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Bournemouth 'Hide and Sea' bike weekend 2011 (Saturday)


Saturday was the MSC Official Bike-run - and one reason why we had sneaked off early the night before. We even both set our alarms, just to be sure we didn't over-sleep...

Which off course, we did: waking and dozily nuzzling a "good morning", then turning on the radio and realising that we had slept through the alarm and now had less than an hour to get geared up, breakfasted and over to the Secretaries house for the planned gathering time! The pup did its best to hop into its leathers whilst it set out its Man's clothes and He showered and shaved - then it headed down to the local cafe on the corner to order us both a quick breakfast whilst He changed and then followed with the bike.

We wolfed down our toast and egg and then sped off on the bike - but we still got a reprimand for being late (although, ironically, we were the first out of the house and saddled up and ready to leave...! ).

Joe had planned a nice route up into Dorset then down along the Coast to Weymouth. We had a nicely compact pack of eight bikes - including Richard and Ian down from Hallamshire - and the weather was forecast to be fantastic, so we headed off into the sunshine, leather and chrome and steel a-gleam...

The first part of the ride was along to Dorchester, where we stopped at a biker's cafe by Keep for a rest-stop, fag-break and an ice-cream. There were already a couple of bikes there, and their riders showed a lot of interest as we roared in and clambered off - but they went very quiet when i knelt by my Man's boots like a good pup should... ;)

From Dorchester we then headed to the beautiful West Bay for a planned lunch-stop. It was a very pretty harbour, with a whole raft of chip cabins and restaurants - but it was also the first place that we have ever had to pay for parking the bike (we later learnt that the owner of one of the hotels in the town didn't like the thought of bikes parking for free when he had to pay for his 4x4 - and so lobbied the local council to charge them by the hour!).

Still - it was a nice little place, and Sir and i had fun walking around the harbour, and having a good old rummage around a nice little bike shop overlooking the sea - then we watched a crew of divers preparing to head out along the Jurassic coast (the pup even managed to sneak a few photographs of their wetsuits) before heading back to the pack for a chip-lunch - with the pup once more knelt at its Man's side, grinning as He hand fed it chips and mushy-peas whilst the hets and their kids tried not to look...

Back on the bikes, it was then out along the most amazing coast road, with fantastic views out to sea and back towards Bournemouth. We made a short stop on the top of the downs overlooking Chesil beach, so that Mr Secretary could take a photo of the whole pack together (and a nice man offered to take the picture so he could be included in it too) - then it was down hill all the way into Weymouth.

We had a short wander around, then Sir persuaded everyone that we really needed to make a stop for afternoon tea - with us sat at a pavement cafe, being genteel with warmed apple cake and scones and cream (whilst a band played at the bar across the square, and we steamed in our leathers and the hot sun - and both Man and hound eyed up a cute bearded man on an adjoining table).

It was nice that both Joe and Ed made a point of commenting how much fun it was to ride behind us, and how incredibly animated we are when we ride: with the pup obviously talking and chatting away. Ed also said it was very nice watching the pup's padded arse and 'bootbrush' logo'd legs too ;)

From Weymouth, it was then a long ride back to Bournemouth - and the pup finally thought of trying to photograph the pack-in-flight from over its Man's shoulder; i was also able to snap a sweet pic of our shadow along the road: my puppy ears flapping in the wind...

We were both a little tired by the time we got back to Mr Secretaries house, so we decided to skip the kindly offered ice-cream and head back to the hotel for a doze. We did make a small stop in Westbourne though: to check the parking for that evening, and to take a short stroll through the pretty Westbourne arcade. We also had a very funny chat with a Police man who was waiting by the bike when we returned, a little confused by the 'Dog on board' sticker on Sir's pannier; he laughed when Sir said "that's this one here" and i shook my helmeted head to make my ears wag :)

Back at the hotel, we snuggled up for a glorious nap - drifting away into sleep enfolded in the warmth and scent of my Man - and then waking later to slowly lick and nuzzle Him into a second trembling orgasm...


The evening meal was a brilliant BBQ held at the delightful Patisserie Angelique; they didn't have a drinks licence, so the pup also had the additional delight of marching down the road in full formal leathers to the local Tescos in a converted church - enjoying the stares and the whispers roused by it's leather uniform shirt and Sam Browne, whilst it marvelled at the stained glass by the checkouts.

The meal itself was fantastic - and Phillipe, Toby and their staff made it the most pleasant of evenings. They made a special vegetarian meal for Richard and i, and served it first so that it would not come into contact with the meat juices or the smells from the BBQ itself; as befits a patisserie, ours was a beautiful puff-pastry mushroom volauvent - and i swear it tasted all the better for us veggies being so carefully thought of and prepared for!

The main meal was then followed by an amazingly simple syllabub with fresh-fruit compote - and we had a great time chatting away with the very sweet (and utterly perverse) Ed, which ended up with the pup stripping off it's leather shirt to show him my tattoos - and with Sir trying to encourage him to buy a pair of His knee-pads ;) Ed was a lot of fun, and just our kind of guy, so i hope we get to meet him again soon.

At one point i had to head off to the Gents - and the fun of fighting my way out of and then back into overly tight leather and a Sam-Browne... i was gone so long that Sir threatened to send in a search-party; but when i finally got back it was to find that a beautiful desert pastry had been ordered for me, and that my Man had even had time to take  Phillipe out to look at His bike...

It was a beautiful evening of fantastic food and perfect company - but finally we had to take our leave and head back.

i was a very full pup that night, and a little saddle-sore - and Sir says i was very restless - but it was worth it!

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