Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A flying visit - and 20 years of Regulation

Still too mad-busy to be up to much pup-play this week - but my Handler did make a wonderful surprise visit to me at my work: zooming down on His bike and then sending me a text to say "Here boy! come look what's waiting by the lake!"; there are too many security cameras on campus to allow us to do much more than sit on a blanket on the grass, chatting and hugging, but that sunny hour with my Man's leathered and booted legs entwined around me was one of the highlights of my entire week...

Tattooing again on Friday - so more photos to come i'm sure. Meantime i thought i'd share a nice bit of video showing the backroom activity at Regulation's recent photo shoot, ready to celebrate their 20 years of being online (and damned good stuff too!)

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