Sunday, December 18, 2011

A simple leg-hug

Sometimes pup-play is simple.

My Handler came to visit: a quick drop-in for a cup of tea on His way to a weekend with His boy in Birmingham. 

Geoff was due home and i've been off work with a chest-infection, so there really *was* only time for a little bark of excitement accompanied by a helpless puppy butt-wag when He strode up the driveway - a gentle hug, kiss and beard-rub in the hallway - and then Sir was admiring Geoff's tiling handiwork in our new kitchen whilst i put the kettle on. We then all retired to the sitting room for a very civilised chat over tea and Lardy-cake - with my Men both sitting side by side on the sofa, and the pup taking it's accustomed place at His feet - quietly smiling at the way They both chat and laugh so easily with each other - and with me (and how incredibly LUCKY i am that these two most important people in my life can also be such respectful friends to each other as well).

But of that simplicity of which i spoke - and that moved me so deeply: 

It feels so perfect and natural to simply just sit there, at His feet - one hand resting on the toe of His boot whilst the other slides behind His camo-covered calf - responding to my inner instinct and quietly shifting my position so as to be able to lean my chest softly against His shin; feeling Him shift His foot slightly, almost unconsciously: nudging against my puppy-crotch so that i can sit upon the arch of His boot a little and feel every tap and twitch. 

Feeling the love and submission welling up inside me: both a swelling fullness that threatens to overwhelm me, and an aching emptiness that yearns to be filled. i settle my mind - let myself simply go into the flow of emotion and energy - feel it stream from my heart and my core - pouring into Him through the contact between our bodies. 

The simple love and devotion of a dog for its Master - of a boy for his Man 

and the pleasure in being in His company.

And i know that He feels the flow in turn: because He looks down and smiles - then gently places His hand upon the back of my neck: just were His collar would lie. His hand is warm and comforting as His thumb gently stokes along the edge of my hairline - He gives a quiet little growl when i hug myself tighter into His leg and my head sinks onto His thigh. His hand moves to rest gently on the top of my head, and i feel His love and protection flow back into me in response to this silently given but utterly honest submission. 

It is only a few moments - and then Geoff says something that makes us all laugh and He reaches for His tea and the moment passes. No words were exchanged between us, no orders or sexual contact - and yet there is more said in those few moments about what it means to be HIS pup than i could ever express in the hundreds of pages of this blog.

i love You Sir: heart and soul, balls to bone - always and all ways.

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