Thursday, October 20, 2011

Showing a "Spirit" of support to our LGBT youth

It gets better: we are all worthy of love and support.

Today is "Spirit day" in America - but the ideas that it stands for a global.

The day was started in 2010 by Canadian teenager Brittany McMillant - asking his friends to wear the purple of Spirit from the rainbow flag, as a way to show support for their gay friends and to remember all those gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered teenagers who have been so bullied for being 'different' that they have taken their own lives. 

The event has now also gone virtual, with many supporters turning their profiles and photos purple-for-a-day on social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Almost every gay person has endured bullying as some point in their life - whether at school, from strangers in the street - sometimes even from family. The very fact that we are still here - alive and strong - *despite* and *in spite* of all that intolerance is testament to the strength of our spirit and Pride in who we are.

But i think it is also a duty for those of us who *have* survived and thrived to do so visibly - to show those who come after us that *all* of us are worthy of love and support - and that all of us *CAN* find love and happiness. 

To be the big gay brothers and sisters to those who are lost and uncertain - and show them that we *can* live happy fulfilling and *equal* lives without shame or guilt. 

So - please - go purple today - wear a badge and be out with pride: let our LGBT youth know that they are loved and supported, and that it really does get better.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dog day

i kneel before my Master - my warm rubbered body pressed against the smooth grain of His crotch-high Wesco engineer boots.

He is firm but gentle as He pulls the rubber dog-hood down over my head; it tightens and conforms to my face as He slowly pulls down the zipper at the back, then locks it shut beneath my collar. i give a happy whine as He strokes my newly encased face, then tips my chin up to look at Him so that He can gaze through the eye holes of the mask and into my dark brown eyes - watching as the dog-brain inside me rises up in response to the rubber and His touch and floods me with obedient devotion to Him.

i surrender to my pup-self - feel it rise, then rush over me in a warm tide of wordless emotion and overwhelming arousal. For a moment my world seems to shrink as i feel my skin prickle and my body give a little involuntary shudder - then everything becomes brighter and clearer as the familiar simplicity of my true k9 state settles over my mind.

Between my knees my dog-cock strains against the glossy red sheath that contains and restrains it - and my fuck-hole twitches around the soft new rubber plug: pulling it deeper into my core so that it rubs comfortably against my puppy prostrate...

Transformed - released - i look up along my rubbered muzzle - grin up into my Master's face and give a happy bark to let Him know that i am once more so happily and completely His pup.


He guides my questing nose up along His boot leather - lets me catch the mingled scents with my newly alert sense of smell. He is naked besides those beautiful boots and His muir cap - His strong lithe body covered in a thick layer of fur that traps and holds His scent and tickles my tongue. i reach the top of His boots and breathe in the warm musk of His balls - then - with His quiet permission of "Go on boy!" - i gently start to lick each one, careful to cover every folded inch of skin with my warm tongue. He reaches up to stroke His hands through His own chest hair, and i know that He is enjoying His pup's attentions as it nuzzles its warm rubbery muzzle into Him. He gives a small moan and seems lost in the pleasure of the warmth of its breath and the slick caress of its tongue as it gently circles each low-hanging globe, teases along the sensitive edges where they meet both thighs and cock.

i am equally lost in the bliss of devoting myself to giving HIM so much pleasure.

i push my muzzle in underneath His balls and He moves backwards towards the fuck-bench behind us - leading me across the padded rubber floor; He turns slightly, lifts one booted leg over His dog's head so that He can rest His foot up on the bench, then leans His chest against His knee - the back of His balls hang low and inviting. i trace my tongue along the folded ridge of skin, tip my face up into the fur that sheaths His arse and crack. His scent is heady: strong and almost overpowering - but the dog responds instinctively and cannot help but groan as its tongue seeks out the warm puckered ring of its Man's hole - licks and probes and teases as He reaches back to pull apart His cheeks...

He swings His leg back down - turns, with His beautiful cock full and dripping with arousal.

An obedient dog, i wait for His permission - then gently touch the very tip of His cock with my tongue - slowly trace the very edge of His glans and down along His frenulum; He gives a shudder of pleasure - and i respond by allowing my tongue to spread so that it strokes across and around the whole smooth head - then gently guide Him into the inviting wet warmth of my muzzle.

i am careful to hold my tongue down and my jaws wide: let Him feel only the heat of my mouth and my breath for a moment - then slowly push myself down so that He feels the narrowing press of my mouth and throat as it closes around Him. i hold myself still - let Him feel the pulse of my blood, hot and warm through the membranes - then slowly bring my tongue up underneath Him, roll it around so that i find and cup the curved ridge underneath His cock - exploring the feel and taste of Him within my mouth and against my tongue.

Finally, i slowly pull my head back - pushing upwards with my tongue so that He feels the ridged roof of my pallate rub against the back of His glans as He withdraws. i let Him take a moment to feel the air, cool against His spit-wet cock - then return once more to those long slow licks that He loves so much: covering the entire length of Him from glans to root in slick warmth and hot breath. Every time i reach the end of His glans, i am careful to flick my tongue underneath it: teasing His meatus and the very edge of His piss-slit where i know He is at His most sensitive...

His arousal must now be almost painful - and He turns me around to trap my head between Himself and the bench. i know what is coming: tilt my head and open my throat - i surrender and take Him deep inside me as He fucks Himself down into my mouth and throat over and over - breathing when He allows me, enfolding Him in my willing body when He pushes Himself down to the root.

He braces His hands against the bench behind my trapped head, places His boots squarely either side of my knees - i hear His muttered growl: "Fucking him - fucking my dog". We are both lost in the pleasure that fucking His dog's face is giving Him - until finally i choke on the thick slime of His pre-cum and my own drool.

He relents - takes a step back to stare down at His dog with hunger in His eyes; i stare back at Him with equal hunger of my own - squirm my plugged hole a little and give a whine that i know He will understand. He grins - and tells me to jump up onto the bench...

Lying back, i pull my legs up and press them towards my chest - offer my smooth rubbered arse to my Master. i feel the cool air as He slowly pulls down the zipper: His gaze intent and calculating as my plugged hole is finally exposed. He pulls on black nitrex gloves, then stares deep into my eyes as He takes a firm hold of the plug - and gives me the gentle command to "Give!" in a low and powerful voice, thick with hunger. The plug is large but soft; as it slides out i am left with an empty feeling - but know that He will soon fill me more than any plug ever could.

The lube is cold but His hands are warm - although my hole is stretched from the plug, He still takes care in gently teasing me open with His fingers - probing and stroking in readyness for His meat.

He takes my legs - places my feet against His chest and leans down so that He can stare down into my hooded face as He feels my gloved hands guiding Him to find the willing core of my body: hungry and open and eager to surrender to HIM. His eyes are dark and His pupils deep and wide as i pull Him down onto - and into - myself...

He fucks me slowly: deep, long strokes that open me around Him until i feel i am little more than a skin of quivering rubber tightly clinging to His beautiful manhood. Slowly He deepens each stroke: pushing Himself into the rich folded heat of His dog's being. i can feel the strength and power in His thighs as the sweat starts to bead in His beard and chest hair. i reach up, stroke my hands against His pecs and find the red swollen nubs of His nipples within their thick nest of fur - urge Him to greater depths of pleasure with little tweaks and pulls on those tender little nubbins of flesh.

As He fucks me He breaths those same words again, over and over: "Fucking him - fucking my dog".

He pushes into me, down to the root so that i feel the bump of His pubic bone and the press of His balls -  then holding Himself there, arches His back and spreads His arms wide with a roar of pure masculine strength: i feel He is extending His power out to the corners of the room - and deep into the core of my being. This is His space, His temple - and He fills it and me with equal ease and domination.

i give Him everything that i am - and He takes the fullness of His pleasure.

Finally, He leans down over me, guides my hands so that they encircle His neck whilst His own slide under and around my hips; with glorious ease He lifts me bodily from the bench - turns and sits back Himself - with me still speared and gasping upon Him.

He lies back - His dog stradled across Him with its back legs swinging either side of His thighs and its front paws on His chest. He folds one arm behind His head whilst the other encircles its still-sheathed and straining cock; He gives its balls a little squeeze and smiles as it whimpers and squirms itself down onto Him in hunger.

With His permission, it slowly starts to fuck its own hole on Him; He reaches up to tweak its nipples through the rubber suit - cocks His head to watch the light ripple across the glossy rubbered skin of its chest and thighs. As it pants and drools He presses its sheathed cock against His belly with His hand, and croons encouraging words - telling it what a "good dog" it is, and how hot its hole feels when it fucks itself on Him like this.

He feels the head of His dog's cock swell as it climbs towards climax - He captures its gaze and gives it the one word command that it needs to hear before it can find release:


With a howl, His pup shoots the sheath full of months of stored dog-juices - arching its back and forcing its Man deep into its pulsing, milking fuck-hole so that He gasps in a second laughing orgasm of His own...

Spent - complete - both Man and pup collapse back with a groan. His enfolding arms guide its hooded head to rest on His chest. They rest - Man and hound - bonded in the warmth of the shared pleasure and devotion.

It's quite a while before either much feel like getting off the couch - much less leaving the room.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New from Invincible Rubber

i've always loved Invincible Rubber; their gear is fantastic: beautifully made, high quality rubber with a passion for perversion and detail. i own more of their stuff than any other rubber-maker, and it's always their stuff that i return to for its fit and comfort.

They've been online now for 10 years - and have been tantalising us for months with some incredibly sexy new designs and altered cuts on their old patterns. To celebrate their anniversary, they have now had a full revamp of their website - adding more colour options, a much simpler cart system, and making it much easier for international clients to place orders.

Take a look - and treat yourself to some of the best rubber in the world.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Condolences to the family of Steve Jobs

Today the world has lost a unique mind and a brilliant soul: even if you're not an Appolite, you gotta admit the guy was a genius.

Goodbye Steve - the world will miss you!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

'Being a slave does not make you worthless..."

ruffwolfboy is a very good friend and an incredibly beautiful man (both outside and in) - and the photos of him and his DaddyMASTER are some of the most tender BDSM images i have ever seen. Recently, he put the following onto his profile - i think it perfectly expresses what it means to love and serve:

"being a Master's slave/property does not make a slave/property the same as a table or a chair (although a slave/property may serve as one from time to time!). while this wolf serves his MASTER and had given all choice to HIM, MASTER values HIS wolf far more than material goods. if you are a slave, don't settle for a Master who treats you like shit. being a slave does not mean you are worthless or that you can be abused, it simply means you have a drive and a need to serve another Man with all your heart and you're willing to give your all to Him. that is a wonderful gift and desire that should be treasured, not denigrated.

enough said."

As he says - enough said.

What greater honour than to be allowed to Serve and to Obey - with honour and Pride, devotion and LOVE - and to have that love and respect returned by the one you Serve. THAT is the true meaning of BDSM.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A flying visit - and 20 years of Regulation

Still too mad-busy to be up to much pup-play this week - but my Handler did make a wonderful surprise visit to me at my work: zooming down on His bike and then sending me a text to say "Here boy! come look what's waiting by the lake!"; there are too many security cameras on campus to allow us to do much more than sit on a blanket on the grass, chatting and hugging, but that sunny hour with my Man's leathered and booted legs entwined around me was one of the highlights of my entire week...

Tattooing again on Friday - so more photos to come i'm sure. Meantime i thought i'd share a nice bit of video showing the backroom activity at Regulation's recent photo shoot, ready to celebrate their 20 years of being online (and damned good stuff too!)

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