Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Why I Like Rubber"

i just read two excellent posts by RubberAnubis - were he explains the joys and pleasures of rubber: and the fascination if holds for those of us perverts under its power. 

Rubber Anubis: Why I Like Rubber - 2:

He is correct - there is nothing that feels quite like rubber:

  • the way that it conceals the body within its glossy folds, yet stretches to reveal every bulge and bump of the physique it enfolds; 
  • the way it constricts the body and its movements - in its gentle resistance, reminding you of the pure physicality of being; even the act of breathing can become erotic when the rubber is tight enough...
  • yet rubber also slides so slickly across the skin, giving an intense and sensual massage to your limbs as your move - lubricated by your own trapped sweat, oils and essence; 
  • Rubber holds your heat, your sweat - bathes you in your own desire, makes it seep from your skin. Then makes you feel the incredible, shuddering electricity as each trapped bead of sweat trickles down your chest or back...
  • Rubber has a uniquely heady scent: a combination of industrial anonymity and intense masculinity. Yet it also slowly absorbs the scent of the Man over time - until it comes to smell perfectly of Him - and He of it...
  • it transmits heat and touch so perfectly - yet also seems to amplify it so that every stroke of His hand can ripple across your entire skin in shuddering waves of intimate heat;
  • full rubber can reduce its wearer to an anonymous black-skinned creature - yet in it's glossy tautness, also reveal the true Man within so completely: His every moment of desire and arousal.

Rubber is unique, erotic, encapsulating and perverse - yet as Anubis says: it is still nothing without the Man within it to make it come alive. But when worn, rubber becomes more than a fetish material - it becomes a partner in the sexual experience itself!

And *that* is what i love rubber too.

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