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Bournemouth 'Hide and Sea' bike weekend 2011 (Sunday)


Sunday morning was a terrible temptation: lying in my man's arms, trembling and whining - desperate to beg to be fucked again, but wary of missing our early check-out time. i am very sorry to say that good sense won out over puppy-instincts.

We slowly packed and sorted ourselves - with my Man commenting on how useful it had been to have a butling pup to keep His things in order and safely stowed away every evening. We checked out, left my bag with the hotel, and then headed out for a short morning of riding.

Sir has been looking for some new bike socks, and knew that there was a Hein Gerrick somewhere in Bournemouth - so the pup looked up their address on it's phone, and then we headed out to see if we could find them. We spent a fun time riding up and down the Wimbourne Road, but finally gave up and cruised over to Poole Quay for a stroll instead...

The quay was filled with bikers as usual, so we strolled along and looked at the bikes, then stood and watched as one of the ribs from the Poole Sea Safari prepared to leave (and promised each other that we would plan for a trip with them next time we are down!).

By then it was time to head to the Angelique for brunch and the weekend farewell. i think i made everyone envious of my Man by quietly getting Him coffee and subtly tending to His needs; but what was nicer was hearing the comments and compliments when i then adopted my habitual place and happily knelt at His feet to hug His leg and rest my head on His thigh - whilst He chatted to a nice ex-army guy and abstractly stroked my head. Several guys made a point to compliment the "Sweet puppy!" - and to pat my head as they passed - but the nicest compliment came from a kind older gentleman who said: "I have only ever seen such things in pictures - thank you!".

i also had the pleasure of giving Richard a little neck-rub as we waited in line for coffee - and had to grin at his groans of pleasure :D.

Once again, Phillipe and Toby served the two of us veggies first - much to everyone's jealousy - but in truth there was plenty to go around, including some lovely Chiabata toast ably prepared by our President (Sir also tells me that it made the most satisfying of sausage sandwiches!).

It was a gentle and easy going end to a wonderful weekend - but people slowly started to drift away, and so we also made our goodbyes, made our way back to the hotel for the dog's bag and finally headed out on the road home.


The ride home is always a little sad: no matter how wonderful the time we have had, there is still that realisation that soon it will come to an end. But we rode and we chatted and we laughed - sharing thoughts about the weekend, whilst the dog made mental notes of what we had seen and done for this blog.

We made a short rest stop in Shaftsbury - but were shocked to find all of the cafes closed! (it was a Sunday after all). But we eventually found one local bakery that was still open - and managed a large cardboard mug of tea and a shared rhubarb pie sat out by the road-side.

All that tea meant that we did have to make another stop as we headed down towards the Toll bridge in Bathampton though (the route Sir often uses for both it's scenic history, and because it avoids the centre of Bath). Sir kindly stopped in an Inn car park so that the dog could hop off the bike and sneak into the bushes to cock a leg for a quick piss - although with the bluetooth headset linking us my Man was still able to croon and chat to me within the helmet, which had me giggling and wondering if He could hear me piss in turn...

He needed a rest-stop of His own as we headed up to Junction 18. We have used the woods around this well known gay cruising site before - one time with the pup taking its Man's piss whilst several guys stood by and greedily watched. Unfortunately there were kids playing there this time, and so the dog had to stand by and whimper whilst all that golden nectar went to waste...!!

For the whole ride i simply revelled in the pleasure of chatting and hugging Him. Several times i could feel Him simply rest His one hand on my Knee as He rode - and had to hug Him tight when He repeatedly said what a pleasure it had been to have His pup with Him as companion and friend. i had equal pleasure in telling *HIM* how much i love Him and love to serve Him.


Finally we got back to Sir's house, and a grinning farewell - too happy from a perfect weekend to be sorry that it had come to an end... Unfortunately the pup also realised that it didn't have suitable clothes to drive back in, so had to change into its bike waterproofs and riding boots for a rather warm and sweaty (but deliciously perverted) drive back home. ;)

My thanks to the Men of MSC Bournemouth for organising a wonderful weekend - and for making me feel so incredibly welcome. But my deepest thanks, love and devotion to my Man for giving me the honour of being His companion and friend.

Balls to bone Sir - and everything in between.

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