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Bournemouth 'Hide and Sea' bike weekend 2011 (Friday)


The morning saw us up and out of bed with surprising speed - determined to make the most of our day together.

We stopped for a brilliantly different 'Turkish' breakfast of eggs, olives and feta cheese at a decidedly run-down little restaurant where we were the only clientele and the owner spoke only the most basic of English (it was a nice breakfast, but eaten under an unfortunately dripping roof...!)

Fed and happy, we then headed out for a coast-line bumble to Christchurch - taking in several nice little bays and the Avon Beach as we rode. Eventually we made it to a little place called Keyhaven, where we stopped for a short break amongst the masts and blue hulls of a local sailing club - and where Sir spotted an 'Ancient Monument' sign for Hurst Castle. This turned out to be a large sea-fort out on a 2 mile spit of land a bit like Chesil beach - but luckily, there was a small ferry, and having not much else planned for the day...

We were the only passengers, and so it was rather fun cruising out through the yachts and fishing vessels - Sir with His spyglass like a handsome sea-captain, and the pup pretending it was a swarthy old sea-dog ;)

The Castle itself was rather impressive: originally a circular Keep built by Henry VIII to defend the Solent, then substantially updated by the addition of two extensive Victorian wings built to house huge 38 ton guns (two of which are still there) - and used right into the Second World War for coastal gun batteries and searchlights. There was also a lighthouse, a theatre - and even a cafe with its own resident dogs (both of whom came to beg for bits of our late Afternoon tea - much to Sir's delight and my envy ;) )

We had a wonderful relaxed afternoon strolling around: looking at the huge gun placements and artillery stores, WWII bath-houses and latrines... there was even an extensive exhibition detailing the history of the local lighthouses (which kept Sir fascinated ;) ). We also made it up to the roof to gaze over to the Isle of White - and watched a flotilla of camouflaged Rib-craft speed out to the Needles and back (presumably part of some Special Boat Service manoeuvres for the British Royal Navy).

As an ancient monument, there were also lots of dark and interesting places where a Man and Hound could find moments to be away from the few people also visiting, and alone for a snuggle and lick (including a perfect, slightly derelict look-out room at the end of one of the wings - where both Man and hound could imagine a group of skin-heads camped out overnight: spending the night with one of their new members chained up and fucked into obedience...).

We both thought it would make an amazing place for an overnight fetish party... :)

Best of all was the Tudor keep itself - with its huge thick walls and deep dark cellars. Deepest and darkest of these was the powder store, deep beneath the main Keep itself, where not a sound could be heard and only the barest of light could filter down. We spent a perfect few moments down in that enfolding dark and pulsing silence: the dog kneeling on the shining bitumen floor, almost invisible in the shadows - licking its Man's hand, then His leather, then His cock - quietly but eagerly drinking down His piss - then bending low to kiss and lick His boots: its leather padded arse raised high - feeling the delicious impact as Master paddled and beat its wagging butt with His gloved hand and listening to the amazing echos of leather upon leather as they reverberated around the thick barely seen walls...

Then Sir had the pup cross the room from Him and used the curved walls as a whispering gallery to whisper to His dog what fun He has when it is with Him - and its amazingly talented tongue...

The day almost at an end, we headed to the bike then took a long leisurely ride back to Bournemouth along long winding country roads. The dog released its accustomed grip around Master's waist and let itself ride by simply gripping its Man's legs tightly between its own thighs - feeling the subtle shift of His weight and the movement of the bike all the more keenly as we wove along the empty roads: enjoying the feeling of total freedom and oneness with the machine and with Him. It was a perfect feeling - and both a wonderful bonding experience and an incredible honour to have a little taste of the pleasure He feels in command of such a beautiful silver steed.


Back at the hotel, we decided to try for a short nap before the MSC meeting that evening.

Horny from the ride and wrapped safe in His arms, i couldn't help but wriggle and moan until He let me nuzzle down under the duvet to tongue and tease Him once more. The taste and feel of His cock, the day of being in the saddle: it wasn't long before my little hole was twitching and i was breathlessly begging Him to fuck His pup.

He entered and fucked me gently - teased me open and had me panting for more; then He ordered me up onto all fours: told me it was "time to be fucked like a real dog!"

He fucked me long and deep - and i was overwhelmed by the incredible feeling of His strong body against mine, His weight bearing down on me as His hips ground His meat deep inside me. He ordered me to push myself up into a plank position and brace my arms - then pressed His chest into my back, wrapped His own arms around me, and forced me to take the weight of both our bodies as He fucked me deep and hard: my arms and body trembling in effort and excitement...

We fucked for ages - intense and beautiful, hot and sweating - and then Sir had the dog hop off the bed and into the bath on all fours for a quick dog-bath.

Sir has never bathed His pup *as* a pup before - and it was an amazing and intimate experience. The feel of the warm water over my skin, the soft touch of His lathering hands - the intensity of the shower hose splashing against my balls and belly - all were amazingly sensual feelings. But most perfect of all was the incredible feeling of being loved and cared for: My Man showing His pup an appreciative devotion of His own, tending to its care and well being, and making it love Him all the more.


Washed and dressed in our leathers once more, we then walked the short distance to the pub and the MSC's welcoming buffet and evening meet. On the way we were tagged by a small group of lads heading into town, who thought it was fun to giggle and taunt - until the dog turned and growled at them and they ran off laughing ;)

The night started with a wine reception at Tiger white - and it was lovely how everyone was so pleased to see us both again. We had a fun time browsing through the gear and toys (although i must admit i was just a little disturbed by the perversity of some of the straight porn on display! ;)) ). Sir also had a look to see if they had any good knee-pads (since He has a batch of His own that He is thinking to sell...)

Most of all it was really nice how many of the guys mentioned Pride and the photographs we had posted up - and Joe was also incredibly complimentary about the dog's flashing collar that it wore in Backstreet: regaling everyone of the wisdom of making sure Your pup is easy to see and less likely to be tripped over!

The it was over to the Baker's arms for drinks and Sandwiches, chatting and socialising. It was a wonderful evening - but after the President had done His formal welcome speech, we decided to sneak away quietly for a quiet night-time stroll along the Sea-front, before retiring to bed - Man and hound blissfully snuggled in each others arms.

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