Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i am still alive...

i know i've not posted over the last week or so, but i'm in the middle of our busiest month in the Academic year: when all the new flesh - i mean 'new students' - arrive, and we try our best to get them up to speed for their studies. i'm also trying to get my head around a new job with extensive subject responsibilities *and* located across two Campuses... Consequently, i'm afraid that i've not had much time for playing 'pup' or visiting with my poor lonely Man.

i have managed to find a little early-morning time to do some editing on the panskin site, however - so feel free to pop over there to get your bootbrush fix, and i'll be back to my merry posting shortly, i swear!

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  1. Ain't it hell when real life gets in the way of what you'd really like to be doing!?

    I'm back to work full-time, at last, and happy to be so. It was a long recovery, but glad I took it slowly. Poor Loki had the same surgery about 6 weeks ago and his recovery is not going as well, although I saw him yesterday and it was clear that he was finally getting some relief from the pain.

    Be well and scratchscratchscratchgropescratchscratchscratch.


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