar staffed by friendly guys, a brightly lit mezzanine floor with lots of social seating (with views over the demonstration/dance floor), several darkened cubicle spaces with slings for more involved play - and plenty of long dark corridor spaces for cruising (and/or exercising a pup and its throat...).

Best of all, the club is run by the wonderfully gorgeous James, and populated by some of the friendliest, sexy Men you could ever wish to meet; i don't think there was a single guy there who failed to come over to say 'Hi!' to Sir at some point in the evening - or to give a friendly head-rub to His pup. It felt amazing to be accepted and welcomed so naturally and enthusiastically - and did wonders for this pup's ego ;)

James took a few photos as the pup scampered in - so hopefully i may have some photos to share sometime too. (i had hoped to also post a 'pup's-eye' video, based on footage from a cam on my harness - but James has sensibly pointed out there might be major issues of privacy involved...)


Sir was kept a little late at work, so i got to His place before He did - but it wasn't long before He drove up and i was able to scamper across the garden to welcome Him home. He seemed quite happy to see His pup, fully rubber suited, booted and harnessed - bouncing about and yelping with excitement at the prospect of its first club night in months!  i calmed down a little once He had my collar on though - and got down to a little butler-duty in helping Him to select what gear HE was going to wear for the night. He finally selected a beautiful full-body leather harness - with plenty of additional chain 'extras' of His own devising - leather jock, and (always the pup's favourite) His 'fuck-you' crotch-high Big Boss Wescos.

Then - with Master geared and His pup hooded and plugged - it was finally time to scamper out to the car, hop into the back like a good dog, and head off down to the club.


Sir couldn't find a parking space at first, so He had me hop out of the back and stay with John-the-doorman whilst He found a suitable spot across the street. It was a little cold, but John made a proper fuss of me (having remembered me from a previous visit at Club O) - and i was also kept warm by the excitement of being out in the public street fully hooded and tailed and down on all fours, with random cars and passers by stopping in shock at seeing a real rubber-dog...

Once Sir was back from safely parking, i scampered ahead of Him down the alley and into the club - to be met with a *fantastic* welcome from James and the rest of the crew (including being allowed to snuffle and growl underneath his rather fetching rubber kilt...). Then, whilst Sir checked His coat and chatted with James for a while, the pup sat looking into the club-proper - dazzled by the wonderful new location...

As i said, Gear's new home at Flamingos is fantastic - with plenty of suitably lit floor space, and a nice big open bar. Sir said it wasn't as busy as the previous month's party for Gear's 4th Birthday, but there was still a nice crowd of guys about, in a great variety of gear (including plenty of guys in kilts, since there was a Scottish theme to the evening, with it being so close to Burn's night).

We did lots of socialising, and Sir chatted to lots of guys; there were also lots of friends whom i haven't seen for ages, so i got to wag and bark and beg for head-rubs from plenty of lovely men who all made a huge fuss of me in response. Everyone was incredible and welcoming, but very special puppy thanks must go to the criminally gorgeous Hayden (with his stunning body and beautiful bubble-butt looking perfect in rubber and waders), my sweet kennel-brother Lucky (also looking gorgeous in rubber, but not as a pup this time, sadly) and the very cute Fudge...! (my apologies if i didn't notice anyone else: my eyesight as a dog is *terrible*, and i can't hear much in the hood either...!)

We had lots of fun cruising through the spaces - and Sir even sent me around to trot and snuffle around by myself a few times, with my hooded head high, LED collar flashing and my pert happy tail a-wagging. Since i was in full rubber, Sir also made sure to keep us both properly hydrated with several piss-stops through the evening; but that only attracted even more appreciative attention: with little crowds of guys enviously watching the pup happily gurgling and wagging its tail as it gulped down every precious golden drop...

Although there were plenty of cruising spaces and several nice slings, still there weren't many benches or suitable tables upon which to drape a pup and open its throat - but Sir managed to find a conveniently placed step on the demonstration/dance floor, where He could both have the pup kneel at the right height *and* where He could lie it down and work its throat a little. Again, i think we gathered a few interested onlookers - but i think they would have been even more impressed if Sir could have had the space and height to *really* work the dog's throat as He does on the fuck bench at home...

i guess our activity sparked a few other guys into playing too - because another Master came over to use the same space to do some flogging on His two slaves. Sir took the opportunity then to leave His pup leashed for a little while, head cocked and watching the flogging demonstration, whilst He went to the bar. He was gone quite a while, and later told me that he'd been delayed coming back by the number of guys who wanted to stop and compliment Him on how sexy He looked, and how cute and adorably fuck-able His dog was... ;)

But, as Sir said: "This dog ain't gonna fuck itself" - and so finally it was time to think about heading home.


We said our goodbyes - and gave our apologies to James for the various little sweaty puddles that the pup might have left around the floor! (i do love it, but running around on all fours in full rubber is hot work - and one hell of a workout!!) - and then we headed out into the cold to find the car.

To cap off the perfect evening, there was a drunk lad just passing the end of the alley as we got to the street: the way that he stopped dead - jaw dropped at the sight of Sir booted and harness and me rubbered and k9 - was just a picture! Poor guy, i think we made his night - *if* anyone would believe him ;)


It was the most perfect club evening: fantastic play in an incredible setting and brilliant company. What more could a pup and its Man ask for...?

As to what we got up to when Sir got my horny little rubbered arse back home... well that, like me, will have to come in the next post.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leathered and harnessed dog

Sir had messaged to say that He was free on Monday evening, if i wanted to come up for an impromptu play-date. He was working early, and i had to be back for my G.U.M. check-up, but i'd also be welcome to stay overnight...

It was odd driving down after work. Normally i make the journey in some kind of rubber (or at the least whilst wearing a plug and cock-ring) so it felt a little odd to be heading down for a night of depravity and perversion whilst smartly dressed and dapper in my work mufti of black jeans, dark shirt and waistcoat... 

Sir's house was dark when i pulled up - and i had a moment of doubt when He didn't answer the doorbell. i tried the door and found it unlocked - so carefully crept in with a querulous "Hello...?".  i don't know who jumped the highest when i popped my head into His en-suite just as He stepped out of the shower ;)

Seeing Him naked and water-beaded - relaxed and smiling, His skin still glowing from the warm water - just made my heart leap: how lucky a pup am i to have such a beautiful Man proud to hold my leash! i told Him so too - whilst He pulled my muzzle into His warm, damp chest fur, nuzzled and kissed my neck, and then locked it safe within the confines of His collar.

He was just back from work too - so He pulled on some camos and then we took an hour or so to relax and unwind: chatting away whilst the dog emptied the dishwasher and Sir tried to decide what to feed us both. After supper i then quietly read a little whilst He chatted to His own lovely man on the phone (who was away in London for a few days).

Then, feeling much more relaxed and 'de-worked', Sir lead us both upstairs...


It felt really good to be allowed to sink to my knees before Him - to wrap my arms around His legs and to press my head against His belly with a sigh - to feel Him wrap His own arms around my head and shoulders and to hear His low encouraging murmur of wordless love and possession.

Even though He was newly showered, still His natural scent was warm and strong, masculine and protective. They say that the sense of touch and smell are our most primitive senses and the ones most linked to our primal selves and deep subconscious; that may or may not be true, but what i do know is that a muzzle full of my Master's scent always seems to trigger my inner pup very strongly, and so i was very soon sinking away into the building pup-space that nuzzling His crotch was raising in me.

He let me hug and nuzzle Him for a little while, then gently held me away so that He could free His cock from its camo confines - then let me lick and nuzzle His beautiful meat to my heart's content, momentarily mindless of the dripping drool splattering onto my waistcoat and jeans. But, finally, He pulled me up to my feet and ordered me to go and get cleaned-up and more appropriately geared.

i'm normally a rubber-pup - but i reacted to a simple urge when packing that morning, and had piled my overnight bag with my chest-harness, police gloves, premium leather chaps and Rangers. It felt amazing to be encased within all that tight tough hide, taut and unyielding as it confined and defined my body - making me feel restrained and yet immensely strong and primally powerful. i was incredibly honoured that Sir growled His approval when i returned to the play-room, and demanded that i bring the same gear with me to our next trip down to the Bournemouth MSC - stating that He loves the perversity of His pup in its rubber, but what a pleasure it was on the rare occasions it wore leather for Him too. 

And of course, He was god-like in His own beautiful hide: Muir, harness, tightly buttoned biker's waistcoat, laced-chaps and thigh-high Wescos. The black leather seemed to suck the light into itself, then gently reflect it back to me in softly hypnotic highlights and sharp chrome reflections. The power and masculinity of it made Him look even taller and more beautiful than ever before, and i was powerless to do anything but sink to my knees and offer my leathered body to His in honour and tribute.

He had me kneel and work my face into the oiled leather of His boots - greedily licking and slurping at the toe, instep and heel whilst His gloved hands explored my body and exposed arse. i couldn't help but moan when He tapped the toe of His free boot against my hole - then i could feel His weight as He pressed the boot sole against my back: pushing me down onto the floor until i was sprawled underneath Him, grunting as He shifted His weight and pressed the air from my body. He pushed one boot beneath my head to let me lick and groan, then His weight shifted again as i felt the cleats of His other boot on the back of my head - gentle but remorseless as He crushed my face into the leather.

He shifted His weight again - let me move up onto all fours, then moved to trap my head and shoulders between His booted knees - held me trapped in that position with my arse raised high and exposed whilst He stroked, and then slapped, and then spanked - finally reaching for His riding crop until i was jerking with each smart crack against my stinging flesh. He lifted me up then, and held me in His arms - His gloved hands rough against my sensitised flesh, yet comfortingly warm and gentle as i trembled in His embrace on the edge of tears...

Calmed and comforted - and now deeply in sub-space - He laid me down upon the fuck-bench, head overhanging the end and my mouth already wet for His meat. His balls were hot and full and tasted amazing as i licked and nuzzled and sucked - the rough leather of His thigh-high boot-tops rubbing against my cheeks, their rich tangy scent beautifully blending with His own salty sweat. 

With practised ease He guided my tongue so that i was bathing the full pulsing length of Him - then slowly yet easily pushed His way down past my endlessly licking tongue and into my throat. Relaxed, still, i let myself open fully to Him - felt the swelling push of His head down into me as my throat stretched and opened around Him. He took the prompt then, and took us into a deep-throat training session: counting His strokes in 10's to help me pace my breathing to His slow gentle strokes - with His pup rippling the entire length of my tongue beneath Him in waves of pleasure. Edging Him ever closer...

He gave us both a breather then: He with one boot up on the bench and His pup wrapped around it,  nuzzling the leather and grinning up at Him with deep brown puppy-dog eyes filled with both laughter and hunger - until He could resist my appeals no more.

He had me lie on the bench, stretched with my belly pushed into the leather and the tops of my thighs pressed into the padded edge - boots planted on the floor and chapped legs spread, with my twitching puppy-hole exposed and eager and hungry to be filled. Even through the thick leather of my chaps i could feel the strength in His booted thighs as He leant against and over me - pinning me to the bench beneath His weight whilst He steered His sheathed and lubed shaft so that it prodded and teased at me, making me wriggle and moan and try to back myself onto Him in my hunger to please and be filled.

He made me wait though - took His time in inching into me: waiting to feel each ridge of inner muscle tense and then relax - slowly pushing Himself into His dog's ring and penetrating its inner core. i was torn between the struggle to take His slow advance, and gasping frustration to have Him inside me - rhythmically clenching and releasing my hole in an attempt to draw Him ever deeper - bathed in heat and sweat and riding the waves of surrender and pleasure from His purposefully slow invasion.

Finally i could feel the bump of His pubis against me - and the warm press of His balls against my cheeks - and knew that He was as deep as He could be within me. He pushed hard, and i tried not to wince or cry out at the painful stab of His head deep inside the folds of my gut - He reached for my hands then, twined our gloved fingers together, stretched my arms forward along the bench and pinned mine beneath His - flattening His chest against my back in the act and bringing His mouth down to breath against my neck and whisper "Don't let me hurt you, pup - tell me if you need me to stop..." : calming me with the comfort and Dominance in that one simple act.

Long and slow, He fucked me - my body trapped beneath Him: embraced and restrained by His greater size and strength - The heat of His body against mine intoxicating, His hot panting breath and guttural sounds of exertion joining my own as He fucked me close to a puppish climax. Speared and controlled from within by His beautiful cock, i was forced open and panting - writhing and moaning around and beneath Him: surrendered and begging and unable to tell whether i wanted Him to stop or to push ever deeper...

He released my hands then, wrapped His arms around and under my chest; legs braced and chest straining, He lifted me from the bench - still speared deep within me, with the dog's hole clamped tight around His shaft. He carefully turned us around so that He was able to sit on the end of the bench: His dog sat within His lap with my back pressed to His chest and my legs wrapped over and around His. His gloved hands were strong and beautiful as they stroked and teased my exposed chest and nipples, then reached up to cover my mouth. The heady scent of His glove leather made my head spin as i struggled to breath - arching my back and pushing myself harder down onto His cock, still pulsing and throbbing within me.

He let me breath at last - reached back down to pinch and tease my one nipple whilst He enfolded my swollen dripping cock in His other hand - starting slowly and teasingly to milk me into cumming. i reached for His hand, guided it back from my chest and up to my neck - and pushed my throat into the inside curve of His elbow: wordlessly begging Him until He pulled back with His arm into a half-Nelson - cutting off my air and making the blood pump hot and hard within my hungry brain. Breathless, edging - writhing and struggling within His tight embrace - all i could think of was the need to feel His cock hard against my prostrate and pushing me over the edge. My buzzing, pounding head flashed full of images of how we must look: my beautiful leather-clad Master milking my helpless cock as He pumped my hole - His arm tight around my neck: stretched and controlled and gasping for air as i shot thick ribbons of dog-cum over us both...

He released me then, let me sink to my knees before Him once more. My head still reeling and my cock still wet with my own cum. He released His meat from its sheath so that it stood proud before my hungry mouth: beautiful and thick and dripping - whilst i drooled and obediently waited for the permission to be allowed to worship it with my tongue and throat, as i already had surrendered to it with my hole.

He gave me the command, and i greedily fed on Him then: licking and rippling my tongue underneath Him, massaging Him with my throat and tongue - using every skill that i have learnt to tease and please and push Him over the edge: grunting and thrusting and filling my throat and my soul with the thick cream of His Gift.


And afterwards - i just felt so happy and proud and honoured and fulfilled.

Both of us richly scented with leather and sex as we fell into bed exhausted but sated and happy. My Man's dog wrapped safe in its Master's arms and wriggling backwards to feel the rasp of His chest fur against me.

We listened to the radio for a while as we calmed ready for sleep - with me grinning as i felt the rumbling vibration of His laughter through the tight contact of our bodies, shuddering at the pure pleasure and joy of being with Him and making Him happy.

Both of us were so tired, and so i finally reached out from under the warmth of the duvet to turn out the lights when He told me. In the darkness, our conversation slowly quietened as we both gave ourselves to the warmth and the peace. It was pure pleasure to lie within that blissful quiet, feeling and hearing Him slowly relaxing: the trusting beauty of feeling Him fall asleep whilst still holding me tight: His breathing deepening and the tight grip of His possessing arms relaxing around me.

And finally: i allowed myself to slowly drift down into sleep too - safe within the warmth and the security of His arms - knowing that i am owned, protected, loved...

i love You Sir. Balls to bone: Your one-Man dog.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Funny, i didn't gag last night..."

Just back from a wonderful evening of play - and a snuggled night under the duvet - with Sir. i'll be writing up a blog later about what we did and how stunningly beautiful He looked whilst doing it - but in the meantime i think that i will be grinning for days...

This morning was then my return visit to the G.U.M. clinic; nothing bad - just bloods to check my Hep booster and a six monthly MOT on everything else. But it was sad that the nurse was surprised that i take such an open and active attitude to sexual health - "Unlike most other gay men..."

And she was right - because the sad thing is that most guys take more care of their cars than they do of their sexual health. 

But the Truth is: if you are big enough to be out there and actively playing with the big boys, then you really *should* also be grown up enough to go get regular testing.

Sure, visiting a clinic can be a tad embarrassing, and getting tested for some STIs can even be a little uncomfortable (*why* is it that i can deep throat my Man's beautiful full cock for hours, yet one iddy-biddy little throat swab has me gagging?! Still, i made the nurse laugh when i apologised for retching, then gave a big grin and said "Funny - I didn't gag last night..." ) - but a real man never let a little discomfort stop him from doing what he knows he must...

So come on guys - no excuses! 

Get informed. 
Get tested. 
Know your status. 
Take personal responsibility to be safe and act safe. 

Show that you value both yourself and your partners. 

Thursday, January 05, 2012

A pre-xmas visit

Rising early - eager and already breathless; unable to drive down on the previous evening for a sleep over, so hoping to get down to my Man for as early a start as i can...  Preparing myself, then sliding into my full rubber - and shuddering at the slick and enfolding touch of my 'other' skin.

Finding my Man only just waking when i finally get to His place - His body still warm from His bed as He gathers me up in a welcoming hug, then has me kneel whilst He padlocks my collar into its rightful place around my neck - and makes me feel whole once more.

i pad beside Him to the bedroom - sit at His command whilst He climbs back into the warmth under the duvet, then rest my head devotedly on the side of the bed as we share a breakfast of tea and biscuits, listening to the early morning BBC radio.

His hands are warm as He idly strokes the glistening blackness of my rubbered body - traces the muscles of my shoulders and back where they are defined and contained within; the rubber transmits the heat and tenderness of His touch - and i shudder and sigh with pure pleasure. He lifts the edge of the duvet a little - an invitation to His dog - i can see the fur of His belly, smell the warmth of His scent - and i gratefully slide in beside Him.

His body is oven-hot through the rubber as i press myself against Him - kissing and licking down along His belly: my muzzle questing for the prize that i know is awaiting me in the dark and the heat. He is already hard and full when my tongue traces from the root of His cock to the full swelling head - and His growl of pleasure makes me shudder and whine. But i only give the briefest of attention to that tempting meat: kiss the throbbing head tenderly, surround it in the heat of my mouth for a moment - then slide my tongue back down the underside of its length to seek out the roiling hunger of His balls - carefully coat each of them in my warm spit, graze through the thick forest of His pubes, suck each globe into my mouth to surround them in heat and dampness. As i set myself to work on, i rest my bearded cheek against His thigh - my nose buried in the thick fur between His sack and His hole: His sleep-scent is heady and beautiful - thick with pheromones and manliness - every huffing breath draws it deeper into me, stirs the primal awareness of my pup-self - and i sink into a blissful state of simple service and pleasure: lost in the honour of simply tongue bathing the Manliness of His body as a true contented pup should...

He lets me indulge myself for an eternity - then i feel His gentle hand guide my head and my tongue until i feel the sweet puckered ring of His hole. With equal tenderness and devotion, i trace around its edges - get the feel and the taste of Him - let the pup overrule my boyish reticence at this humbling act and give myself over to the sensual pleasure of feeling Him open up to my probing, licking and kissing. His shuddering groans are reward enough - and only stir the pup in me to work all the harder to probe into the depths of Him as far as my tongue may reach. A part of me knows that such service always leads to one thing - and it is not long before i feel His hand grasp my collar and drag my head back up to His face: His mouth covers mine in a shudderingly deep kiss - His tongue probing deep into me as He gathers His scent and His smell from within me - then He swings out of bed and commands me to follow Him up to the playroom.

He has me kneel patient and quiet whilst He gears up in harness and boots - then stands proud and beautiful as He lets me return to my worship of His balls and His meat. He rewards my devotion by letting me lie sprawled on my belly beneath the press of His boots - my face wet with hunger and grateful tears and pressed into His boot leather.

Finally He has me jump up onto the massage couch in the middle of the play space - shuffle myself back to hang my head over the edge: i can feel the wet slick of my spit on His booted thighs where they brush the side of my head as He works Himself down into me - pumping long and slow - edging down into my throat as i struggle to open myself and surrender fully to His hunger. He counts His strokes for me - 10 times down deep as far as He can go, then a moment to relax and catch my breath. i slip away into the familiarity of the training - relax into the beauty of serving Him so completely. He growls at the slick ease with which He can force Himself down into me - and adds another 2 strokes to each count: 12, then 14. i can feel Him swell harder at my surrender to this repeated invasion - feel Him fill and stretch my throat all the more. On the final stroke of each count, He holds himself deep inside me - and i feel the pulse of His hunger within the breathless stillness that builds inside of me: my entire focus only on this feeling of Him filling and completing and controlling me as no other Man can.

Finally, He turns me over - has me lie with my legs braced in my hands, my smooth rubbered butt exposed and eager at the edge of the couch. He takes a moment to smooth His strong hands over that tight enfolding skin - feeling for the bulge of the plug between my cheeks that He knows fills and prepares me for Him. He takes His time slowly pulling down the zipper - then gently but purposefully takes hold of the plug: gives the command of "GIVE" and slowly eases its heavy steel weight from my body - leaning forward over my prone body to stare into my face and to grin back at the eager look He sees there - my gasped and throaty pleading for Him to take me and fuck me and make me once more His perverted rubber fuck-pup.

He takes His time - enters gently, then fucks me long and slow and deep. He lifts my legs, has me place my feet upon His shoulders so that He can lean forward to brace against me - opening me up all the more so that i can feel the press of His balls against me as He spears deep into my hungry core. His hands rove across the tight rubber of my body: feeling the tension in my thighs and quads, the tightness across my abs, the bunch of my pecs - the rubber stretched taught and confining, yet slick with the heat and the sweat of my passion imprisoned within it. The perversity and sensuality of my rubber encasement only stirs us both into deeper arousal - and He fucks me so hard and so deep that i have to struggle not to cry out in pain: desperate that He not take my whimpering as a sign that i want or need Him to stop. i give Him all that i am: every inch of myself without and within - and am honoured that He should wish to take such intensity of pleasure from me.

i feel it when He is close to cumming - but He stops at the edge, then slowly and careful withdraws. i feel empty and cold without Him inside me - but silently respond to His command and sink down to kneel before Him. He looks down with pride at His pup - then tells me to do what He knows i do best: and to make Him cum with just the attentions of my tongue...

He is thick, and salty - and it is the best He has ever tasted.


Play-time done, He has us run a few errands - and later speaks with Pride at seeing His pup stride through the local high street with Him, wearing its jeans and leather chaps: both its shining rubber and bright silver collar glinting in the winter sun - shamelessly showing both its rubber perversity and its owned state, and grinning at the shocked and enquiring looks from both shopkeepers and passers-by. But how could i feel anything other than Pride at being able to so publicly show that i am His - and so blissfully happy to be *whatever* He wishes of me, whenever and wherever that may be.

We finish the day with a little surfing on the net - and preparing some nibbles for a pre-xmas party He is to attend later that evening; i also do my best 'secretary-pup' and use my IT skills to prepare and print off a few song sheets for the party: both of us giggling at the alternative words we invent for "12 days of christmas".

Finally, He asks me to help Him trim and tidy His hair - it feels an odd reversal to have Him kneel before me, but there is a tenderness and honour in the act of cutting His hair that moves me so deeply that i find i cannot speak for fear my voice might break and betray my sentimentality... i manage to steady myself afterwards by kneeling on all fours outside the shower and watching with puppish fascination as the water flows over His body and beads in His fur.

As He lays out His clothes for the evening, i cheekily climb onto the bed - pretending merely to be trying to stay out of His way. When He finally turns to me, ready to tell me it's time to send His pup home, i whine and playfully hide my head under the duvet - expecting only a playful cuff across my raised butt.

What i never suspected was that He would laugh and ask if His pup would like to stay and spend a few hours dozing in its Man's arms whilst He catches up with some much needed sleep before work...!  With a lump in my throat i promise to be good: to lie *very* quiet and not to disturb His sleep - *anything* for that wonderful pleasure.

His naked body feels so warm and strong against the smooth rubber of my own - and i feel so completely safe and protected within the spooning curve of His body: His one arm resting across my body and curled possessively around my collar.

i try to stay awake - to revel in this feeling of being so completely at peace - but as i feel His body relax against me and hear His breathing deepen into sleep i cannot help but be drawn down too into that same warm oblivion: contented and happy and knowing that i am truly loved and owned.


This week sees a disturbing new attempt by the UK Crown Prosecution Service to set a legal precedent that will define 'Obscenity' - in a prosecution against a distributor of DVDs featuring fisting, watersports and BDSM that could thereby make it illegal to not only distribute but also *possess* a wide range of gay pornographic material.

Details of the case are available on the defence lawyer's website:  - and details of the trail are being tweeted by observers under the hashtag #ObscenityTrial.

With such a threat to our freedom, this is going to be one to watch closely.\

Adendum (6/1/12)

Excellent news: @ObscentityLawyer's feed from this morning reports that the jury "returned an unanimous "not guilty" verdict to all counts". Officers from SCD9 have also said that they will "sit down with the CPS and BBFC to review the guidelines on obscenity"

This is excellent news - not just for Michael Peacock, the innocent man involved, but also for the freedom and free expression of all of us here in the UK. Both he and his legal team and are to be congratulated for their courage.

Let's hope that the very stupidity of this case might raise awareness of our medieval Obscenity laws enough, and go some way to having them changed...!

Monday, January 02, 2012


Yeah - i know that i'm already a day late. Still "Happy New Year" to everyone, and thanks for sticking around ;)

Let's hope the doomsayers are wrong, and that this will be a brilliant year - filled not only with opportunities, but also the energy and drive to grab them - and LIFE - with both hands. Because, when it comes to it, that's all there really is to living a good life: taking what you have and living it to the full, come what may. i certainly mean to live my fullest this year - and to give as much love and pleasure to those around me as i can; for what is more pleasurable or meaningful than making those whom we love happy? And, i promise that i will also write about those experiences here too - so all you guys can share in them too (i've actually got an entry already in draft, from when i got to see Handler just before xmas).

So - to kick off the year on a nicely philosophical note - a Swedish proverb to leave you thinking:

Fear less, hope more; 
eat less, chew more; 
whine less, breathe more; 
talk less, say more; 
hate less, love more 
- and good things will be yours.

All the best

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