Wednesday, October 05, 2011

'Being a slave does not make you worthless..."

ruffwolfboy is a very good friend and an incredibly beautiful man (both outside and in) - and the photos of him and his DaddyMASTER are some of the most tender BDSM images i have ever seen. Recently, he put the following onto his profile - i think it perfectly expresses what it means to love and serve:

"being a Master's slave/property does not make a slave/property the same as a table or a chair (although a slave/property may serve as one from time to time!). while this wolf serves his MASTER and had given all choice to HIM, MASTER values HIS wolf far more than material goods. if you are a slave, don't settle for a Master who treats you like shit. being a slave does not mean you are worthless or that you can be abused, it simply means you have a drive and a need to serve another Man with all your heart and you're willing to give your all to Him. that is a wonderful gift and desire that should be treasured, not denigrated.

enough said."

As he says - enough said.

What greater honour than to be allowed to Serve and to Obey - with honour and Pride, devotion and LOVE - and to have that love and respect returned by the one you Serve. THAT is the true meaning of BDSM.


  1. I sometimes am amazed at how small the world is! I have been chatting with ruffwolfplay for sometime now, and am always amazed at what a first-class person he is. But then I find INTELLIGENCE in a man to be the number one thing that turns me on.

    I think that's why I find both of you so attractive!

  2. 'Intelligence... is a turn on'

    too true Sir - but then as the old cliche goes: "The brain is our biggest sexual organ".

    Interestingly, my first bondage Top had a similar interest in Topping intelligent men; He said that He enjoyed helping them to find the simple animal inside them, buried beneath their educated exterior. He also said that there is nothing more eloquent than a boy who *understands* what it means when he kneels and gives you control.

  3. now i may be young but i do share this kinda thing with my bf (without the leather and any pain) I do serve him to the best of abilities and i do think you word things perfectly about all of this. I do think you truly can express what it means to be someone's pup. I could not see myself as anything to my but his pup/lover.

  4. Beautiful to see such devotion and wisdom in one so young Masa. Good pup! :)


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